30th November 2003

feeling: fresh
listening to: Kingdom Hearts game sounds

A couple of not-so-common things I'd really love to get for christmas:

- A pair of real, wooden Geta-sandals (of natural wood-color)
- A Tessen (aka a Fighting Fan)

I know these are really extraordinary things and probably somewhat tricky to find, but being the Japan-obsessee that I am, it would really rock if someone could get them for me. From what I've looked around, AsianIdeas and Martial Art Supply store these items.
My shoe size for sandals is European 40, btw. ;)

Chiko-Chiko and I went over to Minna's place for a little get-together last night. Klasu the boyfriend and Minna's little sister Tiina also live there, so they were present as well, as was Minna's friend Noora. We had a really good time, even though the only thing we did was play the PS2. I came to the conclusion that even though I still own everyone except Chiko-Chiko in Tekken, I definitely need to brush up on my Soul Calibur 2-skills, as Klasu managed to beat my ass to next Tuesday with Kilik a couple of times. Shameful. T_T We also played some Silent Hill 2 (read: I played because Chiko-Chiko was too scared) and Ecco The Dolphin. All good.
In addition to gaming, I marvelled at Tiina's collection of pets. The spiders (tarantulas?) were dead-wicked, and I even got to hold two of her snakes. The first one was a semi-white Corn Snake and the second one a small-ish Ball Python. Both were extremely lovely and I really liked holding them. They didn't feel slimy at all, more like sythetic rubber. I almost feel like I want to have one of my own now. Compliments to Tiina for raising such fine creatures. :)

Chiko-Chiko and I are going to Helsinki on Wednesday, to do some christmas shopping, along with the usual "we're being idiots"-stuff. Me is very excited about that. Hopefully the weather will be good. ^_^ Oh, and if you people have some specific wishes for x-mas pressies - CDs, DVDs and such - please let me know before Wednesday, okay?

Oh, and as a parting thought, while we're on the subject of presents. Body Shop's body- and facial care products, especially the seaweed and lavender stuff, will be very well-liked.

26th November 2003

feeling: urgh
listening to: TV running in the background

Because Chiko-Chiko is lazy and I can't manage things like this all on my own, here is Temari again. But she is such a saucy lady that you people won't mind looking at her again, will you. I know I certainly don't. ^_^

Got the tickets for Return Of The King today. The nosebleeding will commence on 17th December, at 8:45 pm. And what a mammoth nosebleed it will be. Row 3, baby! I get the see them hunky-hunk Nazgūl from a smoochtastic distance. *glee*

Robin Hobb will be featured as a Guest Of Honor in FinnCon 2004. Guess who's falling off chairs in a fangirly delight? ;D

20th November 2003

feeling: listless
listening to: "Friends" on TV

Why do things in life never turn out the way you want them to? I know it goes with the territory, but it's still irritating in the long run, not to mention exhausting.
So. Chiko-Chiko and I are not going to GameWorld this weekend after all. Not enough money. We could manage the trips to Helsinki and back, but we couldn't afford to shop around, which was a big part of our plans. And since there's really not that much to see in the fair (no cool new games or anything ohh-ahh like that), we decided it wouldn't really be worth the heartache of not being able to buy anything. There's always next year. Not to say I wasn't looking forward to the gaming and cosplaying and all that, but beggars can't be choosers, I suppose. Oh well. :/

What else...? Oh yeah. I know it's a bit early, but hey, no harm in thinking ahead, ne. So, just to get these out of my head before I forget them:

Things I want for Christmas:
- X-Men 1.5 - The X-Treme Edition DVD
- X-Men 2 Special Edition (2-disc) DVD
- Pirates Of The Caribbean DVD
- Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers Speacial Extended Ed. DVD
- The Tawny Man Book 3: Fool's Fate by Robin Hobb
- Anything by Megan Lindholm
- Sort of goes without saying, but all things Nazgūl
Of course, that's just a list of the things off the top of my head, and is by all means not absolute. Think of it as guidelines, if you're not sure what to get me.

Right. Now I shall get me something to eat, and then possibly watch Chiko-Chiko get beaten to a pulp by Kiba-tachi.

Gaara you sexy little fiend, you! ;D~

18th November 2003

feeling: hungry
listening to: Bryan Adams - The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You

RAWR! *tackles Gaara*

The thing I hate about flus most is that once you've caught one, it never seems to go away. I've had mine for about a week now, and traces of it are still here. No fever, thankfully, just a dizzy head and a blocked up nose. Enough still to be noticed, though. I guess the positive thing about all this is the fact it doesn't really matter if I'm sick or not, since I don't have anywhere to go or be. Missing the cabin trip last weekend is still chafing me, though. Oh well. :/

GameWorld this weekend. Time to dig out the Gaara cosplay, even though I'd rather be going as a game character, seeing as it's a gaming fair. I was thinking that it would be really nice to be going as Ken, from ZOE (Chiko-Chiko is going to think I'm mad! xD), but I don't suppose it would be possible to sew up her costume in a week, especially since I have no fabrics or plans for it. Oh well, again. Maybe next year, once my hair is longer. Then I could tie it up as a bun like she wears it under her helmet. Meee wants~! But in any case, Gaara is so cool that I don't really have any issues about going as him. Hell, if it gets down to nitpicking, there ARE several Naruto games out there. So there. And Gaara is teh bestest, so HA! All of you shall fear my Sabaku SouSou! Hoohaa! And I'm still going to cosplay as Temari for AnimeCon next year. Yay for hot females!

