26th August 2004

feeling: sore
listening to: the news on TV

Figures. I frequent a puclic place for a few days and immediately catch a bug. Isn't this just really bloody typical of me...

So, I've been back to school for a week now (evening school doesn't have any lessons of Fridays, so I have tomorrow off). It's not so bad, although it definitely feels weird to be back to sitting in a class regularly. Currently I'm only taking English and Swedish, so my lessons are from 5pm to 7pm. So it's not so much that I'll never have any freetime left, but it's enough to keep me going. So all is well in that sense, though if I'm completely honest, I'm getting pretty sick of this upper secondary scene, since I've been doing it for so long. I wish I could already move on to something else, like university. But I guess I can only blame myself for slugging behind...

What bugs me about this evening school thing is that it prevents me from having any hobbies in the evenings. Once I really get going I might be in school from 4pm to 9pm, and that leaves little chance for taking part in any activities. I was thinking on picking up Kendo, but it would figure that the lessons would be on Wednesdays at 6pm. And THIS is right in the middle of my classes. I've only wanted to do Kendo since, oh let me see, FOREVER. All I have to say about that is ASDF. DX Thankfully I've found Yoga classes that are held on Fridays, so at least I'll get to do something productive.

Still haven't finished FFX. >_>;;

22nd August 2004

feeling: nervous
listening to: nothing

Eep. I'm going back to school tomorrow. Wish me luck. *fidgets*

16th August 2004

feeling: tired
listening to: Final Fantasy 9 - Passive Sorrow

I slept extremely poorly last night, and as a result my brains are not functioning properly now. I have an attention span of about 15 seconds. I am even having trouble forming coherent thoughts for this entry. So you'll excuse me if I suddenly start sounding terribly dimwitted, right?


So anyway. I did several hours of FFX yesterday, and I've finally gotten everyone's stats to 255 (with the exception of Luck, because, let'sface it, that's just painful). I finally went inside Sin and captured 10 of each monster there, which I've never bothered with before. I also decided to go with weapons other than the Celestial ones for the rest of the final bosses, because I hate how being able to hit for 99,999 makes them so insanely easy. One-hit Overkills make me feel cheap. Then again, Seymour was insanely easy despite my using weapons with no Break Damage Limit. I think he took one Blitz Ace plus two regular hits. Can we all say LAAAAME~?
So, yes, I captured 10 of every fiend inside Sin, and thus got to fight Neslug, Ultima Buster and Nemesis. Neslug wasn't really difficult, just a real pain in the rear with that stupid shell of his. And good grief, the ugliness! D: Ultima Buster was, to be completely honest, nothing to write home about. You'd expect a little more from an Arena Boss, but alas, he was really just average boss fight level. As for Nemesis, well, not only did he look like a Weapon, but actually behaved like one. More so anyway than Ultima and Omega Weapons did. I think I used around 30 or 40 Phoenix Downs in all, and I won't even mention all the Auto-Lifes I cast. Heck, I could barely even keep up with him with 255 Agility and Hastaga. The whole battle pretty much consisted of just dying and healing A LOT, with an errant chance to hit him here and there. Armageddon and Ultima Spark, how I hate thee.

But yes, I beat Nemesis and got the Mark Of Conquest in return, as well as 10 Master Spheres and two Warp Spheres. Now I can also buy Clear Spheres from the Arena keeper, but I'm not sure I will. I've pretty much filled up the whole Sphere Grid by now, with just a couple of empty nodes that I'm going to fill with HP Spheres once I feel like fighting against Ironclad again. Currently my HP is, depending on the character, between 30,000 and 40,000.

So all that remains now is to beat the final bosses. Meh. FFX's ending always makes me cry so damn much, I get anxious just from walking around the City of Dying Dreams.

On more-or-less related AWWWNESS-note:
If you talk to Auron in the Airship after entering Sin, he says, "I'd like to see Jecht one more time before he fades away". Now is that cute or what? :D

Aaannnnnd I think that's it.

14th August 2004

feeling: bored
listening to: 'Tekken 4' game sounds

I write kisses well, wtf?

Meh. Still stuck with my GxK smutfic. At this rate I'll never get it done and boy, does that bug the shit out of me or what. Screw you, perfectionism-induced writer's block.

Still nothing intelligent to say. I think I'll go and try to kick my smut-bunnies into motion.

12th August 2004

feeling: hungry
listening to: Anubis: Zone Of The Enders - Jehuty Returns



feeling: headachy
listening to: Zone Of The Enders - Neith [Risky]

Dude. If you spell ALOIVIA backwards, you get AI VIOLA. Revelation of the day!

