31st december 2002

feeling: slightly nauseous and light-headed
listening to: vanessa-mae - i feel love

hurr, or not. it's 3am and i'm still sitting here. i didn't get screencaps of dolores, because for some odd reson the print screen option refused to give me anything but a blank screen instead of pretty-pretty dolores. oh well. i'll either try it again some other time or make chiko-chiko do it tomorrow while i sleep - which i told myself i wouldn't do, but will most likely anyway. oh well.

i got stuck watching tonari no totoro earlier. much to my surprise, it was copleted while i wasn't looking after i had been spying on its progress for several minutes. but you know what they say: 'a watched kettle never boils'. so true. anyway, i decided to take a peek to see if it actually works (the last one we d/l'ed was extremely small and smudgy and had no sound) and if it by some yevon's miracle actually happened to be subbed instead of dubbed (which it thankfully was) and got stuck watching it for several tens of minutes. i only stopped because, one, i thought it wouldn't be cool of me to watch it alone without chiko-chiko, and two, the subtitles were lagging slightly. only about a second, to be exact, but enough to bother me. it could've, of course, been my sleep-deprived mind playing tricks on me, but somehow i doubt it. hopefully it'll work better tomor--, i mean today, otherwise it'd be painful to watch it. especially since my understanding of japanese doesn't extend much further than simple thank-yous, good-mornings and the likes. so yeah, non-lagging subtitles are much needed here, thank you very much.

now i'm just being silly, but celine dion's if that's what it takes reminds me of the relationship between auron and braska. the devotion presented in the song (especially in the second-to-last and the last verse) is so complete it's cute. ^_^

tiuku is being a complete naka neko. just because i'm up and about at this forsaken hour doesn't mean that she necessarily has to be. especially since her "being up" involves a great deal of surging and whiffing around the house and making as much noise as possible for a cat her size. ¬_¬

why is that whenever you pull an all-nighter you get cold? my fingers are like icicles and my toes are about to be turned into ones. i think i need to go to sleep soon, before i pass out.

30th december 2002

feeling: frustrated
listening to: spirited away - itsumo nando demo

spirited away 0wz, y0! ^_^ i can't think of a single bad thing to say about the movie - it was simply fantastic. the sheer detail on each creature was awe-inspiring. i want the imagination of the people who came up with all the different kami-samas. ^_^ i could definitely see a resemblance between totoro and that one big, hairy, white kami that rode the elevator with chihiro. heh, i even fell in love with the stinky and muddy kami that turned out to be the river god. i felt so bad for him when they almost wouldn't let him bathe. :[ and dude, haku looked mad cool as a dragon! :O
as for the non-kami creatures, the "normal folk" spirits that habited the village next to the spa were totally gorgeous. whether it was my ringwraith-obsessed mind or something else, i can't say, but i was totally squealing at their cuteness from the get-go. there was just something very appealing about their ethereal appearance and their gleaming red eyes. ^^ and of course, one mustn't forget about the ever-so-cute makkuro kurosukes that were present also in tonari no totoro. hurr, they were brilliant. it was so cute how they hogged chihiro's shoes and socks. and of course how they crowded the entrances to their "coal holes" when that slimy thing that haku spat up ran around the room. hee, too cute. ^_^
but my ultimate fave was without a doubt the kaonashi. at first i thought he (i'm assuming it's a he. it looks like a he to me o_O) was freaky, but as he just followed chihiro around and did favours for her, i really started to like him. he looked so very cool, as well. his mask was awesome. i was a little thrown off when he spent time in the spa and become all huge and nasty, but when he took the train to the one sorceress-person-thingy at swamp bottom (i think that's what it was called, anyway) with chihiro and became all slim again, i really fell in love with him. he was so shy around the sorceress at first, poor thing. ^^ gotta love him having tea and cake, as well as spinning wool and knitting. his mask looked so happy. ^^ i cried when he stayed with her as chihiro and haku left. i'm silly, i know, but it was such a happy moment, considering how he resented being alone.
so yeah, i definitely enjoyed this movie a lot. hopefully it's gonna come out on dvd sooner or later.

