31st August 2003

feeling: airheaded
listening to: Nightwish - Moondance

I shall try to be coherent about this, though it feels like my brains will go floating away any second now. X/

Pirates Of The Caribbean was AWESOME! The action was cool, the actors brilliant, the effects mind-blowing and the humor actually funny. I laughed a lot and stared a lot and drooled a lot. Captain Jack Sparrow = SEX ON LEGS! Wouldn't definitely mind getting a piece of him, no sir. :D~~ It should be deemed illegal to look that yummy. That, and the guy was mad hilarious. The way he moved and acted like he was constantly drunk was brilliant. And Johnny Depp's ability to make the weirdest facial expressions is something else totally. If that smile of his doesn't make you swoon, there's something definitely wrong with you.
I wasn't that keen on Elizabeth, but I guess she worked well the "tough chick" of the movie. She should've gone for Jack, though. What's wrong with you, girl!? O_O Will was...somewhat enh. He was too much a goody-twoshoes for my liking, I guess. Either that, or the fact that he didn't get it on with Jack. Tsk tsk tsk. X3
The dead crew of the Black Pearl was great! Disgusting, but great. I loved it how the moonlight showed them as they really were. The scene were Elizabeth sees them as rotting skeletons for the first time blew my mind away. Though I gotta say the greatest scene must've been the one where they march underwater to get to the Dauntless. That has to be one of the coolest scenes in the history of cool scenes! *_*
Oh, and mustn't forget the Black Pearl herself - she was utterly gorgeous. I still seem to have a thing for large sailing ships, and the fact that she's a ghost ship with tattered black sails and mist trailing after her is all just one huge plus. I felt a chill going up my spine when they put up the pirate flag. WOW. :DDD

Now I've a mind to go see it again. The sizzling hotness that is captain Jack Sparrow is just too much to digest with just one watching. ;P

29th August 2003

feeling: tired
listening to: Kingdom Hearts gamesounds

If someone wants to buy me books, I'm interested in reading The Tale Of The Otori-series by Lian Hearn. So far there are two books out, to my knowledge anyway: Across The Nightingale Floor and Grass For His Pillow.



feeling: enh
listening to: Heart Of Air - Ailes Grises

I've got a dentist's appointment today at 1pm. I should leave in an hour. What a drag... Must remember to brush my teeth before leaving. >.<

As Chiko-Chiko already metioned, we're going to see Pirates Of The Caribbean (or as Amberlee put it, Flaming Gay Pirate Jecht XD) tomorrow. w00tness. ^_^

KYAA! Gaara will fight Lee in ep48! W00T!! The preview looks awesome - did you see how Gaara's hair was all tousled? :DDDDDD *boingboingboingboingboing*
What? What's this obsession you speak of? >_>

27th August 2003

feeling: hungry
listening to: Final Fantasy 10 - Forever Love

Dude. It feels like I've been gone for ages. I have this weird feeling that I've been away from home for months, or at least weeks. I suppose that's because I was so bored and time seemed to pass so infernally slowly that my mind thinks I was in the hospital longer than I actually was.

Ninja is such a darling. She's been doing nothing but sleeping in my lap since I came home. She purrs and twitches in her sleep, occasionally waking up to gnaw or lick my fingers. If I put her down, she will start screaming and jump right up to my lap again. It's a mind-blowing thing to be suddenly all but a center of someone's small universe. :)))
I swear, she has grown while I was gone. She actually looks a little like a cat now. I wonder what mom and Chiko-Chiko have been feeding her... XP
Would you believe me if I said I feel bitter about not being here to give her her first vermicide?

