28th April 2003

feeling: alright-ish
listening to: Final Fantasy 9 - Black Magic Synthesis OC ReMix

This song so swanky. Black mages so cute. ^.^

Wasn't able to go to school again today. Nothing special to it, I was just way too tired to go. I couldn't get myself moving fast enough to make the bus I was supposed to take. Bubbles. Lately I've started to feel that the more I sleep, the more tired I become. I sleep okay-ish during the night (at least that's an improvement), but I still feel the need to nap a few hours during the day. But even after that I feel like a zombie, and probably even look like one with the dark circles around my eyes. :/

I have an appointment with my shrink today at 3pm. I was thinking that I'd take Chiko-Chiko along with me to town and after my appointment we could go shop for Devil May Cry 2. I should also stop by at the post office to pick up my copy of Reaper Man and *cough* some more flowers *cough*.

I can't friggin' believe this! I think it's snowing. Just a little, though, but that's still too much. It's almost May, it's not supposed to snow anymore. D:

Weekend was nice. People came over and I ate sweet things to last me a lifetime. I don't want to see another fruit pie ever again! Until next year, of course. XP
My big bro so cool. :)

25th April 2003

feeling: sleepy, otherwise okay. :)
listening to: nothing

Happy birthday to me! :) In about an hour, when the clock strikes 11:30am, I will officially turn 19. Whoo, go me. Somehow I find this a little odd. Turning 18 was so big of a deal (in the general publics' opinion - I'm not that much into alcohol that it makes much of a difference) that it feels weird that even after that I'm still growing older. I guess I sort of expected that once I'm 18 and an adult, I sort of stop growing up. Well, not really, but that's how it feels at the moment. I feel totally unreal about being 19. When I was a wee kid and saw people who were around 18 or 19, I used to think they were so big and adult. And now that I think about myself, I'm not like that at all.
I remember being at a party at Inanna's after she had taken her matriculation exam and looking up to her so much. I was 12 then and she seemed so grown up. Now I am of that age and preparing to take my matriculation exam soon-ish and I find myself thinking that I'm not like her at all. I'm not that grown up, and certainly I'm no adult. :/

Oh yeah, was supposed to talk about pressies...
I got this awesome set of Japanese eating wares from mom. There are two small cups/plates (most like for things like miso soup), two sets of chopsticks and holders for them, and two bamboo tablets. It was great. I tried to teach Chiko-Chiko to eat with the chopsticks, with little success. I think we both need a little pratice. XP
As for Chiko-Chiko, she gave me a card because she didn't have money to buy me anything. I know not being able to get me something "proper" is gnawing at her, but really sis, it's fine! Like I said on your tag-board, I know you'd get me awesome things if you only could and knowing that is more than enough. It's the thought that counts. :) Anyway, the card she gave me was AWESOME! She had drawn it herself, which in itself made the card so very special to me. The pic on it was so darn adorable; I had a hard time stopping staring at it and going to school. :) I told her to scan it, but that's not happening until later. For now I'm hogging the card all to myself! Thank you so much, sissy! :)

We painted the kanji "love" on my forehead, over my left eye, simply because it's my birthday and we felt silly. Plus, it's good practice for my Gaara cosplay. People are giving me weird looks. :P

Thank for the "happy b-day", Maccie! ^_^

Stuck again at school with two hours of nothing to do. Have to stick around for my Swedish lesson (again) and after that I'm going to go check out the video from our elders' cruise. Should be interesting. Though I'm pretty sure there won't be much of me shown on the video, except for the bit where all of us sang karaoke. But I'm still pretty interested in seeing what other people were up to during the trip. And Yevon help me, I hope they didn't catch Minna and me on the video when we were drunk beyond our wits after the Long Islands... >_<
After that I'm supposed to stop by at a grocery store to pick up some last minute supplies for the guests this weekend and then I'll hitch a ride home from dad. Ungh, long day.

24th April 2003

feeling: blargh
listening to: nothing

*bounces about because is bored out of her skull*


feeling: somewhat hungry
listening to: people talking

I've got an hour of free time before my last lesson today. Unfortunately that last lesson happens to be Swedish. I've got absolutely no desire to stick around for it, but I don't think I have much choice in the matter. That's what I get for skipping school so much. Though technically I didn't really skip, I was just feeling so bloody lousy that I couldn't drag myself to school, no matter how bad for me I knew it to be.