i'm getting really frustrated at my ff10 fanfic. i never thought writing itself would so much more difficult than just thinking about the things you're gonna write, especially with yaoi. but i suppose when it's a pairing you like, you want to do it right. all in all, i'm starting to think the mugetsu fanfic i wrote for chiko-chiko on request was easier to do than my current fic, and that's to say a lot, seeing as i had loads of trouble with it at times. but i'm going to get this one done, you'll see.
now the only question is, how on earth am i going to manage to get the pwp i promised my sis i would write, done? XD

and now, i'm going to go take some screencaps of dolores. and after that, i'm off to bed. it's been so long since i last pulled an all-nighter that my body probably couldn't handle it. so ta-ta!


feeling: okay
listening to: final fantasy 6 - shadow's theme

so, i is back from gran's. christmas was very nice and enjoyable. i ate and slept entirely too much, but it's probably only going to do me good in the long run. though i have to say i was all too happy to get back home and start eating "normal" food again. i was really starting to get sick of all the ham and the casseroles. thankfully it's another whole year 'til next christmas. XP but all in all, christmas at gran's was as great as ever (excluding the thing chiko-chiko ranted about) and i still wouldn't trade it for the world. ^_^
i know you won't get to see this, mamma, but thank you so very much. i had a great time. :) :)

as for pressies, i got:
- disney's beauty and the beast dvd
- the felloship of the ring special extended edition dvd
- robin hobb's fool's errand
- terry pratchett's pyramids
- a sweater
- a scarf with matching mittens
- loose night t-shirt
- socks *o_O*
- a scented candle
- chocolate, chocolate, chocolate
and last, but definitely not least, i got a brilliantly kick-ass, slightly sd'ed ceramic ringwraith that also serves as a candlestick. handmade and painted from head to toe, i might add. he's slightly under 20cm in height and somewhat simplified and sd'ed (his head is rather tall and out-of-proportion in contrast to the rest of his body, which truly makes him a three-heads-tall chibi-wraith. ^^ plus he's completely missing a face). he's painted completely in black and coated with descreet silver glitter (very nice!). he's holding a small plate (also painted black and coated with glitter) in front of him, which serves as a base for a small candle. he looks very wicked (pun not intended, but works) when you light the candle and it lights up his "face". needless to say, i <3 him very dearly. i'd wager his one of the best christmas presents (or any presents, while we're at it) i've ever gotten. ^_^ *pokes wraithy-wraith*
very special thanks to the people who got it for me! ^_^

speaking of ringwraiths... i have a new layout, y0! just in case you didn't notice. i just can't seem to be able to live without them ringwraiths. ^_~

we're probably gonna go see spirited away with chiko-chiko today. i'd like to go see two towers again as well, but that would require more money than i currently possess. grandma gave us some money, but i don't think that's going to be enough for both of the movies. XP thankfully i'm getting the next installment of my student loan on one of the first few days of january. that'll help enormously, since at the moment i'm totally broke. and since two towers is such a huge movie, i have a feeling we'll have time to see it enough times, even if we don't rush in there right this minute. ;P but since it might not be so with spirited away, we thought it would be best to go see it soon, aka today. heck, it's not like we have anything better to do. ¬_¬

21st december 2002

feeling: ill in a weird way
listening to: silent hill 2 game sounds

XMAS HOLIDAY!! w00t! ^^
the traditional xmas celebration at my school was alright, if not slightly on the sucky side. we sang a few christmas carols and watched a play performed by the freshmen. it was cinderella, slightly altered and modernized, and i didn't think that much of it. some parts were okay and some even made me laugh out loud, but mostly it was sucky. they tried to make it all cool and stuff, but mostly they just recycled ideas that have already been used. the only part i really enojyed was when some of the teachers came on the stage to perform tiernapojat (sorry folks, i don't know what that is in english). it was very amusing, imo. people even threw real money at them at the end of the play, even if it was all in old finnish marks and not in euros. cheapskates. XD

so now i'm on holiday 'til january 7th, which is very good because i really do need a break from school. lately i've been so stressed out that i've hardly been able to sleep and thus been dead-tired all the time. i also haven't been eating that well, all the stress stealing away my apetite. but thank waltz i now have two whole weeks to do nothing but eat and sleep. and seeing as we're going to be at gran's, i have a feeling that i'm going to be doing loads of both. :)

