You have reached KazagurumaNet, a personal domain of mine. Look around and enjoy your stay!

    - Katri, March 2004


KazagurumaNet was purchased from int2000.net in 2004. Layout v.01 features the Orbital Frames Ardjet and Anubis in a consept art from the PlayStation2 game Anubis: Zone Of The Enders. Design me. Don't steal, or I will bite and give you rabies.


_ Prototype _
My weblog, in Finnish. My life on the Internet. Includes everything from bitching to fangirly glee, and everything and anything in between.

_ Vivid Transparency _
My LJ, in English. More for keeping in touch with friends, but also a brain dump. Expect pretty much the same stuff as with Prototype.

_ Virchuu _
My fan fiction journal at LJ.