19th September 2004

feeling: a-okay
listening to: Samurai 7's ending theme stuck in my head

I am seriously thinking of changing AngelKisses into my Finnish blog. It really is rather pointless to have two journals in English, since I mostly don't have much to say in the first place. So my LJ will remain in English and this blog will be in Finnish. I don't know when exactly it'll happen, though, since I want a layout change to go with it (to sort of underline the change) and don't have a new layout standing by. I think I'll delegate that to Chiko-Chiko, seeing as she's so much better at it than I am.
Kimblee... <3

Wow. Watched Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me on TV last night, and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos was in it. I never knew! :O Mmmm, hot. Austin, you have a POOR taste in women. So there.

Hee hee hee, Silent Hill 4. *sniggers* It's SCARY AS HELL. I hate Henry's apartment. Stupid first-person camera angle. It's that much more easier to play the game when you're outside the apartment and able to play in third-person.
I'm not very far into the game, so I don't really have that much to talk about. That, and I don't want to take the chance of spoiling anything for anyone. Suffice to say so far that the ghosts (Victims?) are nastiest breed of monsters EVER.

Room Service, Room Service, Room Service, Room Service, Room Service! *fidgets* Give it to me already~!

17th September 2004

feeling: fartsy
listening to: nothing

Kikuchiyo! That's his name, Kikuchiyo.

I just watched six episodes of Samurai 7. It gets cooler the more I watch it. Now the opening's stuck in my head.

Kyuzo is pretty hot.

13th September 2004

feeling: sleepy
listening to: a headache beating inside my skull

School was rather boring today. Not that it's ever the most thrilling experience of my life. We got back our English essays. I was rather disappointed. I am not sure if I mentioned this, but I used an edited version (had to cut it back to 200 words) of my ZOE fanfiction, Twin Souls, since we had the option to use an assignment header "my own story", which could be anything and everything we could come up with. (Really now, how much of a story can you fit into 200 words anyhow?) Anyway, since I don't consider Twin Souls exactly a run-of-the-mill kind of typical English essay, I was looking forward to getting some real feedback. You know, "nice vocabulary you have there", or "excellent usage of imagery". Anything that would acknowledge the work I put into it. And you know what I get? "Good". Just plain and simple "good", and nothing else. Wonder if you can guess how I felt. See, I like my English teacher. I think she's a nice, calm, well-composed person and a good teacher (excluding the fact that my knowledge of vocabulary, word order and pronounciation seem to surpass hers at times). I was expecting a little more than just your average "good".

Ahh, but what does it matter. Apparently our essays have no bearing on our final grades anyway. So why should I care? I've only just proven that I can write better than any other person in the whole damn class. Why should I want recognition for it?

Appreciate my hard work, dammit!

I can't even have Kimblee's arrays as tattoos on my palms. Sucky bitch of a life. I need Greed x Kimblee smut. Gimmeee~!

11th September 2004

feeling: sad
listening to: the cats running around

I am a fucking idiot and she's right to hate my guts.


feeling: accomplished
listening to: Tekken 2 - Yoshimitsu Arranged

Mwah. I just wrote around 700 words of Greed x Kimblee. It's the more cute one that I started in school while feeling bored during English lessons sometime last week. And wow, it's getting along rather smoothly, too. I'd stick around and write more while I'm "riding the wave" but alas, I've got a Secret Window to see. ;D

9th September 2004

feeling: stiff
listening to: Vanessa-Mae - Classical Gas

"Geez, stiffer than the stiffs back home", as Hades would put it. Kendo practice last night was painful, to make an understatement. Well okay, the practice itself wasn't so bad, but the after-effects of it. Two hours of holding a shinai (a bamboo sword) for the first time in my life put quite an amount of stress on my arms. My right arm is all but useless at the moment because the muscles on my upper- and forearm are so sore. And most of the sword's weight was supposed to be on the left hand. Hmm.
But it was fun as hell, though. I got my own shinai, too, and it's brand spanking new! :D

I have a meeting at the employment agency in an hour. We're looking into my options now that I'm school. Naturally I can't take up job due my state of health, but as I've got to get money from somewhere I've got to stay with the agency. So to keep the money coming but to insure that I won't be offered a real job, I have been offered a part in a rehabilition programme of sorts. The lady I talked to last time I was there was of the opinion that it would be just the thing for me, since it would support my coping with my depression and also give me something else to do other than to just sit at home while I'm not at school. So basically how the programme works is that I work for a few hours a couple of times a week, in my case 4 hours twice a week. And I could do this at the farmyard where I've worked for sixth months already. Sounds pretty neat, eh?

In fact, I should get going if I'm going to catch my bus.

There's something wrong with LJ. Beh.