LMAO! yes, i'm pretty sure you are going to make me explode with that. ;)

20th december 2002

feeling: ¬_¬
listening to: final fantasy 10 - final battle

i bet mom forgot i'm even here. it's 10 minutes past 4pm, and she still hasn't come to pick me up. d00d. O_O


feeling: somewhat hungry and melancholy
listening to: tekuu no escaflowne - story of escaflowne

i was supposed to go buy candy for xmas! :O :O
ahh well, i see no reason why we couldn't do that together with mom once we're done with our other shoppings. *shrug*

this song is making me all teary-eyed, for some reason. o_O


feeling: XD
listening to: naruto - ROCKS!

oops. i'm waiting for mom to get off work and sitting in the computer lab situated downstairs from where mom works, using their internet connection because i'm too lazy to trot back to school. i'm such a leech. XP
now i'm only hoping that my cd player won't run out of batteries before mom gets out. cause that would just plain suck.

writer's block, eh? join the club. i've been trying to write several things but haven't been able to get anything done in a long time. mugetsu drained me. ¬_¬
oh, and btw... you said 'fellowshit'! XD XD XD

d00d! 'black escaflowne' sounds friggin' awesome! O_O

i haven't mentioned that i want an ent layout, have i? well, i do. i probably won't put one up before mid-january, though, for a couple of reasons.
1 - i like my ringwraith layout way too much to change it so soon.
2 - it's hard to find the kind of ent pics that would make a good layout. i'd like the pic to have several different looking ents in it, preferably terrorizing isengard. ;P
3 - i'm simply lazy to make layouts (due to the reason that i can't make 'em that well).


feeling: ready to fall over
listening to: people talking

p00. our baka adp-teacher forgot to unlock the door to the computer lab which he locked up for the duration of the xmas church thingy this morning so people who were supposed to go to the church wouldn't skip and hang out there. anypoo, he forgot to unlock the stupid door and now i can't get in there! ARGH! so now i'm forced to use the computers in the school library. the thing is that there are no chairs here (i friggin' have to stand in fron of the comp!), plus the table is too low and i'm having a hard time reaching the keyboard. the position of my hands and arms is very uncomfortable and it's starting to hurt my wrists. also on the bad side, you're not allowed to eat here, so i can't eat the apple i bought with me to make up for missing the school lunch. shucks.

i have a doctor's appointment today. i'm going to talk to him about getting a test done to see if i'm lactose-intolerant or even allergic to milk. i've gone through the lactose test twice already, and the milk allergy test once, and they were both negative, which is really odd 'cause milk is still causing trouble in my system. so i'm gonna try it one more time. if it's still negative, i don't know what i'm gonna do. i just find it extremely odd that my system seemingly doesn't like milk products, but it doesn't show up on any tests. hmm...

i want to see two towers again so bad i can taste it. chiko-chiko and i thought about going to see it sometime between xmas and new year, since for the first since i can remember we're spending that time in the city and not at my gran's. but on a positive note, i'm finally going to be able to see the new year's fireworks. i've never had to pleasure of seeing them before, at least not that i can remember. i love fireworks (the ones on independence day were awesome, btw ^^) and i'm very excited about finally being able to see 'em.
i strayed from the point i was making... while (almost) staying on the subject of movies, we're also thinking on going to see spirited away after xmas or new year, depending on our financial situation. needless to say, i'm very excited about that as well.

