31st July 2004

feeling: amused off my ass
listening to: Heavy Dance - Final Countdown

Because thing like this are way too amusing at this time of the night:

Magic Carpet Does Ducktoy.

Recorded by me from Chiko-Chiko's Kingdom Hearts game. Look at Carpet and tell me he's not actually doing da boogie.

Thought so. xD


feeling: tired
listening to: Once Upon A Time In Mexico - Siente Mi Amor

We just got a major thunderstorm from out of nowehere. It's raining bucketloads. I should probably turn off the computer, just in case.

To make commenting a bit easier, I decided to get a real guestbook. The link is sitting there on the left with the link to my archieves, under "Current". Go say hello.
I am not sure what to do about the tagboard, but for now I guess it'll stick. Will see to it in the future.

That is all.

25th July 2004

feeling: bored
listening to: 'Kingdom Hearts' game sounds

Cleaned out a ton of photos from my KazagurumaNET files. So if you're looking at some older entries and the photos aren't working, it's because they have been removed. I should clean out some LJ-icons as well, but I can't choose which ones, since a lot of them have been posted in communities and such.

So, umm, yeah. Just so you know.


feeling: blah
listening to: 'Kingdom Hearts' game sounds

Wow, am seriously bored. It's hot as hell inside the house despite the fact that it's raining outside (well, it was earlier and it's still pretty cloudy). There must be something wrong with the general ventilation system of the place.

I'm still getting used to having nothing to do. Not having anywhere to be at eight o'clock in the morning is baffling after six months of work. I feel weird just lazing about the house and find myself sort of missing work.

At least I now have time to invest in FFX, even if it's not quite the same. I've done in about 96 hours and have gotten the ultimate weapons for everyone except Lulu and Wakka. Am still missing the Sigils for those two, though I'm probably not even going to get Lulu's Venus Sigil since I'm so hopeless at dodging lightnings. I managed to dodge 20 yesterday a couple of times, but then got fed up and went to do something else. I've managed 70 or 80 a few times in the past, but I've never gotten even close to 200. I don't have enough patience for that, I start to get un-focused after 50 or so. Especially if I have to wait long between strikes. So I've gotten Lulu's ultimate weapon some other way, usually by customizing it myself.
As for Wakka's Sigil, well, at least it's manageable, even if I'm not too thrilled about having to play that much Blitzball. Actually I think it's rather boring and would rather not do it, but what can you do. :/
I've also captured 10 of each monster in every area except for Inside Sin. And it only took me two hours to find 10 Tonberries in The Cavern Of The Stolen Fayth. :D
Kottos makes me laugh because he sucks arse.

I should be reading Reindeer People so I can get around finishing Ship Of Destiny. My copy of Fool's Fate should be getting here some time soon and I don't think I can hold off reading it for very long, and yet I want to have Ship Of Destiny done before that so I don't accidentally spoil myself. It already happened with Golden Fool, and I don't want it to happen again.

What else...? I guess that's it.

22nd July 2004

feeling: disgusted
listening to: Tekken Tag Tournament - Yoshimitsu's Stage


I can't quite think of anything else to say about the situation.


I went to see a doctor this morning, as was told by my shrink. Long story short, I am going on sickleave for the rest of the month. Read: I will not be going back to work anymore. I am simply too tired, and not just physically.

I am having difficulty arranging my thoughts. I feel awful. I loved working at the farmyard and not being able to is making me physically ill. I hate being such a sad loser all the time. I feel like I'm never going to get out of this hole and be a better person. Everyone must hate me. Heaven knows I do.

19th July 2004

feeling: anxious
listening to: 'Final Fantasy 9' game sounds

I have to go back to work tomorrow. Ungh. I'm not very happy about that, actually. I just spent my first weekend working alone at the cafeteria, which meant that I had to stand behind the counter for nine hours. And let me tell you, it's not easy, nor is it very much fun. I have no trouble working a regular shift, which is five hours, but nine...now that is utter torture. I wish I could say I'm happy that I never have to do it again, but alas, I'm working on the last weekend of July and am probably doing the cafeteria shift. Oh joy. I'm having coffee pouring out of my ears already and no, it's not a good thing.
I need more time off. T^T

What else...? Oh yeah. FMA 39. Kimblee is such sex on legs it should be illegal. I mean, hello! Just look at that uniform and the way he has left it unbuttoned from the top. Nosebleed much? I seriously want to eat that man whole. Though I guess that would make Greed kind of jealous. ;D
And Martel, you are NOT going to kill him! D:

Also, I watched three episodes of Samurai 7 this morning. 'tis okay, though I don't know how much I can judge based on just three episodes. I'm not very fond of any of the characters, though the huge mechanical samurai (I'm so bad with names... T^T) is neat-o. He makes me laugh and sort of reminds me of Barry. :)

I want my FMA ep 40! Young Kimbleeee~! +_+

15th July 2004

feeling: barfy
listening to: 'Final Fantasy 9' game sounds

God I'm exhausted. The computer is acting up and I'm this close to throwing things. Thank heavens I've got no work tomorrow.

