30th May 2004

feeling: sore
listening to: Silent Hill 4 - Room Of Angel

Congratulations to Minna and my cousin Elina on graduating from upper secondary school. Good job, you guys. You did what I could not.

A bunch of people from work (including myself) went horseback riding on Friday. I've never had any giant obsessions with horses, so I've ridden one only a handful of times, though I have been on a couple of actual lessons. So I basically know what I'm doing, though not very well. Anyway. So we went riding and I got this huge, pitch-black horse called Bismark, though he immediately got called Myblack in my head (people reading Robin Hobb will get this). He was GORGEOUS and I absolutely fell in love with him. Were I ever to own a horse, it would be exactly like him. :D
As for the action itself, it was fun, more so in fact than I expected it would be. We praticed both gait and trot, both of which I pretty much knew how to do from before. We went around a sandy field and I was really having the time of my life. Bismark was a surprising horse, though, as I expected him to be rowdy and wild with the way he looked like, but in reality he was very calm and I actually had to use a crop to get him to trot - something I felt very bad about. Then, at the end of the lesson, came the best part. The teacher asked me - and only me! - if I wanted to try galloping (with Bismark, obviously, not on my own _). Of course I did, though I had no idea how it was done and felt a bit nervous about it. So, galloping it is. The teacher tells me how it's done and I do my best to follow her instructions - and off he goes! It was great! We didn't do it for long because I was obviously too new at it, but the little spurts we did felt amazing. Plus the teacher praised me for doing it so well. It made me really feel good.
On the downside, I've been dreadfully sore all weekend. Especially my inner thighs are hurting like mad. Trying to cross my legs at the knee is pure agony, and I have absolutely no idea how to stretch those particular muscles. It feels I'm walking as if I had soiled my pants. x_x

Greed x Kimblee, HUHUHUHUHUHUH! :D Where the hell is episode 33?

Sleep now.

25th May 2004

feeling: lethargic
listening to: nothing

Did I ever mention that I got a summerjob? Well, I did. I'll keep working at the farmyard at least for the month of June, or longer if I still feel like it come July. I will run my contract by the employment agency before going to work today, so hopefully it will be valid by the end of the month. Now I won't have to abandon my tomato seedlings. Yay! :D
Speaking of work, I'm not due in until 1pm today, and while it means I get to sleep longer in the morning, it also means that I won't get off until 6:30pm. Ugh.

My appointment with the new shrink has been moved to Thursday. Good grief, I'm nervous.
And on a related note, I still not sure what to do about school. I've been thinking about taking evening classes come fall, but...I'm not sure. Truth be told, I'm afraid of even thinking about it, since I'm not sure I'll be able to pull if off. On the other hand seeing my friends graduate from upper secondary and not being a part of it myself has me running up the walls. Honestly, I don't know what to do. I'm so lame.

Oh, oh no, poor Gaa-chan. Kimimaro better not hurt him. >:|

Someone needs to supply me with loads of Greed x Kimblee. Art or fic, I don't care, as long as it's smutty! :D

18th May 2004

feeling: artsy-fartsy
listening to: Final Fantasy 8 - Rain In Chicago OC ReMix

Uaah. I can't believe I have to go back to work tomorrow. I need more days off, two is way too few for my tastes. T_T

I had an appointment with my shrink at 8am this morning. Had to get up illegally early for that... D: Anyway, it was my last session with her since I'm being transferred to the psychiatric outpatient clinic (wth...?), which also means I'm getting a new shrink. Apparently Leena (my old shrink) doesn't think meeting once a month is enough for my needs, so I'll be meeting more often with the new shrink. My first appointment is on the 25th. All in all I have no major gripes over the whole thing, although I'm not very thrilled about the idea of having to talk to someone new. I have been seeing Leena for a year now and I've told her a lot of things. She knows more about me than what simply shows in my patient records. The new shrink will know nothing about me. I'll have to go through all the things again, and it will take a LONG time for me to feel completely comfortable around her. Like I said, I've been seeing Leena for a year and have just started to feel at ease when talking to her. Oh well. I guess I'll get used to this eventually. I'll sort of have to. Until then, though, I'll settle with feeling strange. :/

I've been making LJ icons all day. It feels like my brain is melting and oozing out through my toes. T_T

Oh yeah, I was also supposed to mention FMA ep 32. Al is so gorgeous! ^^ And Winry should just die. It's easy for her to scream "Stop fighting!" when she herself has nothing at stake in any of it. Stupid air-headed female. Also, Kimbly is hot. You know, Crimson Alchemist. I think it's the fact the he looks so much like yougn Auron, but heck if I care. His red suit is very scrumptious indeed. :D And I just found this out, but his seiyuu is Yuji Ueda, the guy who does Mugetsu's voice in the Japanese version of The Bouncer. Never noticed this before... (then again, Ed and Temari have the same seiyuu, and I never noticed that, either. Shows how much I pay attention.) Anyway. Yeah, serious hotness. :D~ *slobber*

Now I think I shall go play some FFVIII so Chiko-Chiko will stop bugging me about it. Ta ta!

12th May 2004

feeling: shmart
listening to: Bryan Adams - Here I Am

As requested by Maccie, an explanation on what a kamaitachi is:

A kamaitachi is a creature from Japanese myth. They are mildly evil whirlwind demons, supposedly too fast to be seen. Literally their name translates to "sickle weasel", as kama means "sickle" and itachi "weasel". According to various legends they carry sickle blades, or have sickle-like teeth or claws, or have sickles on their bodies. Generally they work in packs of three: the first trips the victim, the second causes a cut and the third one uses a potion to heal the wound so it won't bleed. Kamaitachi are believed to cause the unexplained bloodless cuts that people sometimes get from very high winds.

As a figure of speech, kamaitachi means sickling or slashing wind, which explains why Temari's wind-technique is called "Kamaitachi".

So, there you have. Hope it made some sense. :)


feeling: lazy-ish
listening to: Once Upon A Time In Mexico - Pistolero

Made the mistake of getting on the computer before leaving for work. Now I don't want to go. Cultivation patches again this evening. It's a tedious job, though yesterday went well enough, if you exclude the fact that it was hellishly cold.

Bleah. Must get going now, so I won't miss my bus. Save meee~! TT_TT

I <3 our new speakers, btw. ^_^

11th May 2004

feeling: lazy
listening to: Final Fantasy 10 - A Fleeting Dream

I don't have to be at work until noon (tell me, btw: is noon generally considered to be 12am or 12pm?), meaning I still have an hour before I have to get going. On the downside, I won't get off until 7pm. Still, it's not so bad really. The last couple of hours will be spent outside giving out cultivation patches, so it should be a fairly interesting night. I just hope it won't rain bucketloads because that would really make the whole thing suck. Same thing for tomorrow and Thursday, only I won't have to be in until 1pm for tomorrow and 3pm for Thursday. Friday is off and then I have a weekend shift. 'tis all good.

A brief Naruto squee before I have to go:

She actually summoned a kamaitachi in the latest chapter. I mean, wow. Just...WOW. How amazingly brilliant is that? You go, girl! :DDD

9th May 2004

feeling: grumpy
listening to: TV on the background

I wrote a huge-ass entry with a long account of work and everything else that has been going on during my off-line time during the past weeks, and whaddaya know. It vanishes! And damn me if I can be bothered to write it all again. So, settle for knowing that I'm short on time due to work - which is going great, by the way - and thus have no time to get online outside weekends. I will blog more later. Until then, here are some photos I threw together.

My birthday cruise.
My 20th birthday.
May Day