must...see...ents... x_X
must...see...nazgūl... x_X

sigh. still some school left. i'm getting out at 1pm today (that's when my doctor's appointment is and i can't be bothered to go back to school anymoe after that), but that still seems so far away. i'm also going to have to wait 'til 4pm for mom to get off work so we can go shop for some xmas foods and stuff. then on saturday (of all days!) i still have to come to school at 8:15am for a traditional xmas celebration thingy and to receive my grades for the past two periods. as if i didn't know them already (we get to know them after every period), but it's still a compulsory thing. sigh. i'm going to have to make sissy watch cubix for me, since i'm more than likely going to miss it. but after that, i'm home free and won't have to go to school until on 7th january. w00t. ^^

we'll probably leave for our gran's on sunday, when inanna and drew come to set up some things on our computer while taking the old one with 'em. so we'll probably get a lift from them. goodness. :)
on another note, i can't wait to get to gran's again. i just spent a week there during my autumn holiday, but there's something fundamentally different about being there during xmas and being there during some other holiday. i can't even imagine spending xmas somewhere else, was absolutely horrified when mom said that this year we might not be going 'cause gran might be too tired for the amount of people and things to do. luckily it wasn't so, and we're going to spend xmas there like so many times before. so it's all good. ^_^

i just found myself being very very confused after reading maccie's entry. o_O anyways, it's perfectly okay if my present (what the hell could it be...?) takes a little longer to get here, seeing as i couldn't get you anything. i suck. ._.

whoo, this is a long and unintelligent entry and it seems that i can't spell to save my life! >_<

19th december 2002

feeling: blarghhh~~
listening to: nothing

oh yes, two towers indeed rocked! i was expecting it to be awesome and it didn't let me down for a moment. even the nazgūl were there, eventhough i didn't expect them to be. you don't get to see much of them in the book, right? it's been a while since i last read the book, so i might confuse things. anypoo, they totally blew my socks away! their winged beasts were brilliant and i found my breath getting caught in my throat every time there was a nazgūl on the screen. they're simply too cool, i can't even find the words for it.
and the ents...oh my waltz, the ents! i adored the ents to pieces (that's a nasty thing to say about a "tree", though ><). the way they were animated, the way they moved and looked and talked, and like sissy said, the way they all looked different. and yes, there indeed was a spruce or two in there. ^_~ and i simply fell in love with the way they talked. entish so pretty. ^^
and again, i found myself breathless when the ents attacked isengard. they way the ents walked with their long legs was just too cute/awesome. and my jaw totally dropped on the floor when they started wrecking havoc all around, squashing orcs and throwing rocks and stuff. and the way they just digged their roots on the ground and just stood their gorund when the water came rushing in took my breath away. serves all of 'em orcs right, i says. that's what you get for setting an ent on fire. bi0tch. the ents are my heroes. ^^
on thing that distrubed me was that, although all the things that were important in the book were done right in the movie, many of the things were different than in the book. like, did the elves really come to aid men in helms deep? i don't think they did, and even if they did, they weren't lead by haldir. and didn't the ents decide to attack isengard already in the entmoot? hmm... it wasn't really that bad that the movie was improvised a bit here and there, but i found myself being a little disturbed by it. oh well, it didn't screw up to movie in any way, so i guess it doesn't really matter.
and yevon forbid, i even liked gollum. O_O

18th december 2002

feeling: alright-ish
listening to: final fantasy 9 - you're not alone, with extra bass boosters :)

HO! this song sounds friggin' awesome on my cd player, especially with all the extra bass i can muster. it's almost hurting my ears (i think i might be playing it just a tad bit too loud), but i don't care. it sounds too cool to be turned down. ^_^

i tried to play the cd with all the make-me-grin-like-an-idiot love songs, but for some reason the cd is all twitchy and shtuff, and it constantly reads "oops" on the screen ("oops" is something it says when you shake the player too much for the music to be played correctly, but i'm not shaking it at all. it's sitting perfectly still on the table next to me). i think i might empty the cd one more time and try recording the songs on another cd, and use this one for music videos and such, since i figured it wouldn't be as much trouble if the videos were slightly twitchy. plus, when i tried playing the cd on the computer, it wasn't twitchy at all. so i think it's best that way.

