29th august 2002

feeling: a bit more ill - and hungry ><
listening to: sr2 gaming sounds. still.

whee, a new layout! i have a feeling i'm going to stick with this one for a loooong time. is jehuty the sexiest thing on earth (well, jupiter technically) or what?! ^^

i think i'm coming down with a cold. last night i woke up several times either to not being able to breathe or to my own coughing, and in the morning my throat was really sore. i went to school today anyway because it was nothing worse. heck, it could've just been the hair our cats leave laying about when the sleep on my pillow. anyhoo, with the help of the medicine i took in the morning i managed to survive school today, although i did start feeling a little fever-ish during my chem class. now, it could be simply because i haven't had anything to eat in four hours (yes, that's a long time for me), but after coming home i've gotten a nasty headache and that fever-ish feeling is back again. i hope i'm not coming down with a nasty flu. i really couldn't afford not going to school at the moment. besides, i hate being sick, especially if it involves fever. ~_~

*pats van-sama* ^^


feeling: a bit ill
listening to: sr2 gaming sounds

Paranoid: Very High
Schizoid: High
Schizotypal: Very High
Antisocial: High
Borderline: Very High
Histrionic: Low
Narcissistic: High
Avoidant: High
Dependent: Low
Obsessive-Compulsive: High

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d00d! and i answered all of the questions honestly. i never knew i was that screwed up! XD

20th august 2002

feeling: sleeeepy
listening to: my stomach growl

i wish i could draw like my sis. well, not exactly like my sis, but as well her. at times i'm just dying to draw something weird and totally screwed up on my school notes and other random papers, but it never turns out as nothing but a formless...blot on the paper. i'm simply hopeless when it comes to drawing. i haven't drawn anything intelligent on my spare time since i was like 10 or something, so you can guess how lousy i am at it. my sis is constantly telling me to just draw 'cause that's the way you learn (obviously), but i think you can figure the motivation i have for drawing, when i can't even shape out the most simple things. sigh. and besides, i never thought drawing was a thing you can just take up and learn. i've always though it's something you simply either can or can't do - and i can't. i guess i should just go through some tutorials on how to draw the basic stuff, such as heads and hands and hair, and start out with the simple stuff. yeah...

i wanna go home. i'm on a double-freeperiod at the moment, and after this i still have two lessons - chemistry and swedish. and neither one of them feels very appealing to me at the moment. i was actually thinking of skipping them and just going home. i'm bad.

oh, by the way. i got my physics exams (the one i did in the re- writes last week) back yesterday, and i actually managed to get a better grade in it! whee! whereas i last time got a 5, which is almost as as good as failed, this time i got a 7 (i think that's something like a... C-, maybe?). yes, i'm well aware that it still isn't an awe-strikingly brilliant grade, but you have to realize that being in that class was like i had been listening to the teacher talk in greek. and no, i don't know a word of greek, if that's what you're thinking. so while it isn't the best possible grade i could've gotten, i most certainly am satisfied with it - even if the teacher still isn't.

the most amusing thing happened yesterday. just a few hours before i got home from school, i blogged about our old nes and about we still haven't been able to beat little samson on 'normal mode'. well, funnily enough, when i go home, riikka has downloaded the game onto our comp on an emulator and was goofing around with it. of course i had to give it a go, but as playing the game without a controller on the computer was surpringly difficult, i decided to play it on the nes instead. and being the masochist that i am, i go and pick the 'normal mode', thinking i'll nail two birds with one stone (horrible expression, btw): playing the game again after a long while AND actually beating that bitch ta-keed and completing the game on 'normal mode'. yeah right. it's not 'normal mode', it's 'insanely difficult mode', if you get my meaning. and seeing as you can only get about half the size of the lifebar you can get in the 'easy mode', i was constantly getting my ass handed to me (die, eyeballs, DIE!! ><). oddly enough, i somehow manage to get myself to the final castle and to the final boss. after trying several times (that guy just won't get any easier, no matter how much older you get! XP), i by some miracle actually beat him! whoo, ph34r moi! ^o^ the ending wasn't very rewarding, as it very often isn't in the old nes-games, but the feeling of beating the game for real after all these years was more than enough to make up for that. and i did get a cute group pic of the characters in the very end. ^^
kikira is my hero. ^o^

