30th October 2003

feeling: must urinate now
listening to: Soul Reaver game sounds

My LiveJournal is up. Ninpou...KAMAITACHI!


feeling: bleh
listening to: Vanessa-Mae - Destiny

Would some of you lovely people on LJ toss a code to my direction? I seem to be doing this commenting thing often enough to get an account. And who knows, maybe I'll write something about the lameness that is my life in there, as well. ;)

Apparently OAUTIM isn't opening in Finland on the 31st after all. Screw you, Finnkino. 5th December is a load of crap, if you ask me. Stupid Halloween night with nothing to do.

29th October 2003

feeling: *dies*
listening to: Final Fantasy 9 - Black Mage Village

I think I just may have gotten the first food-poisoning of my life, and so far I'm not liking it at all. I spent a great deal of last night sitting on the toilet (Minna: I hope the house didn't reek too bad when you guys came over! XP) and even the thought of food makes my stomach turn inside out. I have yet to throw anything up, and I really really hope it won't even get to that. And holy crap, it hurts! It feels like there's a stick through my abdomen or that there's a hedgehog rolling about in my intestines. I guess the best way to discribe it is to say that it's like having a major heartburn that comes with a nasty case of shortness of breath. Any suggestions?
All hail McDonald's! D:

In other news, mom has the flu and is on sick leave for the rest of the week. Yay. She better not get me infected, and all.

OUATIM on Friday! w00tw00t! o^_^o

26th October 2003

feeling: emotionally drained
listening to: Soul Reaver game sounds

To honor the memory of Anubis, the 18th layout is back up.

I finished ZOE 2 last night. I should imagine you can figure the rest out for yourselves. Suffice to say I cried more than I ever thought humanly possible. I will talk about the ending more once I'm able to do so without tearing up, if ever.

22nd October 2003

feeling: hangover-ish
listening to: Final Fantasy 6 - Deserted Industry OC ReMix

Vanilla Sky screws up my brain. And not in a good, End Of Evangelion sort of way, either. Most of the time I was simply thinking "...th?" and wishing things would start making sense, lest I die of boredom. Not a very spectacular movie in any sense. Now, Chocolat, on the other hand. What a lovely, light-hearted movie. It was a lot like Gilbert Grape in that sense (well, duh); pretty much nothing happened and I still loved every minute of it. Especially the minutes with Mr Depp in them. Seriously, that guy doesn't even have to try and he makes me swoon head-over-heels. You can pop by and "adjust my door" anytime, mister. Whenever's good for you. :D~

What else...? Oh yeah. I saw Fool's Errand in a bookstore yesterday - translated into Finnish. But guess what? No Golden Fool, in English or otherwise. Disheartening. Anyway, I read a few chapters here and there (Nighteyes' death, anyone? ;_;) and found myself regarding the translation as silly. That never happened when I read the Farseer trilogy, and if I recall right, the person who did the tranlating is the same person in all the books. Talk about weird. Figures I've gotten so used to reading books in English that fiction in Finnish feels just plain awkward. :/

I bought a corset yesterday. ph34r me! XD

20th October 2003

feeling: mega-hungry
listening to: Soul Reaver 2 game sounds

I friggin' can't believe I scored only 3 out of 11 in this! Sorry, Finnish only. Heavens, I'm a dimwit. ToT

Like Chiko-Chiko already said, we saw The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen on Friday. Nautilus indeed was very gorgeous and beautiful. And though I will get laughed at (and with a bit of luck, punched by Chiko-Chiko) for saying this, Dorian Gray really had me drooling. The guy is seriously hot.
...What? He is!

SNOW!!!1 :D

16th October 2003

feeling: hungry but happy
listening to: Smile.dk - Boys

"Boys, boys, be my boys..." ^_^


feeling: euphoric
listening to: Anubis: Zone Of The Enders - Jehuty ~ Vivid Transparency

Do you know the feeling of ultimate happiness? The kind that makes your heart skip beats and causes your breath to get caught up in your throat. The feeling of absolute bliss. There really are no words to discribe the feeling, but if you've been there, you know what I'm talking about.

Yes indeed, I am talking about ZOE 2. As you may have guessed from the hearts in the previous entry, I got the game on Tuesday and got it started yesterday. I immediately did in almost four hours and only quit because I was getting serious cramps on my right thumb. Anyway, I got up to Zakat, who handed me my ass. Hooray. I blame the thumb. XP