whoo! 'movement in green' sounds so awesome it's nearly making me cry. :)

hurr. our biology teacher just told us to keep record of the things we eat today, so we can use them on some computer program tomorrow. mine's going to be a sad list. so far - it's 12am - i've eaten only one apple (and now the sides of my mouth are all sticky >_<). i didn't eat anything for breakfast, since i didn't have enough time for it. i'm not going to eat at school (thus the apple), and when i get out at 4pm, i'm going to go and eat a microwave dinner at mom's working place. and that only because i don't have time to go home and eat before two towers at 5pm. and since it's mostly likely going to be a long movie, i won't get anything to eat before about 9pm, which is when i think we'll get home. and even that will probably be something light, like tea or something. i have such a very healthy lifestyle. XD

'jecht's theme' is making my brain vibrate! XD *bounces*

hoo joy. i just realized i have yet one more biology lesson after this lunchbreak. i just had a double-lesson of it, so basically i have three hours of biology non-stop on wednesdays. mou~...

lmao! fear kakashi-kun's 1337 ninja-skillz, y0! you can't even find him from our own harddrive! XD i bet his pretending to be an mp3 file or something. ;)

i thought i had something intelligent to blog about, but apparently i didn't. but i will say this: the applying system for finnish universities and places of the same "status" is so totally pissing me off. inanna knows why, i should imagine.

17th december 2002

feeling: sleepy, but otherwise okay
listening to: nothing

hmm, this is not so bad. i wonder why i was so darn afraid of it. i haven't been nagged at by a single teacher yet, but then again, i have yet to meet my biology teacher. i don't even dare to think how much stuff i've missed while being absent. i'm in for a lot of catching-up during the holidays. eesh.

maybe you could just find a dvd decoder on the web? or maybe you have to install it somehow? i dunno, i'm not very experienced with that kind of stuff...

i'm so intelligent. i recorded my fave mp3's on cd's so i can listen to them at school, but forget to take them as well as the player with me. can we all say "baka^ni"? ¬_¬
i was thinking on buying some more cd's today after school, though i'm so sure if i should be spending my last 5 euros on something like that right now. it might be needed later. but then again, i've done all my christmas shopping and everything that still needs doing before christmas doesn't require money. at least as far as i'm concerned. i still need to record some songs that didn't fit on the other three cd's i bought, plus some music videos and shtuff.
speaking of which, how's totoro coming along, sissy?

d00d, i've had either 'dont let go' or 'you're still beautiful to me' stuck in my head all day. at least that's something worth smiling about. :)
i wish i could watch that romance tribute-video at the moment. then again, it would only make me cry in front of all these people. though the video is damn well worth every single tear. :china:

16th december 2002

feeling: a bit better. this is alarming.
listening to: final fantasy 8 - waltz for the moon

yeah. what'd i tell you. leave it up to me to screw my own life over so brilliantly. ahh well.

and so that a certain person wouldn't forget it, it's monday today! XD

i knew from the first moment i layed my eyes on this new computer that i was going to love to bits, but today has made me love it even more, if possible. on my way home from school (yeah, so sue me) i bought three cd-rw records and now they are packed with videogame and anime goodness. i think i still need to buy a couple of more cd's for the leftover songs, but i'll probably have to do that after xmas, when my financial situation has improved a bit.

hungry. now i must go get some food, and then perhaps i'll try and make some sense out of my black waltz fanfic.

What's Your Mood?

enh. i don't think that 100% accurate, but nonetheless hits pretty close to home. this result could've been brought forth by the fact that i've been feeling so damned weak and worthless and, above all, angry lately.

