26th April 2004

feeling: low on energy
listening to: Ninja meow endlessly

HUHUHUHUHUH! I turned 20 yesterday. :D

Today was slightly weird. I slept like crap and was in "grumpy bitch" mode all morning. Didn't feel so great at work either, but watering the seedlings was strangely soothing and getting the aggression out on hammering finally did the trick. Some swearing and a couple a bent nails (not to mention three times a sore thumb XP) later I finished the plant frame that doesn't need to be done for another two weeks. Go me.
Spending the whole day out in the sun also earned me a nice tan on my face and arms. :)

I'm feeling totally lethargic at the moment. Mel Gibson in What Women Want now! :D

18th April 2004

feeling: boneless
listening to: Savage Garden - Break Me Shake Me

It doesn't feel like a Sunday at all. It's more like a Tuesday night. Even a Friday, maybe, but not really. Yes, more like Tuesday. That's what working all weekend does to you, I suppose.

Man, I'm so totally bored. But hey, no work until Wednesday, and then again not until next Monday. Luff. *stretches like a cat (kat?)*

16th April 2004

feeling: lazy
listening to: Final Fantasy 8 - Rain In Chicago OC ReMix

Tili tuli tili meni, and so on.

Yeh. I'm having a day off and actually have time to get online for a change. Haven't exactly been doing anything revolutionary, just enjoying the time I have to spend as I please. I uploaded a couple of photos I took (they can be seen here), downloaded Naruto 79 from BakaSan (heresy, I know, but I couldn't resist, and besides, A/A haven't even gotten 78 out yet) but haven't watched it yet, and as a compulsory evil, paid some bills. Fancy that. I got paid yesterday and by 10am today I've spent half of the money. How sad is that. I still had to leave my subscription of National Geographic unpaid because I didn't dare to blow all my money away in one go. Seeing as we have my birthday cruise coming up and all... But yeah, that magazine is seriously expensive. o.O

I got a digital camera as an early birthday present yesterday. It's a HP (Hewlett-Packard, not Harry Potter ¬_¬) PhotoSmart 935 with 5.3 megapixels, macro zoom and several other über-sassy features. I <3 it very dearly. For now it's still without a name (yes, I have the tendency to name my things, so sue me), but it will probably be named after some saucy female, like Temari or Neith or somesuch. Expect to see loads of silly experimental photos while I learn all its little quirks. :]

I have to work this weekend. Save mee~~
Oh well. It only means I have only one day of work next week. And on Thursday we'll be off to Sweden on a mini-cruise. Yayness! :D

8th April 2004

feeling: annoyed
listening to: 'Legacy Of Kain: Defiance' game sounds

Yes, let's cancel ER so we can all watch *GASP!* ice hockey! Lots, lots and LOTS of ice hockey. Fuckwits.

I want new sneakers. I have already set my eyes on beautiful, sleek, black ones by Nike. I'm getting paid next week. Jitters!


feeling: still hungry
listening to: 'legacy Of Kain: Defiance' game sounds

I have this insane urge to write things, but when it comes down to it, I don't know what to write. It's not really a desire to write fanfiction as such, as I'm currently fresh out of ideas in the departement, but neither is it the urge to have an AIM conversation. Too much piratey fanfiction is probably what it is. But who could resist such a lovely bundle of Jack x Will? I know I certainly couldn't. xD

I'm on a complete Johnny Depp high at the moment. I watched both OUATIM and POTC during the weekend, and still have Nick Of Time sitting on the shelf, just waiting to be drooled on. A little Fear And Loathing... wouldn't do anyone any harm, either. ;) To top it all off, Donnie Brasco is on TV this Saturday. Hey baby! :D
Mom showed me a small picture of a Secret Window poster the other day, and laughed as I practically devoured the thing. I'm way too addicted for my own good, make no mistake. I had a dream last night where I found out that Secret Window isn't coming out in Finland until late 2006. It's a wonder I didn't wake myself by screaming.

Work again tomorrow. Can't say I'm exactly thrilled, though it's not really that bad once you think about it. I'm probably on the "shit squad" again, meaning I get to clean the animals' pens and shovel dung to my heart's content. Not that I'm not used to that already.
I spent four hours watching over a carbage bonfire on Tuesday. Four bloody hours. All my clothes, not to mention my hair and skin absolutely REEK of smoke now, even though Mom did had the good grace not to say it in my face. That was before she took a closer sniff of my jacket and started calling it Savupalvi (Smoked Ham), though. The jacket is now hanging outside, on the balcony, in an attempt to get the smell out. My sweater that reeks of cowshed is hanging right beside it. I'm hoping both of them will be wearable on the morrow, since I'm just too damn lazy to have both of them washed at the moment.

The new tattoo is itching like mad, but I don't dare to scratch it too much. There is lots of skin coming loose now that the scab is gone, so I suppose itching is only natural. It doesn't mean I necessarily have to like it, though, now does it.

What else? Oh yes. Naruto 78. GAAAARAAA~! :D


feeling: hungry beyond all hope
listening to: 'Legacy Of Kain: Defiance' game sounds

Why yes, in fact I do like recycling old layouts. How'd you think to ask?

3rd April 2004

feeling: airheaded
listening to: SMiLE.dk - Boys

I wonder what I'd have to use to lure mr. Adams to tour in Finland again...

Not that I'm feeling any more awake now, but I just had to write something and my muses have all gone away together. Which is why I'm spamming up my own blog with meaningless thoughts. Wahey, aren't you all happy now.

9 kB/s for Naruto 77. Ack ack ack! How it's possible for the newest episode to download so slow is simply beyond me. The point is I'm going to die from the lack of Gaara if this is going to much longer.

Stupid FFX. I don't like you, I don't like you AT ALL. In fact I hate you. Yes, you heard me. H-A-T-E!
...omg! ;;_;; *clings*

A person can't get much more random than this.

2nd April 2004

feeling: sleepy
listening to: 'Legacy Of Kain: Defiance' game sounds

Well, almost. I think. Maybe. Yeah.

And now I'm off to bed. I'll talk more once I'm actually awake.