Jehuty. Hardly needs to be said, but I adore him to death. Sexy little fiend. ^_^
Anubis. Definitely Anubis. Can we all say "gorgeous"? He is mighty cranky, though. He needs a hug. *gives him one* ^_^ One thing, yet. Am I the only person who is slightly bugged by the fact that everyone thinks Anubis is evil? Because he isn't. Nohman is the evil one, and people seem to have those two confused. I might be wrong, of course, as I have yet to actually finish the game, but I seriously doubt any of the events can change my mind about that. But yeah, Anubis makes my nose bleed, make no mistake about that.
ADA. Everyone needs to love her. She was seriously brilliant in the first game, but now she kicks total @$$! She has more character, attitude and is simply luffly all around. And the things she says... man, awesomeness!
"Are you making fun of me?"
"Don't get too confident."
"You won't be able to do it in 10 seconds."
"I am completely different."
"If I have to..."
And of course, who could forget the ever-so-lovely "Good morning. Ready for combat operations." ^_^
Ardjet. She is hot. SERIOUSLY hot. And she seems to have the hots for Jehuty, too. Just look at the scene where she pulls Jehuty close to give him Wisp and tell me I'm wrong. Besides, she did play the damsel in distress for him. That scene was so very amusing. "I'm doomed!" Good one, Ardjet. ;)
Viola. She might've been just a battle AI but damn me if she wasn't cool. I loved the way she said the same things as she did in the first game during battle. That was very cool indeed. And she did give me seriously hard time during the fight where she invaded Ardjet. Nasty female. Calling Jehuty "target Bravo" was the coolest, though. I almost glomped her then. :)

Leo is actually very cool. He still looks like a little kid, but at least he's got himself an attitude and doesn't whine all the time anymore. The way he cares for ADA and Jehuty is simply heart-warming. :) Plus Vic Viper is so damn cool you just have to like any guy who pilots a Frame like that. ^_^

Am I the only person who nearly screamed with laughter in the stage where you have to navigate through the mine-infested field to get to Lloyd? That was such a blast, pun not intended. I kept getting hit by things again and again because I didn't stop in time, heaven help me. Hooray for Ken. "No! Do you want to die?!" "Do it carefully!" No, ma'am. Yes, ma'am. Whatever you say, ma'am. =_=

I have tons of stuff floating on my brain and I'm trying to remember to mention them all. The music is mind-blowing. The Combo Smash owns my butt. Grabbing objects and using them as weapons is awesome. Spinning the enemies around is so cute it makes me laugh. I love talking back to ADA. Taper is NOT evil, WTH? The animated style of the cutscenes is so very very cool. Controlling Jehuty is not difficult, what are you people smoking? The lighting and special effects are so beautiful they make me cross-eyed. Callisto, Phobos and Deimos are NOT satellites, they are moons. The Vector Cannon is pretty. The opening demos cause me to die of a heart-attack every time. I'm fairly sure I will cry my eyes out before this game is over.

As an ending note, I have only one thing to say:
Love is ZOE-shaped. ♥

14th October 2003

feeling: CHUU~!
listening to: the news on TV


12th October 2003

feeling: lethargic
listening to: Antonio Vivaldi - The Four Seasons: Winter

Chiko-Chiko and I went to see the waterorgans last night. It was very gorgeous. We sat for nearly an hour in the ice-cold rain, but it was definitely worth it. I took over 20 photos, so hopefully they will turn out good.

Watched Joan Of Ark last night. Not much an experience, really. Joan (Jeanne, whatever) seemed just plain insane more than anything. And her attitude started getting on my nerves after the first 30 minutes. "It's God who's angry!" Right, WTF? Anyway. Dustin Hoffman was great as her conscience. I thought he was the Devil at first. Go me. ¬_¬
But seriously, getting burned alive must hurt like hell. Just imagine how long it takes for a person to die like that. Nasty.

Uhm...not much else to say. Other than that I want ZOE 2 so much I will die if I don't get it soon. ;;_;;

That, and tablets are great. Funny and difficult to use, but great. And I sewed up a hole in my pantyhose this morning. It looks horrid, but at least my toes aren't sticking out anymore.

10th October 2003

feeling: irritated
listening to: Soul Calibur 2 game sounds

Screens of Soul Calibur 2's opening FMV wanted. Especially of Nightmare (who didn't see that coming?) and Soul Edge as it opens its eye. I seem to be unable to find them myself, no matter how hard I've looked. Everyone ignores the opening FMV. :/

Yoshi's Sheperd's Crook actually says "baah!", like sheep do. It's hilarious. And Nightmare's Galley Oar says "dong!" and "splash!". The folks at Namco really do have too much time on their hands. XD

When I went to the jobshop some time ago, I was told that the local 4H association (no, I have no idea what it stand for) are looking for trainees. They're maintaining a farmyard sort-of-thing not too far from where I live and basically the trainess would take care of the animals and the yard and work in the cafeteria. I have been sitting on that since then, not being able to decide whether or not I feel up to it. Since it's a traineeship, I wouldn't be getting paid as such, but I would be entitled to some sort of financial support through it. And seeing as I'm on a 5-month waiting period before being able to draw my unemloyment support (yes, I really said 5 MONTHS) and am getting absolutely no money whatsoever during that time, it would really seem like the thing to do at the moment. I just can't decide if I'm mentally fit enough for the job. It would basically mean working eight-to-four all over again, but then again, it's not school. It would, however, mean I could no longer rest (slug?) at home. Of course, as mom has said to me, I am the only one who knows how I feel and if I'm up to it, but suggestions would still be appreciated. I can't decide on my own.

