30th may 2002

feeling: blue
listening to: nothing

hmm...so i passed my physics exam after all. barely, though. i got a 5 on the exam, which is the next best thing from 'failed'. in fact it's such a lousy grade that i can take part in the re-writes. i don't have to, since i passed, but 5 is still such a bad grade that they'll let you re-write the exam for it. i'm thinking of actually taking part in the re-writes...yes, beyond all hope and probability i passed the exam, but it still doesn't mean i should be satisfyed with a grade that is practically the same as 'failed'. so there. i'm gonna go and sign myself up in a little while. eventhough that means i'll have to study during my summer holiday, since the re-writes are held on the first few days of school in august. but my mom thinks i can do it and my teacher thinks i can do it. my teacher was actually really disappointed in me. she thinks i've got potential. yeah right. i just down-right suck at physics. but hey, i've got nothing to lose anymore. it can only get better from here, since you can't really fail the re-writes - and that would be the only possible outcome that's worse than my current grade. and if i get a better grade then all the better. *shrugs*

damn school comps. i still can't watch the zoe2 trailer. i could finally download it from ign, but these ghetto school comps don't have multimedia tools decent enough to play it. grr.

tch, i never thought i'd stress this much over one silly grade. my whole day is practically ruined because of that stupid physics exam. not even an A in english could save this day... >.o

i'm hungry. but lunch time was passed an hour ago, so... i guess i can only blame myself. but then again, i only have one hour to go 'til i get home and get something eatable to eat. i just hope my stomach won't start growling in the middle of the lesson. that would be embarrassing. _

oh yeah. we have a 'sports day' tomorrow at school. apparently the teachers couldn't think of anything intelligent for us to do, so they send us off to some sports academy in pajulahti for the whole day, just to keep us in school for one more day. it's so obvious. like it would actually kill them to let us have one day off... *rolls eyes* but hey, at least we don't have to be in school building itself and we get to be outdoors. with my luck it'll rain cats and dogs tomorrow, though - it always does when we have something outdoors-related stuff at school.

29th may 2002

feeling: like the scum of the earth
listening to: nothing

good god, how pathetic can a person be? not much more pathetic than i am, that's for sure. i just sat three hours doing this year's last exam, which just happened to be physics. not a particularly hard exam, either. 8 questions, answer to 5 of them. and what do i do? suck terribly. i manage to scribble down 3 lousy answers, of which none is correct, i assume. _ y'know, this is the first time since i started school 11 years ago that i'm actually afraid that i won't pass the exam. it's a really barfy feeling. usually i know at least enough answers to get me pass the exam for sure, but not this time. i had to practically beat my head against my desk to get anything done. it was like my brain has already left for its summer holiday and left me high and dry to do what i please with the damn exam. to me it felt like there wasn't a single intelligent brain cell inside my skull...which probably was the case. i don't wanna get my grades tomorrow. i don't want to see how lousy i was and how i flunked the exam. please, just let me die now, while i still have some dignity left. ><

still very excited about zoe2. konami should release it already, the wait is killing me. *bounces*

speaking of which...i wish those comp maintenance guys would hurry up and get our comp fixed. summer holiday starts in only a few days and after that it's no more school comps for katri. and if i need to go weeks without a computer, i'm most positively gonna flip out and kill someone. grr.

hungry. must get something to eat, but too lazy to move my butt to the cafeteria. ahh well. i just wanna go home and hit myself with a huge garden tool on the head. repeatedly.

26th may 2002

feeling: angry and annoyed
listening to: nothing

so sorry i friggin' exist. *rolls eyes*

22nd may 2002

feeling: grrrrreat!
listening to: the printer humming and teacher talking

i told you so! i told all of you so! there WILL be zoe2! i knew it all along, but no one ever listened to me or believed me. i always knew konami would make a sequel to zoe AND that there would be jehuty and that we WOULD get to see more of anubis. it's hard being right all the time. ;)

jehuty sure as heck looks goody, looking at those screenshots. he was always such a hunk, but this time around he looks even better, if that's even humanly (framely?) possible. is it just the lighting of those pics, or has jehuty gained a little brown-ish shade? i really liked his blue "skin", but damn, brown looks really damn awesome on him. and anubis looks as cool as ever. i can't wait to see more of him, especially in action. anubis roxors my soxors. ^^ *waves ANUBIS-flag*

phew. i finally got my silent hill 2 report done and printed. it took quite a while to get all the 45 pages of it out (the printer ran out of paper in the middle _). i think i embrrassed the other students with my over-the-top large report. my friend is reading it now. i wonder what she'll think of it. :P

wak, i'm so darn hungry i'm starting to get a headache. and i ate only three hours ago. damn good-for-nothing school lunch! ><

speaking of school...my exams begin tomorrow. well, not exactly tomorrow, but today is my last day of normal school before summer. so the next one and a half week will consist of exams, and after that i'm free for the summer. yay! ^^ anyhoo, i'm starting to panic about my exams. english and maths will pose no problems, but i'm worried about my physics exam. physics is hard and i don't understand anything about it. i'm so gonna flunk and need to study during summer for the re-writes. gah.

