30th september 2002

feeling: exhausted
listening to: zone of the enders 2 - beyond the bounds

finally! i'm done with my exams for this period! yay! ^o^ i think overall i did pretty well, but i could've done better, as always. i didn't study for my swedish and chemistry exams though i should've, and i fear that will show on my grade. also, i only got two pages in the essay on forests. i hope that's only because i wrote it in such a tight package and not blabber on, and not because i didn't know what i was talking about. i'm too tired to worry about that stuff right now, i just hope i did well on all the exams and wait 'til next monday for the grades.

gah. i want tekken 4 so badly i can taste it. being poor sucks. someone please send me money! XP

24th september 2002

feeling: head-achy
listening to: people talking

hmm...i think i might've done pretty well on my physics exam. it might be, of course, that it just seems that way to me, and i actually did really bad and got all the answers wrong. but all in all, it didn't seem like such a difficult exam. i think i might actually pass and even get a pretty good grade. but time will tell. i've learned not to dance of joy until i've gotten the grade and seen for real how bad/good i actually did. especially when it comes to physics. but now that i have my physics exam safely behind me, i can concentrate on the rest of my exams. they won't need much of that, though. the rest of the subjects are pretty easy, stuff like finnish, swedish and chemistry. my geography exam will need a bit of studying though, but the exam itself shouldn't prove to be too hard. all this makes katri a happy gurl. ^^

i need to go collect my school photos today. they were taken over a month ago, so it's a high time we got them back. i have no idea if they actually turned out good or not, but i hope they won't make me look like a freak, like they often do. seeing as one of the pics is actually going to go on my driver's licence when i finally manage to get one. i just hope they turned out okay. i'm not a very photogenic person. >_<

hungry... thank waltz it's lunch time soon.

i think i want a new layout. something zoe-related still, but this time i'd like it to have both anubis and jehuty in it. i <3 those boys so very much. ^^

23rd september 2002

feeling: refreshed and giddy
listening to: final fantasy - prelude (techno mic)

zoe 2 looks friggin' shweet! i can't wait for it to be released. if it came out in time for my next b-day, that would be simply perfect. what better gift could a girl hope for than a game full of sexy-butt mechas, hm? ;3

anyhoo, looking at the new trailer one can only wonder how the boys at konami managed to make already a perfect game so much more kickass and beautiful. the action sequences are simply mind-blowing, and the anime-style cutscenes just 0wn. and the frames themselves? whee, they look as cool as ever. i mean, jehuty was one sexay thing already in the first game, but looking at him now makes my heart skip beats more than ever. as for anubis, he's one drop- dead gorgeous frame. take my word for it, he is going to blow the living daylights out of you with his ultimate coolness. the trailer features a small glimpse of some anubis action (not like that, you perverts! though that does sound shweet... XD) and judging from what i saw, this game is seriously going to r0x0r my s0x0rs. just frigging look at this, and tell me i'm wrong! though so. :P
all in all, with both jehuty and anubis in one game, and intense action from both of them, you just can't go wrong with zoe 2. ^^

haha, hate to admit it, but leo actually looks ass-kickingly cool in zoe 2. not to mention his new frame, vic viper (cute! ^.^), who does look a tad like an LEV, though. but let's not let that bother us, they both look very shweet nonetheless. thank waltz for the new character designer, who ever it is! o_O

yet, as immaturely excited i am about this game, i can't help but to get a heavy gripping feel on my chest when i think about it. don't get me wrong, i <3 this game more than anyone on this planet and it's not even out yet, but somehow i still have a bad feeling about it. not gameplay-wise, but story-line wise. not that i fear it's going to suck, hell no. i just get this ominous feeling that something bad is going to happen either to jehuty or anubis, and waltz knows i wouldn't want that. after the first zoe i wasn't worried at all, because i always knew there would be a sequel and jehuty wouldn't self-destruct. but now i fear that everything will be resolved in the new game, and being the pessimist i am, i'm prone to think that this can't be good for my two favourite brothers. what if something bad happens to them? or ada? what if the end result won't include they're well-being? i don't think i could handle that. ;_;

i just hope to god that everything's gonna go well for my two favourite frames. ^^

on another note, i have my physics exam tomorrow. and yes, you guessed it, i don't have a clue on how i'm going to actually pass it. i'm still as cluesless as i was before my previous exam, and just as nervous. because of the huge amount of other assignments we've gotten from school on this period, i haven't had the time to actually practice my physics skills, and this is the result. i blame this on our finnish teacher. i should be revising for the exam as we speak, but i just can't be bothered. what's last minutes studying going to help, anyways? if i want to understand this stuff at all, i should've started a lot earlier. but what can you do... i'll probably just go through some exercises later tonight, and just play it by ear tomorrow. nothing i can do will help at this point, so i'll just have to see how it goes, and probably take part in the re-writes yet again later this year. whoop-dee-doo... ~.~"

where's mah escaflowne dvd?! >:O

20th september 2002

feeling: drained
listening to: nothing

three words: OH - MY - GOD ! :O :O :O

16th september 2002

feeling: cold and sleepy
listening to: nothing

sorry about the pressie. i though blood would be cooler... ._.

also happy b-day to my daddy-dear! ^^

10th september 2002

feeling: sleeeepy
listening to: nothing. i wish i were.

wearing a skirt to school on a regular day is one of the most frightening experiences i've ever had! mainly because it's not a very long or loose skirt. i'm freaking out about my legs 'cause i think they're ugly. thank god for black pantyhoses(sp?), though. they hide most of the ugliness apparently, because i've been getting way too many looks from guys. most of the targeted at my legs. i feel rather violated, mainly because i did not wear the skirt to get looks. i would never do that because to me it's not very flattering to have guys oogling after me as i walk by. it makes me feel cheap, more than anything. the little perverts...