Hmm...what else? Oh yeah. I want ZOE 2. Why can't I find it anywhere? It's hardly a "marginal group" game, so that's not it.

OUATIM will be in theaters on the 31st! *spasm* *spasm* And The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen starts on the 17th. WHEE! ^_^

9th October 2003

feeling: headachy
listening to: Soul Calibur 2 game sounds

I love the way Nightmare says "Soul Calibur 2" in the start-up screen. His way of saying "two" sounds an awful lot like "chuu". ^_^

Tee hee, Galley Oar is funny. "I shall hit you over the head with a wooden oar now, okay!" Ehh...right Nightmare, right. *patpatpat*

Yeah, I just felt like saying that. More Nightmare-gushing. :D


feeling: tired
listening to: Smile.dk - Dragonfly

Smile.dk has some very decent songs. I am now very much hooked on them. I blame it all on Butterfly. :F

Oh, and please excuse the previous entry. It was around/after midnight, and Chiko-Chiko and I were having a bit too much fun for our own good. Amiright.com can be dangerous place when you're high on laughter. XP
But the song really is funny, you know.

*drools on Nightmare* :D~~

8th October 2003

feeling: XD XD XD
listening to: Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee)

LMAO! Can't...breathe...OMG, lol! *wheeze*

"I'm blue, I'm in need of a guy
and indeed I'm a guy
I'm in need, I will die
and indeed I'm a guy"

*dies laughing* XD XD XD "blue is my toilet, it's standing outside"

*huff huff huff* I...can't...breathe...! XD


feeling: hungry
listening to: Soul Calibur 2 game sounds

GAAAA! Gaa-aaa gagaa gaaaaga-aa... O_O


feeling: airheaded
listening to: Anubis: Zone Of The Enders - Beyond The Bounds (Mitsuto Suzuki 020203 Mix feat. Sana)

Well. Been a few days. Anyone miss me? ;D Anyhow, the blog is back up and hopefully is there to stay. *glares*

Not much is going on with me. Still ZOE-less. We went to shop for it on Saturday, but none of the stores we checked had it. Figures. :/ Instead, we ran into Soul Calibur 2 and decided to get it in the lack of ZOE. Can't say I'm disappointed, though I'm still very much longing for my Jehuty-chan. T_T
Anyhow. SC2 kicks much-o ass! The fighting system is VERY different from Tekken, and thus poses slight problem for me at times. The fact that it's not "one limb per button" is confusing, and I even found myself trying to play it as The Bouncer every now and again. That, and having to block manually with either X and L1 kills me all the time. Still not used to that and the fact that the game is so much more intense that Tekken isn't helping much. :/
My character is, of course, the ever-so-yummy (armored) Nightmare, but that seems to be common knowledge anyway and thus hardly needs to be said. ;D Soul Edge is mighty ass-kicking and the opening FMV totally owns me. The scene with my yum-yum has me slobbering like a dimwit every time. Sexy and shiny to boot! And the hair, oh the hair! It's so...so...RED! *braids it* :DDDD~
I will talk more about his moves and such when I'm able to be slightly more coherent about it. Just suffice to say that the stances own me. ^^

In other news, mom is going to the biological station or whatever in Lammi today and will stay overnight. That means me and Chiko-Chiko will be alone for tonight and have to manage everything on our own. I will even have to prepare my own food. Oh joyous day. I'm still very bitter about not being able to go with her to the station, though. D:

Hungry now. Must eat.

2nd October 2003

feeling: must urinate now XP
listening to: Vanessa-Mae - Deep South

Ookay, time to start hunting Ninja downand try to get her in the catbasket. Count the scratches, one, two, three, a lot!

Oi, anyone know the lyrics for the ringwraith songs, The Black Rider and A Knife In The Dark? They have the same lyrics, do they not? I can't find them anywhere, and I would very much like to know what's being said. That is, of course, if even Howard Shore himself knows. :/


feeling: LUFF!
listening to: Jean Sibelius - Finlandia

"I rides steeds that makes the peoples fall down!" XD XD

Major glompage at the Nazgūl. I LUFF J00! o^^o *watches and re-watches the trailer again and again*

1st October 2003

feeling: giddy
listening to: Haibane Renmei - Haibane No Techno (AR MIX)

I should very dearly like to know how bloody everyone somehow manage to overlook the fact that there are winged bloody Nazgūl in Two Towers. Several times, in fact. Am I the only person in this world who happens to see them? *incredulous*
I want screencaps, curse it! .V.


feeling: breathless
listening to: DJ Sammy - Heaven (Trance Remix)

ROTK trailer...oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god OH MY GOD. Excuse me while I choke on my own tongue and die from the lack of oxygene. Winged Nazgūl...can't...breathe... Hee hee, Nazgūl...on Fell Beasts...hee hee hee... Nazgūl Nazgūl Nazgūl Nazgūl Nazgūl~~! *dies from a heartattack*

I have Prodigy's Breathe stuck in my head and I can't get it out. Dun dun dun dun... X/

Must see more Nazgūl now. Kee hee hee... *snickers like a twit*