Haha, people are so lame. You really think I'm going to be fooled into opening a single one those attachments? Man, if was that stupid, I would deserve to be infected with a virus! XF


feeling: calm
listening to: Celine Dion - It's All Coming Back To Me

feeling: calm
listening to: Celine Dion - It's All Coming Back To Me

Phew. Back from the hospital. I'm still sore from walking home with the heaviness that were my bags. :/ As for being at home, I'm happy. That hospital was BORING. There was absolutely nothing to do but sit in my room and read (finished Assassin's Quest in 5 days - the book has well over 1000 pages) or watch TV. And more often than not watching TV was more boring than just staying in my room, due to all the sports on. ¬_¬ At least the food was alright, though I feel I've gained 10 kilos with the frequeance of our meals. I'm not used to eating four times a day. And I'll be damned if I'll get up at 7:30am ever again when I'm supposed to be resting. X/

I guess the cats are happy to have me back. Ninja is obsessively sitting on my lap and worrying my hands. She's laying flat under the keyboard and swatting my wrists from there. Silly child. :D And Miiru is meowing her lungs out, for a reason I haven't been able to find out. I take it that she's happy to see me. o_O Tiuku has been too lazy to react very strongly, but she's sleeping next to me on the scanner, so I suppose she's not too sorry to see me back, either. XF

Uaa, 87 new e-mails...! ToT

21st August 2003

feeling: tired and cold
listening to: Final Fantasy 10 - To Zanarkand

I have only one thing to say to you, Orochimaru: HA! HA HA HA!! Okay, so that was four things. Same difference.

Right. I will go to the hospital tomorrow at 9:30am and stay there for an undefined amount of time. I will more than likely not blog during that time, as I'm pretty sure they don't have public computers in psychiatric wards. ¬_¬

Kweh, I got a flat tyre on my cycle today. I was coming home from the town with Chiko-Chiko on the rack of my cycle when suddenly the bike started to make a weird sound and felt awfully heavy. I hit the brakes to see what was wrong and we almost fell over. I can just imagine what we looked like... :/ And indeed, the back tyre was flat, and we had to walk the rest 2km home. Am now very VERY tired and super-hungry. Beats me how any of us is supposed to get anywhere now, as both my bike and mom's have flat tyres.


feeling: hungryyy~
listening to: John Mayer - Your Body Is A Wonderland

Nee hee hee, now I shall think some yaoi thoughts... :D~~

Oh wow. We should cycle to town today with Chiko-Chiko, and 03 is throwing a tantrum outside. If you get what I mean by that, give yourself a cookie. :)

And here I was, thinking I was mental. *glares at tag-board*


feeling: alright
listening to: Dance Dance Revolution - Butterfly

Ninja is being such an attention-seeker it's almost annoying. Almost. She's constantly clambering up my leg to sit on my lap as I'm typing, and will absolutely NOT stay away. No matter how many times I lift her back on the floor, she will just climb up again. And if she gets bored of sitting in my lap as I'm trying very hard to type around her, she will climb over the keyboard to sit in front of the monitor and swat the cursor, only to climb back in my lap in a little while - over the keyboard naturally. And if that's not entertaining enough for her, she willl mountain-climb on the printer and monitor, or sit on the mouse and bite my hand jealously when I try to do something with it. Heh, the joys of having a rascal kitten. :)

On other news, I have a new layout. More Sand Nin-ness, with Temari this time. I'm very much in love with this one and will probably stick with it for quite a while. My sis is such a wiz with PSP. :) Go Temari, you saucy ladeh! o^^o

Orochimaru is such an arse in the Naruto GBA game. I think I tried beating him like 30 times yesterday and just kept getting my butt handed to me. I think I only got him down to red like 6 times or so. I really hate that stupid combo of his, mostly because Oro seems to be unaware of things called recovery time or stun. Hello dude, ever played Tekken?! XF That, and I kept running straight into the maws of his stupid snake. And no, I still haven't beat him. ToT
But why in Lilith's name was Temari dressed in pink? PINK?! No wonder she was so pissy. The lady whipped me real good alright. Nasty Kamaitachi. :/
Kankuro's sprite looks pretty retarded, BTW. And Karasu looks like a hairy spider. That farts. Yeah.
Yes, I'm indeed having a blast with the game. XD