my sis thinks i look pretty in a skirt, but i can't decide whether it makes me feel feminine or a like draqueen. i usually only wear skirts in special parties, such as weddings, and usually never in school. i feel much more comfortable in jeans. one of the reasons is probably because my style of walking is not very "girly". i usually walk rather fast and take long strides, and if i'm in a hurry, i almost takes leaps instead of steps. but with this skirt i'm forced to walk slower and take smaller steps. and you know why? because if i try to walk like i'd normally walk, the skirt starts rising and i have to keep pulling it down repeatedly. and that just looks down-right moronic. >.O

i <3 the shoes i'm wearing with the skirt, though. they're large black shoes with 2-inch thick soles and 4-inch high large heels. which makes them one of the reasons i have to change my walking style. they're very kick-ass, though. perfect for giving a swift kick on the shin for anyone who tries to get too close. that alone makes them a perfect match for this skirt. ^_~

all this complaining, and still i'd have to say that it's fun to wear a skirt for a change. i don't think this is going to turn into a habit, though, cause it restricts my movements so much (no indians-style sitting with this baby!). but once in a while it's nice to look and act a bit more feminine than i usually do.

on another note, this has me majorly pissed off. a finnish online movie store has the full visions of escaflowne-series, as well as at least a part of the gundam wing-series on dvd. a big 'yay!' at that, because it's virtually impossible to find either of those series on dvd (or on vhs, for that matter) here in finland. but what pisses me off is that you can't order them. it would seem that visions of escaflowne is region-1, so that means it can't be played on the PAL system, which we here in europe have (unfortunately), so that's probably why it can't be ordered. but as for gundam wing, i have no idea why it isn't for sale. it has no mention of it's regions or anything, either. it just seriously annoys me that they display them on their site, but then won't let you have it. it's like saying "lookit what we've got! not that we'll let you touch it because we're so 1337 and you're not!" sigh. i guess it's just impossible to have any of the good stuff here in finland. i'm still keeping my fingers crossed that we'll get the escaflowne: a girl on gaia movie here, as it's being released on dvd in the states now, but it's probably going to be all in vain.

oh yes, i indeed do <3 escaflowne. ^^

signs kicks major butt. i saw it with my sis on saturday. freaked the living daylights out of me. mel is such a cutie-pie. "i'm insane with anger!" lol! ^^ go read what my sis blogged about it, as she took the words right out of my mouth and i'm not going to repeat what she said.

a survey, via inanna's journal:

x first of all, your name: katri
x your nickname: kapa, katsku, kat
x what's your sign: taurus
x male or female: female
x when is your birthday: 25th of april, 1984
x where do you live: lahti, finland
x where were you born: lahti, finland
x colleges or schools you attended: senior high at joined school of lahti
x jobs you've had: none really
x favorite country: finland, japan
x favorite cities: helsinki
x favorite colors: black, red, green.
x boyfriend/girlfriend: nope.
x how many phones do you have: 1 mobile.
x how many tvs do you have: 1, but it's not really mine.
x best fragrance guy/girl wears: not that experienced, but something natural and foresty would be nice.
x what song is on now: none, i'm at school and no playing music here.
x last cd you listened to: waking up the neighbours, by bryan adams.
x last tv show you watched: supposedly "the making of sings", but it was really nothing but crap about the crop circles and not a thing about the movie.
x last thing you ate: juice at breakfast this morning.
x most recent purchase: my sister's b-day stuff (shh!).
x last movie you watched: signs.
x book you read/ are reading: lord of the rings by j.r.r. tolkien.
x are you talking to anyone: nope.
x who all is online: i dunno.
x how many phone lines do you have: ehh? none...?
x have you ever been kissed: yes
x any religious affiliation: nope.
x favorite kind of drink: lingonberry juice, lime cider.
x what size shoes do you wear: 41 european
x what's your favorite kind of shoe: personal, comfortable, easy-going.
x do you like thongs: umm...not really.
x a part of you that frequently aches: stomach, head.
x who was the last person to call you: can't remember. probably janica, a friend of mine.
x favorite girls names: vivi, neith, joa, raakel, ada.
x what about the boys: jan, reno, leevi, ryan.
x where do you go for good fast food: i don't.
x are you ticklish? if so where: somewhat on the sides.
x favorite computer game: do consoles count? if so: zoe, legacy of kain-series, tekken-series, final fantasy-series.
x things nearest to you: the computer, my mobile, my backbag.
x elements in your most recent recollected dream: can't remember a single dream.

whew, that's a long entry. o_O

6th september 2002

feeling:freaked out
listening to: nothing

yeah well, i think it's my right to scream and shout if i feel like it.

Which Soul Reaver Character are you?

hey, i said i don't believe in fate! what's brough this on? O_O

i'm supposed to go apply for a job after school today. it would be a part-time job at the local video rental shop. i was thrilled with the idea of getting a job when i though about applying, but now i'm not so sure anymore. i guess i'm just freaked about having to go to a sort of an interview as i'm dropping off my application. i still have two hours to decide whether i'm going to do this or not. i think i need to consult a friend. i sure as heck could use the money, though...

3rd september 2002

feeling: tired and headachy
listening to: nothing

must...resist...the urge...to...skip...school! X_X

2nd september 2002

feeling: sigh
listening to: bryan adams - here i am

you need to stop being so negative about everything, sis. :P