What's Your Love Style?

hurr. so true.


feeling: so sleepy i could fall over
listening to: nothing

i'm not even going to try and guarantee that i won't leave in the middle of the day today. i'll do my best since i'm supposed to turn in that essay i worked my arse off for yesterday, but i'm not sure even that's big enough of a motivator. even thinking that it's only five more days isn't helping at this point. i'm simply so overall exhausted that sleeping, reading and occasional blogging are the only things i can bring myself to do. p00.

but i guess i should stop thinking about it, since it only seems to be making things worse. i guess i should stop thinking all-together and just go one lesson at a time. that way it'll be time to go home before i even notice it, right? right...?

at least this week, among all this nasty school, has something pleasant to look forward, as well. i'm very excited about seeing two towers at 5pm on wednesday evening - on the opening night. i actually wanted to go see it in the later showing, which i think starts around 9pm, but then the movie would end around maybe midnight and there aren't any busses going to our direction that late. but i'll live. i'm just worried that all the noisy kids will be in the earlier showing, since the later one is too late for them, but then i figured that maybe if i'm lucky, the parents won't bring their kids in the opening night showing in the first place. at least i hope so. the perfect way of ruining someone's movie experience is to have a kid who doesn't understand a damn thing as to what's going on and is constantly asking questions in a loud voice sitting next to them. "why are they going there?" "why is he doing that?" "who are those people?" "what's going to happen?" "why are they cutting down the trees?" AAAARGH! >< i still think the age limit should've been 15, instead of 11. yeah.

help meee~~...

14th december 2002

feeling: relaxed
listening to: 'the sixth sense' movie sounds

whee, this new computer so very very swanky! i <3 it very much! ^^ i still find it a little hard to believe that it's actually here and that it really does have more than 4 gigs of hardrive space. and i feel i own a big bunch of "thank you"s to inanna, for making buying this darling possible. i hope the old computer proves out to be worth it. :)

hurr. i need to write an essay for my finnish lessons tomorrow. i so don't feel like it. ._.

11th december 2002

feeling: very VERY hungry
listening to: noises

as if i needed something like that! XP

but why does it seem to be impossible to find the single for bryan adams's on a day like today anywhere?! i've searched high and low for it, and even amazon doesn't seem to have it. well, they do have it, but apparently you can't buy it. hmm... ¬_¬

10th december 2002

feeling: hungry~~~
listening to: people talking

the monitor on this computer is really blurry. it's starting to stress my eyes to squint at it. >_<

ouch. i need to stop browsing amazon for robin hobb's/megan lindholm's books. my wishlist is starting to grow dangerously large. O_O ahh well, it's not like i need the books right away, but whoever is kind enough to buy them for me will be loved forever and given loads of ice cream. :)

*dances* we're gonna pick our booked tickets for two towers today. me very excited. i can't wait to see the movie, and it'll be even better when seen on the opening night. ^_^

though i'm not sure if i should talk about this, i'm going to anyway: our new computer should be arriving tomorrow. if memory serves me right, it has 60 gigs of harddrive space (*swoon*) and a cd burner, among other things. i'm looking forward to finally being able to d/l all the things i want and not having to worry about the computer crashing because it doesn't have enough free memory to function properly.

i need food.


feeling: X_X
listening to: people talking in loud voices

and, today it isn't monday! XD

eesh. double-lesson of swedish. waltzes help me. ¬_¬

9th december 2002

feeling: hungry and headachy
listening to: my stomach growl

i have no idea how i'm going to last until 4pm today. i'm seriously going to need some cheering up later on.

i got attacked by a flurry of snow flying off roofs on my way to school this morning. not a very pleasant experience. the icy cold little devils made their way to my skin by slipping over my collar and under my coat hems, sprayed themselves all over my face and messed up my hair. i was a mess when i arrived at school, not to mention freezing. hopefully the winds settle down a bit during the day. otherwise i'm not leaving the building after school. T_T

i have become the very thing i despise. my mind is constantly swirling with thoughts of yaoi and as we discuss reproduction on our biology lesson, i get an inner giggling fit. i have never done that during the topic of reproduction and i always got annoyed at people who did because in my eyes, it's simply very immature. thankfully it was more of plant reproduction and not that much of human reproduction - yet - but it still had me giggling at certain mental images. hopefully i'll be able to contain myself better when it's time to really discuss human reproction and all that. ¬_¬

on a more inside jokish note, it's monday today! XD

8th december 2002

feeling: feh
listening to: bryan adams - you're still beautiful to me

this song is still making me grin like an idiot. too cute. ^^

kweh. i'm supposed to be writing some home assignment for my programming course, but at the moment i just can't be bothered. perhaps i'll do it later. what is it with teachers and home assignments, anyways? these days we seem to be getting those a lot.