19th August 2003

feeling: XD XD
listening to: nothing

I'm having way too much fun with the Naruto GBA emu. Games like that should not be made. Shino looks friggin' horrid and Neji was just a bunch of pixels. XD But then again, so was I during that particular fight. Rock Lee and his gay, I mean Gai, sensei make me cry.
Anyway, I got up to Neji (stupid chakra bubble! >o<), but as the game flipped out and everything turned into retarded, overblown pixels, I decided to quit. My wrists hurt so much...! ToT
Can't wait to see Temari, and I'm very much hoping Gaa-chan is in there as well. ^-^


feeling: stil blaah
listening to: Final Fantasy 8 - Ultimecia's Castle

Gah. I need money so I can have a second tattoo. I was thinking on getting this, but first I need to get the money for it, as well as decide where I want it. Any suggestions?


feeling: blaah
listening to: Final Fantasy 10 - Suteki Da Ne (Piano)

Boo000ooored. I wish gotwoot would release the damn episode already. ToT

I wonder what's taking so long with my payment to HobbyLink Japan. It should've gotten there by now, but I have not gotten the e-mail confirmation they promised to send me once they receive my payment. Hmm. The money order was sent last Monday, so it has had plenty of time to get there. Bubbles.

In other news, my doctor faxed out the referral for me to get admitted to the psychiatric ward today, so it's only a matter of time now. She said it should happen before next Monday (which is when I have the next appointment with my shrink), and that I will be in the hospital for one to seven days, so if I suddenly stop blogging and just disappear, that's where I've gone.

Hungry now. Must eat.

17th August 2003

feeling: :D~~~
listening to: still Soul Reaver game sounds

At times like this I REALLY wish I was on my own domain, so I could post whatever I liked and not have to worry if my account will get deleted for it. :/
But I think I'll take a chance anyway. This is just too good not to share.

Ponderosa is a god(dess). ^_^


feeling: peaceful
listening to: Soul Reaver game sounds

Oh sleeping pills, how I love thee!

It's somewhat frightening to notice how jealous one can be of their mother meeting men other than dad even at this age.

15th August 2003

feeling: depressed
listening to: .hack//SIGN - Yasashii Yoake

Guess who will more than likely get admitted on the psychiatric ward at the beginning of next week? Yes, that's right - ME! My shrink is afraid for "my health" (everyone who has ever suffered from a grave case a depression will know what I mean by that) and doesn't think I will alright by myself, especially since I don't have any of my sleeping pills left. Can't say how I feel about that. But then again, I feel very little about anything these days. I want to be around to see Ninja grow up, and besides, I'm on a mission to make her like being held. So yeah, I suppose this is a good thing. Sigh.

My tag-board has gone mental. Figures.

13th August 2003

feeling: pensive
listening to: Silent Hill 3 - Piano

Spoilers of the end of Tawny Man I: Fool's Errand.

"But my mind rode with his, as it had so many times. We left the cave, thick with man-stink, and walked past the cat's new cairn. We smelled her death, and the musk of a fox who had come to the scent, but turned aside at the smell of the campfire's smoke. Swiftly we left the camp behind. Nighteyes chose the open hillside instead of the wooded vale. The sky overhead was blue and deep, and the last star fading in the sky. The night had been colder than I had realized. Frost tipped some of the grasses still, but as the rising sun touched it, it smoked briefly and was gone. The crisp edge of the air remained, each scent as sharp as a clean knife-edge. With a wolf's nose, I scented all and knew all. The world was ours. The turning time, I said to him.
Exactly. Time to change, Changer.
There were fat mice hastily harvesting seedheads in the tall grass, but we passed them by. At the top of the hill, we paused. We walked the spine of the hill, smelling the morning, tasting the lip of the day to come. There would be deer in the forested creek bottoms. They would be healthy and strong and fat, a challenge to any pack let alone a single wolf. He would need me at his side to hunt those. He would have to come back for them later. Nevertheless, he halted on top of the ridge. The morning wind riffled his fur and his ears were perked as he looked down to where we knew they must be.
Good hunting. I'm going now, my brother. He spoke with great determination.
Alone? You can't bring a buck down alone! I sighed with resignation. Wait, I'll get up and come with you.
Wait for you? Not likely! I've always had to run ahead of you and show you the way.
Swift as though, he slipped away from me, running down the hillside like a cloud's shadow when the wind blows. My connection to him frayed away as he went, scattering and floating like dandelion luff in the wind. Instead of small and secret, I felt our bond go wide and open, as if he had invited all the Witted creatures in the world to share our joining. All the web of life on the whole hillside suddenly swelled within my heart, linked and meshed and woven through with one another. It was too glorious to contain. I had to go with him; a morning this wonderous must be shared.
"Wait!" I cried, and in shouting the word, I woke myself. Nearby, the Fool sat up, his hair tousled. I blinked. My mouth was full of salve and wolf-hair, my fingers buried deep in his coat. I clutched him to me, and my grip sighed his last stilled breath out of his lungs. But Nighteyes was gone. Cold rain was cascading down past the mouth of the cave."