*goes to oogle at zoe2-pics*
i told you so. :P

20th may 2002

feeling: tired and melancholic
listening to: nothing

i'm a cat.
what kinda pet are you?

pheer me, i'm a cat. the discription is so me, too.

why don't things in life ever work out the way you want them to?

16th may 2002

feeling: barfy
listening to: nothing

The Band Quiz By Rahel

hur hur, pheer my evil clarinet-ism skillz! or whatever.
hardly a perfect role model, though. i think in my life i've done loads of wrong decisions, most of them consciously. but the rest of it is pretty much true.
...i was actually expecting to be a flute or a cello. yeah, a cello would be cool. they sound niiiiice. but i guess i'm not quite graceful enough to be a flute. XP

tsk tsk, lazy me. i'm - again - supposed to be doing that scanner report, but i'm just too damn lazy for me own good. the friend i'm doing this report with isn't at school, so i'm feeling free to slack a bit. i'll do something about it later today. i think. ^_~

*squeal* i <3 your dream! so cute. i wanna have cute dreams about kain, too! ^^ *gropes kain*

i think one of my classmates is singing britney spears... :o

15th may 2002

feeling: surprisingly happy
listening to: the printer humming

Which Soul Reaver Character are you?

wow...i'm raziel. i actually don't consider myself as a very raziel-ish person, i was expecting to be either kain or vorador. i guess according to my answers i'm more violent than vorador and not as ruthless as kain. figures. i'd like to think i'm not quite as gullible as razzy, though. ^^;;

pfft, i'm supposed to be doing a report on scanners with my friend, but i'm feeling too tired and too bored for it. i don't feel like doing anything useful or productive at the moment (this is like saying that blogging isn't productive... oO'), i just wanna go home and get some more sleep. speaking of which, i slept terribly bad last night. i kept having this bad dream that prevented me from sleeping. it wasn't exactly a nightmare, it was just really really annoying, and not least because the dream would keep coming to me over and over again, even if i woke up in the middle of it. it was so annoying. i was in this huge hall that resembled the room in sh2 where the scaffold is. there was only one door in the room, but the door was locked. behind the door was a person i was supposed to get to, it was vital to me for some reason. so i try to figure out how to open the door, when to room is suddenly filled with death scythes. there must've been like 20-30 of them, and they were huge and extremely vicious. so i figure that i have to kill them all, or at least some of them, to unlock the door. so i shoot frantically at the death's (i was partly dante and partly myself in this dream), but these bastards are tougher than i though. after doing battle with them for what seemed like hours and hours on end, i've managed to kill maybe one or two of them. i get angry at them, and decide to go and try if the door by some miracle would be open. i go to it, and much to my amazement, it indeed is open. i put my hand on the handle and prepare to pull the door open, when one of the death's comes along and draws some weird marking on the door. after that i hear screaming from the room and it's game over. i'm like 'what the -- ?!" so i figure out that i have to kill a few of the death's to unlock the door as fast as i can, and then barge to the door before one of the death's can draw his marking on it. so i try it again. and again. and again. and again. and i never get it done, because the death's are always faster than me. grr. farewell, good night's sleep. ><

14th may 2002

feeling: hungry
listening to: nothing

someone please give me back my sister. ;_;

13th may 2002

feeling: tired and annoyed
listening to: 7th graders being loud

i guess it's just too much to ask to have some peace and quiet on your free perdiod. _

it's raining today. nothing wrong with rain - in fact i like rain very much - but today is just not a good day for raining. i'm feeling lousy enough as it is, and the rain just makes me feel worse. AND i'm gonna be soaking wet 'til the day is done, take my word for it.

yesterday was mother's day and i did absolutely nothing about it. didn't even give a card or flowers to my mom. ahh, yes indeed, what a horrible person i am. i was thinking i might buy her some flowers today after school, but then decided not to. i don't have the money and i don't have the mood. i'm not feeling kind enough to buy anyone flowers today. i should also buy a b-day card for a friend, but i don't think i'm in the mood for that either. yes, i am in a terrible mood today.

i should put some serious effort into that silent hill 2 report o'mine. it's due next wednesday and i still have loads of stuff to do about it. i've got almost all the info needed, but it's still all in memos, which means i need to transfer all of it to ms word. our teacher is so damn finicky about forms, so i'll have to pay extra attention to the layout...screw that. AND i guess i should start doing that other report as well, it's due next monday. whee.