I know a report on Acon is long overdue, but I'm too tired right now. Later, okay? In the mean time, photos here.
EDIT: Photos taken down due to running out of bandwidth. Apparently some people don't know it's not cool to hotlink.

7th July 2004

feeling: fangirly
listening to: nothing

As promised, Zone Of The Enders: The 2nd Runner soundtrack scanned and photographed:

CD case opened, with CD.
CD case opened, without CD.
Inside of the leaflet.
Outside of the leaflet.


feeling: good
listening to: Jean Sibelius - Finlandia

Today's "A Thing That Made Me Laugh":
Problems are pesky things.

I've gone for two nights without Remeron and feel great. I have taken a regular sleeping pill before going to bed and my pervious dosage of Efexor in the morning, and all the bad stufff that I complained about few days ago have completely vanished. No dizziness, no blurring of vision, nothing. I can even sleep fine, and still have none of the constant sense of sleepiness I had with Remeron. Boy am I glad that I made the decision of going back to Efexor. Good riddance, I say.

I got the soundtrack for ZOE 2 yesterday, the one I won in an auction. Haven't listened to it yet, but I'm planning on doing so soon. The tracklist is exactly the same as with the one I already had (unless the European version has a ghost track I don't know about) so nothing new there, but the little leaflet thing inside is the mother of all things gorgeous. It's got the lyrics to Beyond The Bounds, in addition to some of the most awesome ZOE-art I've yet to see. I will post pictures as soon as I have the whole thing scanned and photographed. At this point suffice to say that I am in love. :3

5th July 2004

feeling: alright
listening to: Anubis: Zone Of The Enders - Jehuty Returns

Holy hell his song makes me cry. ;_;

As promised, a photo of me in my almost-finished Temari cosplay.

Sleep now. Without Remeron. Ha.


feeling: woozy
listening to: Zone Of The Enders - Anubis [Impossible]


I've ranted about this a thousand times already, but I guess it just goes to prove how I absolutely LOATHE my new medication. Everyone with possible problems with depression: don't, for Anubis' sake, go on Remeron, EVER. That drug is the worst ever. I'm thinking on just quitting taking it and going back on Efexor, even if it means wasting almost a months dose of Remeron. And I'm stingy when it comes to money. The side-effects are that bad and the worst by far is the constant sense of vertigo. Add to that trembling of hands, blurring of vision, dry mouth, irritation, nausea and fatigue, and you've got what I'm currently going through. If I ever turn my head even slightly faster than I normally would there's a stabbing, high-pitched sound in my ears and I get really dizzy. Not pleasant, you say? Indeed. I'm supposed to be on these at least until my appointment with a doctor on the 22nd, but hell if I can suffer through all of this 'til then. Or then these side-effects better clear off pretty damn soon. I will see how things go for a couple of more days, but if this isn't gone before Thursday, I'm making the switch. I refuse to feel like this in AnimeCon!

Huhuhu, Jecht x Auron is like the best ever. Squee! :3

You'll get a photo of my more-or-less finished Temari cosplay as soon as I get new batteries for the camera. Some one get me HP's 8886 camera dock. T^T

1st July 2004

feeling: silly
listening to: Chiko-Chiko trying to steal Demon's Mail from Tantarian

I got it, I got it! Am now a proud owner of 2 ZOE 2 soundtracks. How do you like them fangirly apples, eh? :D

There's a thunderstorm going on and I should turn off the computer. Right in the middle of my The Sims game, too. x_x

I want a haircut! Why can't Temari's hair be like Gaara's?


feeling: headachy
listening to: Tekken Tag Tournament - Yoshimitsu's Stage

Mwah. It's July already. 10 days til AnimeCon! :D My Temari cosplay is almost finished, all that needs to be done are the fishnets and the cloth around her waist. And her fan, of course, but I have no idea how we're going to do it. >_>;;

I'm bidding on the Zone Of The Enders: 2nd Runner soundtrack on a Finnish auction site. Hee hee hee. No one can have it, only me, only me! And before you can ask, yes, I already have (what I think is) the Japanese version of the soundtrack (it says Anubis: Zone Of The Enders on the cover and it's only called that in Japan, AFAIK), and yes, I'm still bidding on the European version. Why? Because I'm a fangirl and must have everything even slightly ZOE-related to myself. Besides, the cover is different from the one that I have. It's B&W. ;P

FFX, huhuhu. I got til Macalania Temple last night. I'm lagging behind, I know. I should be further along, I know. But I stopped to do some butterfly catching and also to stock up on Artic Winds from Ice Flans so I could get Iceproof for everybody. Also, I fucked up the Cloister Of Trials in Macalania Temple while getting the Destruction Sphere and accidentally transformed one of the Macalania Spheres into a Destruction Sphere instead of the Glyph Sphere I was supposed to use. Of course with not enough Macalania Spheres I couldn't complete the puzzle and had to reset the game. Go me. T^T
Shiva is so pretty. She look her absolute best in FFX. :)

Also, a note to everyone who might care: I've gotten a new e-mail address. You might've already gotten an e-mail about this, or you might've not. I can't keep track anymore. So just to be on the safe side of things, here it is again: kamaitachi[at]kazaguruma[dot]net.

Yeah. I think that's all for now. I need food.