I love Robin Hobb's writing. Goodbye, Nighteyes. Oh how I adored you. ;;_;;

Yeah. Just felt like sharing that.

11th August 2003

feeling: argh
listening to: Dance Dance Revolution - Butterfly

What, you expect me to just sit by the phone all day, pressing re-dial every ten seconds? Riiiight. If they're busy all the time, that means there are a lot of people calling in - and if that's happening, what are my chances of getting chosen? Can we all say pointless?
Never mind, this is just me getting depressed and selling myself short.

Ninja is trying to catch the cursor and starts swatting the screen every time she sees me typing. Silly child. ^o^

9th July 2003

feeling: HOORAY!
listening to: Final Fantasy 7 - Cosmo Canyon


Situation normal, Miiru came home! *smooches Miiru to bits* Man, she ought to be spanked for giving me such a scare. I was prepeared to stay up all night waiting for her, and even food seemed like a waste of time. Thank Lilith she's home safe. *hugs Miiru*


feeling: stressed and sad
listening to: Naruto - Haruka Kanata

Miiru ran away today. :( :(
She was spending time on our backyard, wearing her harness with the other end attached to our fence. Seeing as she likes to spend hours upon hours outside not moving much, this is usually the way it gets done. Then we can all go inside and just peek at her from time to time to see that she's still there.
Well, that was the case today, but suddenly Chiko-Chiko noticed that she was gone. Her harness was still there attached to the pole, but somehow Miiru had managed to squirm her way out of them. And now she's nowhere to be found. I'm not panicking yet, but am definitely bordering on it. We are hoping she will make her own way home once she has had enough of the outdoors and gets hungry, but just in case, mom and Chiko-Chiko made a Lost-announcement of red paper and stuck it near the mailboxes outside, so that if anyone sees her, they'll either bring her home or let us know where she is. I'm pretty confident she hasn't wandered off anywhere far, so hopefully notifying our neighbours of her will be enough to get her found.

I hope we'll get her home soon. I don't know what I'll do if she disappears for good. ;;_;;

7th August 2003

feeling: hungry
listening to: Final Fantasy 10 - Endless Love, Endless Road

I watched the first ep of Wolf's Rain this morning. Cool stuff. Very cool. Now I'm desperate to find some more, but I can't find a BT site for the first eps, only the most recent ones, if even those. Help anyone?
Opinions on the show? Well, so far it's hard to say anything, other than me likes and wants to see more. I like the fact that the wolves can transform into people, but their shadows and footprints still remain as those of a wolf. The animation is really smooth and pretty, and especially the wolves are extremely well-done. Totally loving all the fight/bite/growl scenes. ^_^ the music is also pretty, but if I understood correctly it's at least partly done by Yoko Kanno, so it's no surprise.
Kiba is cute. ^_^ Though he looks SO much better in his wolf-form.