Speaking of which. Naruto games, I mean. Chiko-Chiko (or should I call you Kensg, eh? X3 *gets kunai'd*) showed me clips of the PS2 Naruto game (whose name I still can't remember x_x), and holy poo, it looks cool. Gaara, especially. I love it how he can "summon" up Temari and Kankuro. It's da Sand Squad! :D Must get my hands on the game somehow. Stupid PAL. I should probably ask Toni the big brother if he knows people who can reliably mod the PS2.
Today I should get back to playing the Naruto GBA game on an emu. Must...meet...Gaara... DX I think I'm playing as Sasuke, currently. Hell must've frozen over. Oh well. Anything to meet up with my babyboy and his kawaii sprite. ^^
And I absolutely CAN'T WAIT to see the Sand Squad on the other GBA game, the newer one that Chiko-Chiko is playing. The sprites are so freakishly cute and SD that I will more than likely scream my head off once I get to see Gaara. Just you wait and see if I'm not right. ^_~

Whoo, lots of Naruto talk. Who's Gaara obsessed, not me, no sir. Yeah. I should catch up on the manga, too. Haven't read it since... uhh... *counts* ...since Jiraiya got in it. Dude. I is teh suck. Must read it soon to see the scene with Gaara from ep 58. *drool* With that, I should start looking for a new layout, too. Either that, or I'll just have to go back to layout #15. Yeah, that was a good layout. *Gaara-obsessee*

I finished Golden Fool yesterday. Meh. Can't really say how I feel about the book. Naturally it owned me and then some, as Robin Hobb's books are wont to do. But somehow it didn't dazzle with its absolute brilliance, and after the first read the word I would use is, sad as it may be, "filler". This could just be because there was no Nighteyes in it. Oh, boy, how I miss thee! ;_; And not that much happened, either. Mostly just set-up stuff, right? Maybe I'll feel differently about it once I've waded through it for the second time, and also once I get out of my "I just finished one of my fav books" void. But anyway, I do think the book was great (I practically devoured it), as usual. Robin Hobb is so good that even "fillers" from her beat most books by a mile. :)
Must get Fool's Fate ASAP. For now, I'm "stuck" with Cloven Hooves, and after that Reindeer People. Still good stuff.

Oh, right. One more thing. I've got the whole Anubis soundtrack converted, zipped up and ready to go, if someone would like to have it. With all 22 songs in it, the package is about 94 megs in size. I can be reached via AIM, as I currently have nowhere to upload it. So give us a nudge, and you can (most likely) have it.

And that, as they say, is that. For now.

11th November 2003

feeling: tired
listening to: SMiLE.dk - Kissy Kissy

Uhg. My mouth tastes like earwax.

Tiuku has poo stuck on the hairs of her hind legs and she's messing it all around the house. Should catch her and wash it off, but damn if I don't hate doing that. Must clean the brown stripes of the carpet and floor, too. Sigh. There you are, thinking "why have kids, when pets are so much more low-maintenance?", and then you'll up up scrubbing poo off the carpet either way. Oh, the sweet irony that is life.

On another note, a thing I could never do for a living: be a fisherman (technically I couldn't be a fisherman even if I wanted to. Well, I COULD, but that would get complicated...). Anyway, pulling tons of fish out of the water - their natural habitat - and stick them full of hooks and sticks and leave them to suffocate to death just to get the big bucks is simply too immoral and disgusting a thing for me to even consider. But no one cares, so I'll just shut the hell up.
But getting bitten by a shark...now that's something I'd never shut up about! "Look! Hey, look, I've got a shark-bite on my leg/stomach/back/whatever! Oi, everyone, look!" *boast*

Now one of the cats is puking her guts out in the kitchen, probably on the carpet too, simply because it would be too damn easy for me to get the stuff off the floor. I mean, c'mon, there'd be absolutely no scrubbing whatsoever involved! And we can't have that, now can we...

9th November 2003

feeling: happy
listening to: Anubis: Zone Of The Enders - Ardjet

KYAA, I love my hunky Orbital Frames! o^^o

Yeah. Just needed to get that out of my system. I picked up ZOE 2 again last night, and boy, did I have fun or what! That game is so gorgeous it makes me wet myself (well, not really, but close enough). ADA is the bestest. After getting an S in the 8 Heads SOS mission (against Spiders, right before chasing the train):
ADA: "Excellent, sir."
Dingo: "Call me a genious-runner!"
ADA: "Genious-runner."

I shall never understand people who dislike ZOE.

I started reading Megan Lindholm's (aka Robin Hobb's) Cloven Hooves yesterday. Me likes. Evelyn reminds me of myself, or at least her younger self does. Pan is slightly iffy, but that's probably just me and the fact that I would've imagined something else than a faun. >_> Anyway, must read more of it soon, so I can move on to Reindeer People. I also have Golden Fool waiting to be picked up from the post office, and I still haven't finished Ship Of Destiny. And as it makes me feel backward not to have gotten a copy of Fool's Fate yet, I should probably get around to doing that, as well. Though how I will find time to read them all, I will never know.
...what's this Robin Hobb-obsession you speak of?

Also, I've been on a small LJ-spree lately, so that explains why I haven't writing much at all here. That should change as I get used to having two logs, though. Hopefully, as I have no intention to give up this blog.
So um, yeah.