I'm so bored. I wish I had tons of money so I could go shopping with Chiko-Chiko and not have to worry about school and some brain-numbingly boring Swedish lesson. ¬_¬


feeling: sore
listening to: nothing

Someone could've given me a heads-up and told me that our English teacher is not going to show up today. I would've gotten an extra hour of sleep. :/

Anyway, like I said, Cazzie, check the "lähdekoodi"-thingy to see how things are done in HTML. As I mentioned on my tag-board, the code for the dates is the following:

.title {line-height: 1px;
font-family: times new roman;
font-size: 21px;
font-weight: bold; }

You can change the color (in my case it's green) and other attributes. You add the title-code in the beginning of the code, and the all you have to do is add [span class="title"] around the date. Just check the "lähdekoodi" if you have trouble. :)

23rd April 2003

feeling: okay-ish
listening to: nothing

Gah. I'm going to have to stay in school until 4pm today. Under normal circumstances I would get to go home now (at noon), but I'm going to have to wait in school to write an English essay for the course I'm doing independently. The lesson starts at 2pm, so now I'm stuck with two hours of free time and nothing to do. Major blahness. I wish I had something yummy to eat. Like one of grandma's sweet buns or something. Mmmm, I swear, those things are worth dying for! ^.^

I got "told off" by my cousin today for not having read other Terry Pratchett's books besides Mort. I know it makes me an uncivilized dork, and I intend to remedy the situation soon enough. The conversation started by us talking about what books we're going to read for our English portfolio. I mentioned that I was going to read Reaper Man, and she was like "You haven't read it?!" I had to admit that the only Pratchett's book that I've read so far is Mort. She gave me one of those playful "shaaaame on you"-looks. XP Of course, I've been meaning to get to reading Pratchett's books for a long time now, but never seem to have the time. Now once that I get going with Reaper Man, I think I'll attempt to read the whole bunch in English. I've taken a preference to the originals over the translations recently, anyway.

I was supposed to talk about something else, too, but I forgot what it was. Hn, figures.

22nd April 2003

feeling: hungry and bored
listening to: printer humming

Today went rather well for being the first day in over week that I've managed to drag myself to school. I think what helped is that it was sunny and warm today, even when I got up at 7am.
As I suspected, my Maths teacher gave me a little hard time, but I think that shows she cares. Or that she doesn't care and she's only doing her job. Take your pick. Anyway, I gave the whole speech about how it's not my fault and that there often isn't anything I can do about it and that I'm doing the best I can to stay in school blah blah blah. She seemed to buy it, to an extent, so it's all good. All of that, is true in most cases, too, but that's beside the point. The point is that I simply couldn't give a flying *beep* about school at the moment, but I still try because I know that someday I will care about things such as this. Hopefully. Anyway, I can carry on with the course, for now. If I'm absent any more, she'll probably kick me out. I guess that means I have to keep my a$$ in school for the remaining few weeks.

It has apparently slipped mom's mind that I'm supposed to get home somehow, too. Oh well. I'll just wait for her to give me a call. I'll probably starve to death before that, though...

* Mental note about Maccie's card *


feeling: cold
listening to: my stomach make noises

I know, sis! Geez, I almost got cramps to my stomach from laughing at mr. Loiri laughing. That guy sure knows how to be hilarious (at times - "ewww!" at Uuno Turhapuro).

Whee, my RE course wasn't cancelled, we just have to study it independently. Well, technically that does mean it was cancelled, because there indeed were too few of us there and that's why we have to study it on our own, but at least there's still a chance at doing it.
I'm so peeved at my study councelor at the moment, though I know none of this is really her fault. I just wish someone would've told me about these things sooner, so I wouldn't have to worry about not graduating for upper secondary school next spring. I swear, I am not going to spend any more extra years here than I already am. I will graduate next spring, even if it kills me. I am not going to wait until fall '04, and I'll be damned if I'm going to celebrate something like this in icy cold rain. So there!
Should turn in my photography portfolio. Still haven't designed the front cover for it. Hopefully the teacher will still have it, or I'm really in some serious trouble. Argh. *beats head against a wall*

So far, so good. Still fearing Maths.


feeling: argh
listening to: Vesa-Matti Loiri laugh over the intercom

The stupid morning announcement thingy made me jump. Geez.

Bored. Boooo000ooored.
But listening to Vesa-Matti Loiri fake-laugh is freaking hilarious! XD XD


feeling: fartsy
listening to: nothing

My RE group seems to have vanished. Either I just couldn't find it or then it has been cancelled. I'm hoping it's not the latter, because I need that course - desperately. I waited outside our classroom, and none of the other people in the group showed up. Even the teacher was nowhere to be found, even after the bell rang. Hmm... it could be that they just went to a smaller classroom (it is ridiculous to have nine people sit in a room meant for 30 people, don't you think?), but the problem is that I can't think of a smaller classroom that they cvould've used. I didn't go through a very intensive search routine, though, I sort of just waited for a familiar face to come my way. With my luck, of course, none came. Now I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with myself or the course. If it has gotten canceled (there is a very high chance of that), I'm in big trouble. I need to talk to my "group leader" or something.