19th august 2002

feeling: tired, but strangly happy
listening to: nothing

ungh. it's such a beautiful day outside, and i'm forced to sit inside all day. i wish i were like my sis and had nothing better to do than be lazy at home. then all i would do today was sit in our backyard and suck in as much sunlight as humanly possible. sunbathing on the schoolyard is hardly as satisfying. XP

it's amazing and amusing how damn tiny the new freshmans are! i refuse to believe that i was ever that tiny or looked that naive! :P

so, as my sis already mentioned in her blog, we dug out our old nes on the weekend and goofed around with it. i had forgotten how much fun playing those old games you grew up with was, or how mad cool the old 8-bit games actually were! i dare say that they were cooler than the psx- and ps2-games of today, at least on some level. god i adored some of those games...
little samson was one of my best-loved games. and it was challenging, also, and not just pretty graphics-wise. we still haven't beat it on normal mode, which is what you must do if you really want to finish the game and beat the bad guy. i think we should try that sometime soon, before we wrap the nes up again.
another game that was definitely one of my faves was wizards & warriors 3: kuros ...visions of power. i think that was the closest thing i ever had to an rpg before i picked up ff8 years and years later. it was so cool, i remember loving that game to pieces, and it wasn't even mine. i borrowed it from a friend, and also finished it in a few tries, whereas my friend couldn't. i used to do that a lot people didn't like borrowing games to me, because i would always return the finished, and they had to ask me how i did it, because they couldn't beat the game. XD
anyway, about the game...i wasn't the only one who loved it. my whole family loved it. every time i sat down to play it, mom and riikka would gather around me and we would try to figure out things together. and there was a lot to figure out! there were no faqs back then, you had to figure out everything for yourself.
so i picked it up yesterday and played through it. took me about three hours. i remember it taking longer when i was younger. especially the entrance test for the 3rd wizards' guild used to give me grey hairs and nasty headaches, because it was so damn hard. i could try it for hours on end and still not get it. it was a rare feat for me to actually get the third, levitating wizard. well, oddly enough, as i played yesterday, i beat the entrance test on my third try. my hands were still sweating like mad the whole time, which didn't make things any easier, trust me. all in all, the game was a lot easier to beat now that it used to be. probably because i knew where i had to go and what to do in order to get this thief or that wizard. the ending still makes no sense, though... oO

13th august 2002

feeling: exhausted
listening to: vision of escaflowne - no need to promise

i think it's safe to say that today was the most tiring day i've had in ages. i had to go to school twice today. first at 9am for the normal stuff and church (ew ew! ><), and then again at 5pm for the re-writes. which were pure hell, by the way. i swear, i'm not taking part in one single re-write again, as long as i live. the experience was simply exhausting, even though i think i actually did better this time around and if i'm lucky, really get a better grade for the physics course.
anyways, the re-writes lasted from 5pm to 7:30pm or 6:30pm, depending how long the original exam was. of course, being the unlucky person that i am, i had to sit there for the aprox three hours. and even though i'd like to think i answered all the questions as thoroughly as i could with my jammed brains, i was done 1 hours early. but since the teachers are such damn nitpickers about these things in our school, they wouldn't let me out until 7:30pm on the dot. so i just sat there doodling over my papers and hoping i could shoot daggers from my eyes at the teacher. fun. not.

lol! hard-working student, my butt. XD

11th august 2002

feeling: annoyed
listening to: tekken 2 - yoshimitsu arranged

i can't believe that i'll have to be in school the day after tomorrow. it feels like it was only yesterday that summer holiday began and i had two and half months of spare time in my hands... i've said this before, but i wish i didn't have to go to school. i'm not in the mood at all.