7th may 2002

feeling: hungry and tired
listening to: visions of escaflowne - dance of curse, which is stuck in my head

i had extreme difficulties pulling myself out of bed this morning, i was so dead tired and i don't even know why. i didn't even stay up that late. i think we went to bed around 11:30pm, so i still got more than 7 hours of sleep. hmm, odd. i think it's time i put away my second blanket. it's getting so hot in my room at nights that i feel like i'm gonna suffocate myself to death with my two blankets. i should probably turn down the heat in my room, too. damn spring, for sneaking up on me!

i hate being in school today, i absolutely loathe it. i didn't go to school yesterday because i just felt way too bored for that. now i hear my ADP teacher has been asking where i am. tch, i should probably start attending his classes a little more often. i think it's been three lessons since i last showed up. it's not that i don't like that class, picture processing is fun (if not a tiny bit boring, too). it just that every day i don't feel like going to school (which is rather often these days), i happen to have an ADP lesson on that day. suckage. i was also supposed to turn in a practice-versions of a CV and a job application for english today, since i didn't turn it in on monday, but i haven't printed it yet because of our half-a$$ed excuse for a printer has gone mental and won't work. i meant to give it to mom, so she could print it at work, but forgot. so i guess i'll just have her print it today and turn it in tomorrow. or something. i don't really care, the assignment was retarded anyway.

i always feel so out-of-place at school when i've been gone for a while, if only for a few lessons. that's what sucks about senior high the most: you miss just one lesson and you're completely clueless of what's going on and you have to work twice as hard to catch up. and i'm just too damn lazy for that. it's so unappealing to go to my ADP class today, because i have no idea what they have already learned while i was gone, so i'll just probably sit there clueless for the whole lesson, trying to figure out what the hell everyone else is doing. ahh well, i'll catch up. i mean it's only a picture processing program i've never heard of or used in my entire life. kweh.

staying on the subject of ADP, we're supposed to do another report, this time on something related to picture processing and publishing. i was thinking i might do mine about picture packing and how that effects the quality of the pic, but i've been too lazy to even remember the damn report, let alone do it. i don't know when we're supposed to turn them in, but there's only one week to go 'til our exams (after which it's summer holiday), so there can't be that much time to work on it. and i'm guessing we have to do it to pass the course. urr. what makes things even worse is the fact that i don't know a damn thing about packing pictures and their quality. i only know that .gif is better than .jpeg. i'm in BIG trouble, don't you think? ><

blood omen 2 is groovy, i like it very much. i love the way kain sucks out his victims' blood. it's amazing he gets anything in his mouth though, as he splatters so much on the streets while sucking the blood out. :P
the bo2 kain looks mad cool, he's so pale and young. and uncompromising. and arrogant. yup, that's kain. ^~ the dark gifts are cool, and i especially adore the jump-gift. it's hilarious to jump on someone's back and watch them fly on their stomach. it sucks if they see you coming and sidestep, though. and it still happens to me all the time.
one question, though: how can vorador be alive? oO

hmm. still 40 minutes before my class. what to do, what to do...? i so feel like just gathering my stuff and going home, but i've skipped far too many physics and ADP lessons lately to do that today. and i'll be damned if i lack the will-power to keep myself in school for just a few more weeks. heck, we even get thursday off this week. it's just a few more weeks...

oh yeah, saw the time machine in the movies yesterday with riikka's class. man, talk about a sucky movie. the plot was stupid - and pretty much non-existent, to say the least -, the creatures were unimaginitive and the actors were lousy. well, excluding jeremy irons, of course. his character was cool and they should've shown him a little more. he reminded me of kain on some level. i hated the main character, that alexander what's-his-face guy. he was just so annoying and god-so-ugly. i can't even name what it was about him that annoyed me so much, it was his whole character. AND samantha momba was in the movie. need i say more?

6th may 2002

feeling: angry
listening to: ff9 - black mage village

last mouse you'll ever have to buy, my ass.

5th may 2002

feeling: anxious (in a bad way)
listening to: crash bash

i <3 escaflowne. ^^
i'm so in love with the series, it's the embodyment of coolness and probably the coolest series i know (well, i haven't seen dolores, i yet). escaflowne himself is dreamy, you just gotta love a mecha who can use a sword like that.
the human characters are cool too. i especially like van, he's a hottie. i just wish he were a bit older. :P yes, he's an obvious hero AND it's obvious from the beginning that he and hitomi are going to end up together (pooey ~.~), but there's just something very appealing about him. i guess it's the fact that he's an angry person and likes fighting. and he pilots escaflowne. that's a HUGE plus. ^^ allen's rather cute, too, but he's too much of a ladies' man to my liking. he just seems...too perfect. oO

the escaflowne movie was awesome, too, even if we had to watch it without sound. van looked even better in it (if that's possible); afterall, he wasn't wearing a shirt. ^_~ but somehow i liked the character design of the series better. allen looks...sleazy in the movie. >.o *hides from sis*
the plot was...odd. it was so fast. then again, if a movie only last for hour and a half, it's obvious you can't fit stuff forth of 26 episodes in there. and was it just me, or was there practically no plot at all in the movie? i guess the makers just expected that everyone has seen the series and know all the basic stuff about escaflowne.

idolo owns. ^^
yes, i would have loads of other stuff to say about it, but i'd just end up ranting about radam and how he shouldn't pilot idolo because he's weak (see, i'm doing it even now), so i'm not going to get into it. so i'm just gonna say that idolo is a beautiful, perfect little angel and that radam didn't deserve him.

*huggles idolo*

4th may 2002

feeling: peeved
listening to: the voices in my head

grr. 'nuff said.