and you say you can't draw yaoi! bite me, sis! O_O

friday was nice. it was the finnish independence day and pretty much for the first time it felt more important than just a normal day to me. we didn't do much, but still it was fun. the weather was great, it was clear and cold, probably around -15 degrees. we put out some ice lanterns on both sides of our "gate" and lit some candles. at 5pm, when it was already dark, we (mom, me and our step-sis, who was spending the night at ours. it was too cold for chiko-chiko. :P) went to the town to watch waterorgans (for those of you who don't know, it's a small show that consist of lights, music and running water), which quite possibly was the highlight of the whole evening. and if i wasn't already feeling patriotic, the music definitely made sure that i would. they played finlandia, maamme and porilaisten marssi (hurr, those probably don't mean a thing to non-finns... o_O), and even though i had trouble hearing the end of finlandia because all the people there couldn't keep their damn yaps shut and my toes had gone numb from the freezing cold weather, it was nonetheless an amazing experience. i've seen the waterorgans a couple of times before, but never before has it felt this good to see them. afterwards there were fireworks, which too were totally awesome. by that time, though, i was feeling ready to mug some poor unfortunate soul for a cup of hot chocolate and was more than happy to go home. i spent the rest of the evening wrapped up in a blanket and watching the annual reception at the presidental residence on tv. i also kind of wanted to watch the black-and-white finnish movie the unknown soldier, but since our cousin, who also came to visit, is too young to be watching war movies and our step-sis just didn't want to watch it, i ended up not watching it, either. instead they played tekken and muppet racemania until midnight.

and, as chiko-chiko mentioned, there's finally an update on our black waltz shrine, which is now called 'tainted wings'. :D

hmm...i think i should start working on that home assignment. blah.

What fast food condiment are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

2nd december 2002

feeling: blah
listening to: nothing

i DID get an A in english! ^^


feeling: trust me, you don't want to know
listening to: nothing

bloody hell.
just when you think things are finally working out for you, something like this happens. this is so typical.
today is the day we get all our exam back. all in all, i didn't think i did that well on my exams (except for maths) and wasn't really looking forward to getting my grades. well, as it turns out, i did a whole lot better on my philosophy exam than i thought i did. i was actually afraid i might not even pass the exam, but i ended up getting an 8 as my grade. that, in conjuction with the fact that i also had an 8 from programming, had me nearly jumping up and down from joy. enter harsh reality. the maths exam, the one i thought went so well i would get an A on it, was a total catastrophy. i screwed up all the questions, i get all the answers wrong and i ended up with a 6 as my grade! a friggin' 6! at the moment i feel ready to break down and cry. i've always thought i was pretty good at maths and i can't even remember when i got something lower than an 8 as my grade. and then i go and get a 6. i'm so damn brilliant. if it weren't for the accursed sense of duty in me now, i would pack up my things and go get hit by a car. i can't stand staying here at the moment, that grade ruined my day so completely. but if i leave now, i'm going to have to explain my absence to the headmaster and get my grades from him. and that's something i'm so not going to do, since he's only going to tell it's my own damn fault for getting such a lousy grade. shyeah right. it's easy for him to talk.
well, at least it won't be such a disaster when i won't pass my physics exam and when i get something less than an A in english. this day is already so ruined that nothing is going to shock me anymore. but the physics teacher better keep her stupid yap shut, cause i'm so not in the mood of listening to one of her stupid lectures about how bad i did on my physics exam.

i'm so not coming to school tomorrow.


feeling: so very very tired
listening to: the teacher talking

i wish i was sick like mom is. that way i could stay at home and just sleep all day long and not feel bad about it, like i would if i just skipped school for that. ~_~

har har, ph33r mah arse-kicking mummy-heads! XD

too sleepy to come up with a proper entry.

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