i just remembered how much i adore idolo. i just more or less watched the movie while taking some screencaps and it still amazes me how brilliantly ass-kicking it is. i couldn't bear watching the ending of the movie though, it's simply way too sad for me to watch idolo get hurt. i would just cry my eyes out if i saw it. i stopped watching at the point where idolo curls up into a ball, following radam's movements as he's cradlling dolores in his arms when she's dying, and i still got tears in my eyes. idolo was such a pretty angel. radam doesn't deserve him. ;_;

sometimes i just hate living in finland. ><

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9th august 2002

feeling: hungry
listening to: bryan adams - here i am

whee, my hair looks decent now. well, actually it's better than 'decent', i absolutely adore it once again. the lady who cut my hair was nice and sure knew what she was doing. my hair looks great now. *is happy*
what's funny is that hairdressers never cease to marvel at how thick and healthy my hair is. every damn hairdresser that i've seen so far has always been amazed by how much hair i have. the amusing thing is that that exactly is the problem with my hair, at least as far as i see it. it grows insanely fast and is bushy rather than beautifully thick in my own opinion. and on top of that, my hair is extremely stubborn and difficult to manage if it's even a little bit too long for the hairdo i'm trying to do. so if anyone is in the need of some extra hair, i'll be glad to send some your way. i have more than i need anyways. >O

i want my own car. well first i would have to get a driver's licence, but that's beside the point. i want my own car so that i wouldn't have to use the public transport anymore. i hate busses and travelling in them, mostly because there are other people in there as well, and not only me. today when i came home from the hairdresser, a kid spilled his candy all over the floor of the buss, and it went rattling down the steps and the aisle. i couldn't decide whether i was amused or annoyed. what i couldn't believe was that when the kid and his mom got off the buss, his mom actually stooped down to actually pick up his candy. i'm used to picking up food from the floor at home and still eating it, nevermind the dirt or cat hair on it, but even i wouldn't eat candy that has been rolling up and down the aisle of a buss. i mean ew, think about how many people daily walk that aisle with their dirty shoes, oozing with waltz-only- knows what kinds of bacteria. gross, i say.

i'm starting to think that the stupidest and ickiest thing that a human body can do is sweating. i know it's more effective than say, for example panting like dogs do, but i still can't stand sweating, as i'm sure no one else can either. and in my opinion it doesn't even help the body to cool down, it just makes it extremely uncomfortable. of course it would be amusing as heck to see a buss full of people panting away like a bunch of idiots, but at least it wouldn't ruin your damn clothes... >O


feeling: happy
listening to: soul reaver - ozar midrashim

i'm finally getting a haircut today. i've been neglacting my hair for the past few months, and with my hair length, it's really starting to show. i like my hair a tad messy and without a distinct style, but this is a little too out of style even for my liking. sure it's easier to manage when it's a little longer and doesn't need so much work in the mornings, but i'm getting a little sick of looking like i've never even heard of scissors before. XP

god i hate our speakers. the right one is especially bitchy. the sound wavers and sometimes vanishes all-together, so that only the left speaker is emitting any sound. and i think you can figure how retarded that sounds... not that i wouldn't enjoy going violent on our speakers every now and again, but having to beat the right speaker every two minutes is getting really old.

just look at that! do you have any idea what it is?! i'll tell you what it is - it's witchking ringwraith's sword. and anyone who knows me, knows that i'm obsessed with all things ringwraith, and that naturally i'm dying to get this item. my only problem (and a huge one at that) is that the sword costs 545 euros. imagine that - 545 euros for a sword! now where on gaia am i gonna come up with that kind of money?! arrrrgh! ><
being a poor fangirl sucks. ;_;