Anyhow. Got some pictures of Ninja scanned today. Here they are, if anyone's interested. She is an illegally cute little thing, wouldn't you agree? She's going to be a gamergirl when she grows up. ^_^

On another note, my youngest cousin Janni has been diagnosed with diabetes. We just heard of it last night, as her mom called us from the hospital Janni was taken. I hear she will have to stay there at least a week. Shocking.

5th August 2003

feeling: worn out
listening to: Vangelis - Conquest Of Paradise

Right. We're back from Animecon. We had tons of fun, though I suppose my expectation were a little too GameWorld-ish, as I expected to be less lecture-like. Basically the con consisted of panel talks, which at best were really awesome (Jonathan Clements 0wnz!) and at worst rather boring (*cough*creatingmanga*cough*). The usual length for a lecture was about one hour.

On Saturday we went to see lectures about general anime for beginners (because there was nothing else to do), yaoi & yuri, clothes in anime, technology in anime and digital anime. After that we went to see a cosplay performance competition, which basically was a contest for groups to perform a little show while dressed in the cosplays. Unfortunately there were only two groups participating, so it wasn't all that grand. The other was from Gravitation and the other I didn't recognize. And then it was time for karaoke! Chiko-Chiko and I actually sang, too. First Cruel Angels' Thesis from NGE and then Garasu No Yume from Haibane Renmei. We were thinking on singing the ending theme of Tonari No Totoro, but someone beat us to it. Poo. DX After the karaoke we went to see AMVs from a group called Arctic Tribe. They showed us three of their own making and three from people on amvORG. They were all awesome. I really want to see Grave Of The Fireflies now.

On Sunday we listened to lectures about anime on Finnish television, after which we attended the kitty ears workshop to make ourselves kitty ears. Mine turned out pretty good, though I wish they were a little larger, while Chiko-Chiko isn't all that happy with hers, as they resemble more mouse ears than cat ears. We missed a lecture on fanfiction because it took so long to make the kitty ears, but we still made it to another one, which was a panel discussion about the joys and sorrows of writing fanfics. It all sounded so familiar. XP After that it was time for the cosplay competition! There were 30+ people taking part and I'm ashamed to admit I didn't recognize most of the characters. Naturally we also took part in the contest. We didn't have to do much: just walk to the front of the room, perform a gesture typical to the character and walk around the room once so everyone could see the costume properly. Then we were ushered out of the room while the votes were counted, so we went to see a panel discussion about creating manga, which was really rather boring. After that finally ended it was time for the award ceremony. They only had prize for the winner, which was an illegally cute Totoro plushie, but they also announced the costumes that came 2nd, 3rd and 4th. The 4th place went to an awesome Sephiroth cosplay, a pretty Yuna cosplay came 3rd and on the 2nd place was a guy from Mononoke Hime that I didn't recognize. As for the winner... it was number 6 = Gaara = ME! I was so ecstatic! My heart hammered in my chest and I could barely hear the applause or what was being said. I was so thrilled! I wanted to throw cartwheel around the room and didn't quite know how to react except bow and bow and bow and thank people again and again. Chiko-Chiko soon joined me on the stage and we hugged and danced and squealed like idiots. It was so awesome! I never thought I'd win - I was so sure everyone would vote for the Sephy costume! But the insane people voted for me! w00t! *über-genki* I still get all giddy while thinking about it. ^________^ So now I have a super-cute Totoro plushie. Go me! It feels really great to have people recognize all the hard work that went into making the cosplays like this. So yes, we are both very very happy about this. I'll see if I can scan the plushie, since I don't happen to have a photo of it.

Speaking of photos...
Our own photos haven't been developed yet, but I have got my hands on some photos that other people (that we didn't know o_O) took of us. So here they are: photos from Animecon II.
And just for general look into Finncon X, go look here. They are mostly from the Finncon-side of the con area, but there are some photos from the Animecone-side, as well. And for non-Finnish-speaking audience, Lauantai = Saturday and Sunnuntai = Sunday. Enjoy!