You'll notice that my Tag-Board is gone. I removed it in favour of the guestbook, which I just customized to look a bit better (yay for VIP account!). So off you go, sign the guestbook! (And give feedback on my ZOE fic!) It loves company. ;]

I've been uke-fied! xD

No, I really don't have anything intelligent to say. Greed x Kimblee is turning my brains upside down.
Speaking of which, by the way. (Yes, Greed x Kimblee.) Anyone want to get us the registered version of MilkShape? It's really very cheap (25) and we would get it ourselves, but none of our cash cards are the kind that are supported by PayPal. And we (I?) need it desperately to be able to make Greed and Kimblee skins for The Sims. So, umm, please? We'll send you Finnish sausages in return. xD

MMMMM. KimbleeInThongs! ^3^

10th August 2004

feeling: amused
listening to: Secret Garden - Gates Of Dawn

"Fighting Th'uban is lots of fun, if your idea of fun is DYING QUICKLY AND REPEATEDLY."
from a Monster Arena FAQ at GameFAQS.

Oh. Well, it appears I am not having very much fun, because Th'uban is easy as pie. I've fought him twice and he didn't kill me even once. I think he managed to KO someone once, but other than that, I didn't even have to heal myself. His tail attack, which removes all positive status effects such as Haste and Protect, did 700 damange. Like...whoa. I remember the first time I did battle with him, and holy shit, was that infuriating or what. Now it was a walk in the park. And the same goes for Greater Sphere, who also gave me grey hairs to last a lifetime. Okay, so Hydraulic Press did KO all my characters (yay Auto-Life!), but his Ultima counter was downright pitiful. 800 damage? Right.

The wonder of 255 stats. :D


feeling: deserted by bunnies
listening to: Bryan Adams - Could Number Nine

And then this little piggy called Inspiration took off without notice and never came back. Well, screw you, Inspiration. I don't need you to be able to write. Just you watch!

So there.

6th August 2004

feeling: sleepy
listening to: nothing

What say you guys to these two? On my palms. Because, well, I'm a fanatic.
Most importantly, it is possible to have tattoos on your palms, right?

OPEN ROAD! *dies of Bryan Adams happiness*


feeling: accomplished
listening to: 'Kingdom Hearts' game sounds

I'm still feeling uninspired in regards to my Greed x Kimblee fic (don't give up on me, Kata, I WILL get it done! ;D), but a ZOE bunny bit me instead. This came out surprisingly painlessly, so it gives me hope that writing will go a bit more smoothly in the future.

Anyway, here it is:

Twin Souls.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I think I shall go read Golden Fool for a couple of hours, and then I'm off to bed.

2nd August 2004

feeling: uninspired
listening to: 'A.I. - Artificial Intelligence' on TV

How do I always managed to write myself in a corner? Moreover, how is it possible to write oneself in corner in a PWP?

Well, actually I'm not in a corner. I just don't know how to keep the flow smooth. I got stuck watching A.I., so I lost my concentration. Why am I so low on writing skills? Why can't I just have it pour out in a non-stopping flow like some people can? It's not fair, I tell you.

I want a laptop so I can write alone in my own privacy. I can't concentrate with all this stuff going around me. T^T


feeling: fine
listening to: Hamperberg - Ducktoy

So now I am officially done with my six-month long working period. Actually Saturday was the last day of my contract, but according to the shift list I should've been working the weekend, even if Sunday was no longer July. Obviously I didn't. I can't say I feel any overwhelming sadness now, since I already felt it all when I went on sickleave a week and a half ago. Actually I feel rather relaxed now, and I have a nagging feeling that I shouldn't. In any case, I'll be visiting the farmyard sometime in the near future, to collect my reference and some of my personal things I accidentally left behind the last time I went there, such as rubber boots and a coffee mug.

Mom was at Gran's all weekend, so Chiko-Chiko and I got to spend some quality time alone. No big-ass parties, though, just lots of Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X and loud music until the wee hours (Mom likes neither loud music nor staying up late). I even managed to write a page and a half of Greed x Kimblee (Kata bribed me into it ;D), which I, now that think about it, should finish. Only took me several bloody hours, too. What writing slump, where? _
And while we're on the subject of Final Fantasy X... I've gotten around 135 hours done. I have Break Damage Limit for all the characters (I'd say Ultimate Weapons but alas, I couldn't get Venus Sigil for Lulu and thus she's not using Onion Knight), as I finally got Wakka's Jupiter Sigil yesterday after several head-hurting matches of Blitzball. So no more worries over that (no more Blitzball, EVERRR~!). I've also gotten armours with Break HP Limit for all the characters and everyone has around 13 000 HP now, except for Auron, who has 29 000 HP (it's pretty darn easy to tell who is the character I never take off my team xP). Yesterday I started beating Species Creations at Monster Arena to collect spheres. So far I've bested Juggernaut, Tanket, One-Eye, Jumbo Flan and Hornet, and thus gotten Auron's Strength and Defense up to 255, Yuna's Magic Defense to 170 and Auron's Accuracy to around 160. Next I should tackle Fenrir, but ehh...I think I'll collect a few more Accuracy Spheres from Hornet first, because if memory serves me right, Fenrir is dowright impossible to hit without 255 Accuracy.

Also: new layout over at FreeHand, along with "Battle Practice".

Other than that, not much going on. Now if you'll excuse me I've got to sort out some things so I can get paid sometime this week and then I'm off to write some Greed x Kimblee smut so Kata can bribe me some more. ;D