7th august 2002

feeling: dead
listening to: final fantasy 2 - mystic mysidia

ungg, my feet are absolutely killing me. i'm such a pathetic bum. mom brought me home from the town today on the rack of her bicycle and i think it was the most painful and tedious thing that has happened to me in a long time. and i did nothing but sat on the rack the whole time, excluding a few uphills that i had to walk, and i'm still as tired as if i had been driving the bike myself. i swear, i'm getting too old and too tall for that kind of stuff. ><

d00d, i'm dying to watch escaflowne again. alongside 2167 idolo and zoe, that stuff has to be the coolest thing there is! i'm just dying to see the movie on dvd! *bounce*

i saw the new lotr dvd when i was out at the town today, and i was literally drooling a puddle right on the dvd stand. i decided a long time ago that i would wait 'til november to get the special edition dvd with 30mins of cut-off materials, but now i'm not so sure i can wait that long to get it. >O

...must...see...ringwraiths... :O

5th august 2002

feeling: w00t!
listening to: final fantasy kaoss oc remix

ph33r da yojimba! ain't he just the cutest thing ever? *huggles yojimba-san* ^^;; so just in case you're really dense or just slow, i have a new layout up. and a cool one at that. thanks for the help (cough), sis. :D

ungh. i really think there should be a law against dentist appointments before noon. i had to get up at 7am this morning to go to a dentist for my appointment at 8:30am. i mean seriously, what kind of a time is that to go get your teeth checked? i didn't even think dentist go to work that early. what if they're still so sleepy that they have no idea what they're doing and poke my gums out or something vile like that. speeking of which, my gums actually do hurt. that's what so weird about dentists. somehow they manage to make your gums and/or teeth sore, even if they do nothing but look into your mouth. oO'

oh yeah. my mugetsu fic is up at eclipse, so go take a look if you're into long-ish and boring fics by people who can't write to save their lives. ;P

i need food.

3rd august 2002

feeling: okay
listening to: the bouncer game sounds

i want a new layout. i know i've only had this one for only about ten days, but i'm already sorta bored with it. it's cool with its freaky ringwraithness, but i'm in need of a change.

w00t. i finally got my mugetsu fic done and completed. i had fun writing it, but i'm not a big fan of the outcome itself. my sis seems to like it alot, so i guess it's all good. i've never thought much of my own writing abilities, so i always just asume that everyone hates my stuff, even if they don't. but the feeling of getting something you've been working on for a long time finally done is one heck of a good feeling. ^^
the funny thing is, now that i've completed the mugetsu fic, i'm left with this...void. that fic has been my project for almost six months, and while i'm really proud of actually finishing it, i'm feeling a sense of loss over it. weird, i know. i think that i'll start writing another fan fic as soon as i can come up with a decent subject. riikka is harassing me about writing yet another mugetsu fic, but i dunno... i think i'm out of creative (pfft) ideas when it comes to muge-chan, at least for the time being. i'm tempted to write about the black waltzes (ff9), but if i'll actually write about them will remain to be seen.

i bought ninja scroll yesterday. i was faced with the choice of buying either it, or bryan adams' newest single, and i ended up buying ninja scroll. the choice wasn't an incredibly tough one, either. i figured i could get that single anytime i wanted, since it's so new. ninja scroll, on the other hand is older and i'm guessing also more popular. i've only seen one copy of it around where i live, and it's always in the same store. i've been tempted to buy many times before, but always lacked to funds to actually get it. i wasn't feeling particularly rich this time either, but i just realized that if i'm ever actually going to get, i have to buy it myself and do it now, before i spend all my precious cash on something else. so i bought it.
anyways, i liked it. it had cool action sequences and much blood (whee! ^^), and i found myself chuckling every so often at how jubei reminded me so much of dryden. i was just waiting at him to blurt out some hilarious comment oozing with male self-importance and then laugh like dryden does. XD
the demons of kimon were kewl. especially the blind guy. damn, i wanted to see more of them, but their screentime was next to none. i was left thinking 'uhh...aren't you guys supposed to be demons or something...?' i was really disappointed in how they were so easy to whack apart. demons, my ass.
all in all, it was a good movie, albeit the character design disturbed me a bit. the all looked so...weird and angular. and good god, was i the only one totally grossed out by that stone-skin guy? i mean, EW! >.<