I'm absolutely terrified of going to my Maths lesson today. The teacher told me before the lessons started that I am not to be absent and that I should attend the classes like an angel. Well, I have failed in doing both. I have been absent (eight days straight, to be honest) and I did next to nothing during the one lesson that I've attended. Shiiiit... Well, let's just hope I can catch up. I really don't need any more courses hanging around. Gah, I wish it was summer holiday already!

Oh, and Happy B-Day for yesterday, Maccie! The card will get to you late because I am an a$$ and forgot to mail it. ¬_¬ Either way, hopefully you had a great one! ^_^

Tee hee, there's no one in the comp lab except me. :P

20th April 2003

feeling: slightly bored
listening to: Final Fantasy 9 - DubNoFantasyAloneMan OC ReMix

How do you stop yourself from ripping open the wounds you're supposed to let heal? A bandaid doesn't help and it only makes the wounds look disgusting afterwards. I have probably already come down with an infection of sorts for constantly picking on the wounds and not letting the close up. Go me.


feeling: headachy
listening to: Zone Of The Enders - ADA (Promise)

Funfair yesterday was loads of fun. If that won't get your yaoi hormones going, I don't know what will. ;P~

I hate to admit it, but our back yard looks absolutely horrid. All the snow is gone (due to mom shoveling it out yesterday) but the yard is still all wet and disgustingly brown. The ground is soggy and covered with old grass and leaves, making it seem unmistakably like a bog. It's 3pm and the sun is only now starting the reach all of the yard properly (thanks to the position of the house and the garden), so I'm willing to guess it'll take ages for the swamp pretending to be a garden to dry up. Tedious. Our front yard on the other hand is already dry and warm, and the daffodils and tulips are slowly starting to peek their heads above the ground. Major w00tness. ^_^

I sat about 20 minutes on our front steps today, keeping an eye on Miiru as she wandered about the yard. It was sunny and warm, even the concrete steps were warm to sit on. Having noticed with horror the tremendous paleness of my legs and arms, I pulled up the legs and sleeves of my jammies and extended my limbs to the sunlights, almost making them tan on sheer willpower alone. It didn't help much, by the way. :/ But I enjoyed simply sitting on the steps and revelling in the warm sunlights like I have enjoyed nothing in a long time. Figures it's my luck to sit out too long and get sunstroke. D:
I also walked barefoot outside for the first time this spring. It felt goog. ^_^

18th April 2003

feeling: fangirl-ish
listening to: Naruto - Haruka Kanata

Whee, Naruto's new opening very VERY über-1337! Loads of Gaara-goodness! YAY!! ^o^ *drools like the fangirl she is*


feeling: sceptical
listening to: "English Patient" on the TV

There's a flock of chaffinches on our backyard. Two weeks 'til summer? Shyeah right, that's a good one.


feeling: stuffy
listening to: Zone Of The Enders 2 - Beyond The Bounds

Whoa. Our speaker is not upside down. That's a change. :P

There's a funfair coming to Lahti today. Kids' stuff, I know, but Chiko-Chiko and I will probably go check it out tomorrow. That is, if the weather is good like it's supposed to be. We're not planning on trying out many of the gadgets there (Yevon knows I throw up too easily for that XP), though, so we will probably just walk around, eat ice cream and maybe cotton candy (:yaoigrin:), and possibly try out the bumper cars (those are so much fun! ^_^). Let's hope it will not rain tomorrow.

About a week from now I will be 19. Geez, when did I get so old already?
Pressies...sheez, I haven't really thought about that. I s'pose it'll be books or the sort, as per usual. Golden Fool or Ship Of Destiny by Robin Hobb would be nice.
I suppose I could throw in a wild card and say I'd like to get the Anubis: Zone Of The Enders limited edition box set or the Visual Works Of Anubis -book, but since they are both not being sold outside Japan (to my knowledge, anyway), I will have to settle for drooling at them here. Anyone from Japan want to be my friend?

Today I shall try to get some writing done, even if it kills me.

16th April 2003

feeling: :O :O :O :O
listening to: Final Fantasy 6 - Deserted Industry OC ReMix

ohmygodohmygodohmygodOHMYGOD!! O_O O_O


feeling: disturbed
listening to: Final Fantasy 10 - Otherworld

*mental note* Okay, I didn't necessarily need to see that... Intriguing. But disturbing. O_O

I seem to be incapable of dragging my sorry butt to school. To be completely honest, I've lost count on how many days I've skipped. Along with my apetite, I seem to have lost all interest in everything else, as well. And school is currently at the bottom of my "god I hate this"-list. Those meds better kick in soon, or I'm going to be in some serious trouble.

9 days 'til I turn 19. Whee, go me.

15th April 2003

feeling: unstable
listening to: Final Fantasy 10 - Ending Theme

The Haunting is really rather crappy for a horror movie. Isn't the oppressive feeling of fear supposed to be created subtly, on a mental level, and not with pitiful attempts at special effects. What point is there to be afraid of the things you can see? When you know what they are, they're hardly scary. The people who made the movie should follow Konami's example at how to make decent horror entertainment. Silent Hill 2 has to be one of the scariest and most horrifying things out there, and it has nothing to do with crappy special effects. It's what you can't see that makes you all but wet your pants. Okay, I admit that the child carvings and statues were freaky, especially when they moved or screamed or whatever above Nell's bed, but other than that, there was precious little that was really actually scary. The ghosts of the children floating around in the curtains and stuff was just lame, and the ghost of the Hugh Crain person thingy wasn't any better. Figures I've played/watched too much Silent Hill to find things like that scary anymore. *shrug*

Chiko-Chiko is at the entrance exam for the Lahti College of Arts And Crafts at the moment. I'm keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for her (No joke! Imagine how hard it is to type or walk like that!), though I know she won't need any of it. She's a brilliant artist, she draws the best pictures around and the people running the school would be out of their minds not to take her in. The advance exercise she did is f00king brilliant, that along should get her accepted. That, and if they don't, they will have a VERY angry big sister banging at their door. XP
Either way, good luck, sissy! You'll do just fine! :) :noseprint:

13th April 2003

feeling: somewhat sleepy
listening to: Denis Leary - Life's Gonna Suck

I came on the computer today to write, only to find that I'm still suffering from a major case of writer's block. Yevon, I hate it when this happens - you want and NEED to write, but you can't get it out of your head and into words. I guess I simply need to take a break and hope it goes away. And when I'm feeling more creative, start taking "baby steps" towards being able to write again. I don't know who/what I should blame for this. Stress? Depression? Meds? Lack of sleep? Whatever it is, I have this unpleasant feeling of having been sucked dry, and I haven't the slightest idea what I should do about it.

Very much disliking the idea of having to go to school again tomorrow. The idea of getting Friday off because of Easter is not exactly helping, either. Gah, I wish I could just curl up in a ball and disappear, never having to go anywhere or talk to anyone again unless I want to. Life so pointless at the moment, IMO.
BTW, anyone with some experience on antidepressants: is the nearly complete loss of apetite "normal" with these drugs?


You are Yavanna, Queen of the Earth. You bring the gift of fruit to sustain life, for you love all things that grow. You sang the Two Trees of Valinor into being. You are the spouse of Aule.
Which of the Valier (Silmarillion ~ LotR) are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

So true it's amusing. Someone has been spying on my ever-growing seedling collection under the kitchen window. XP

9th April 2003

feeling: argh
listening to: Visions Of Escaflowne - Dance Of Curse

Major writer's block. Shall now go and hit myself repeatedly on the head with a spoon.


feeling: tired
listening to: Final Fantasy 10 - Suteki Da Ne [Off Vocal]

Whee, new layout! ^_^ It's very...VERY green. But green = good, so if you don't like it, tough luck. The color also reminds me of spring and summer, regarless of the fact that there's still almost a foot of snow on our back yard. :/

Can't think of anything intelligent to talk about. Will now attempt to get some writing done, because this song is just screaming to be used as a background music for writing yaoi. :P

8th April 2003

feeling: tummy-achy
listening to: nothing

I look like Gaara with this new hair of mine. It's really short, messy/spiky and very red. I even have the black orbits to match. :P It's a rather "boyish" style I have going on with my hair - even Minna said I look like a guy. Ahh well, it's not the first time (and more than likely not the last) my hair's "boyish". I'm actually starting to think I should cosplay as Gaara for this year's GameWorld. And seeing as Chiko-Chiko is going as Haku, we'd sort of be of a same theme. That, plus I don't think I have the patience to grow my hair as long as Auron's. x_X

Two hours to go before I can get the hell out of school. English and Maths. Blah. English is goog, but Maths definitely isn't. It's so hellishly boring that I can barely keep my mind focused. So very tempted to go home - again. But there's really no point in leaving now, since I have an appointment with my psychiatrist at 2pm. Another blah.

The flowers we planted under our kitchen window are starting to grow. First my scarlet sunflowers and just over last night the clematis. w00t! ^_^


7th April 2003

feeling: suffocatingly hot *pant*
listening to: nothing

I put on entirely too much clothes this morning and now I'm about to suffocate myself within them. I thought today was going to be colder than it apparently is. Poo. I ditched my woollen sweater to mom before it could kill me, and now I feel much better. No doubt I'm going to more or less freeze once I get outside, but I'd still take that over sweating to the point of dehydration any day. Plus, it'd be really unpleasant to go to the hairdresser with sweat running down my spine. :/
It's pleasantly windy outside. Actually, it's more like an angry gale than just a chilly wind, but to me it's extremely refreshing. Walking outside today = goog. :)

Planted tons of flowers over the weekend with mom. I think there's still dirt under my fingernails. :) We dragged my old desk from the storage cellar and put it together under the kitchen window. Granted, it's right next to our dinner table and looks "slightly" out of place, but no one really minds. I, for one, find it extremely enjoyable to watch the little plastic-covered pots while I'm eating. I can almost hear the flowers grow. ^_^
There are violas, gladioluses, forget-me-nots, chinese lanterns, lavenders, tomatos, clematis, sunflowers, bonsai and tons of other stuff. We still had to leave some seeds unplanted because we ran out of pots and compost. Too bad. And not even all of the flowers I wanted/ordered have arrived. We are definitely going to need a bigger garden.

Oh, and I got 4 on my Physics exam. Which means I didn't pass. Ahh well. Several others didn't, either. Besides, I aimed no higher than this. Actually, I aimed nowhere, so I guess I had this coming. And no, I'm not disappointed at all. I'm actually rather proud of myself, seeing as I got 5 out of 6 points for the only question I answered. Not bad, ne?

Well, time to head to the hairdresser. Let's see how this turns out...


feeling: yay-ish. :)
listening to: Bryan Adams - Where Angels Fear To Tread, which is stuck in my head

w00t! Go me! I just got a 10 (A) in English. I only got 188 points out of 200, so it kind of makes me wonder a bit...but I don't really care. Getting straight A's for all my English courses makes Katri a happy little bugger. ^_^
Physics next. Not sure if I'm going to pass that one at all. But I don't really care. I always knew that this might - and most likely would - happen with this course, so it doesn't really matter to me. Besides, Minna said it was a nasty and difficult exam. The thing is, she usually gets only 10's from her Physics exams, so that coming from her, it makes me feel a bit better about the whole thing. If SHE thinks it was a difficult exam, what chances do I have doing good in it. Ahh well. Getting an A in English more than makes up for the rest of the day.

I'm getting a haircut today. I'm not sure what exactly I want done with my hair, but one thing I do know is that I'll have it cut short again. Probably no longer than an inch or so. Otherwise I will probably let the hairdresser make the suggestions. She's really good at what she does, so I don't feel the least bit weird about it. I'm also gonna have my hair dyed. Probably red, unless the hairdresser comes up with something else that I like. It'll be interesting to see what she comes up with. Hopefully something new and slightly unconventional. :)

Still an hour to go before my next (and final) lesson for today. Argh. So very tempted to go home and do some writing. X_X
*goes to look at some yaoi*


You're the smirk, a frown-smile hybrid that's a little bit cocky and usually associated with evil or arrogant, but attractive people. You probably just don't give a damn, but it's everyone else's fault if you don't because you're too awesome to have any real faults.
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...ooookay. o_O

5th April 2003

feeling: blah
listening to: Bryan Adams - The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You

Finally managed to do something about putting up those fics of mine. The stories are in HTML now, so all that needs to be done is to put them up somewhere. I'll do that once either me or Chiko-Chiko is feeling creative enough to put together a simple layout for the site. Which will hopefully be sometime either today or tomorrow.


feeling: sleepy
listening to: Kingdom Hearts game sounds

I sleep better in Chiko-Chiko's room than in my own, even though I slept on the floor. I usually get up at 9-10 am, even on the weekends, but today I didn't get up until well past 11am. And lately I've taken up tossing and turning endlessly all night and sleep extremely poorly. But in Chiko-Chiko's room I slept like a baby. Wonder why that is. :/

Can't think of anything intelligent to blog about. Not feeling very witty this morning. It's snowing heavily outside. Eesh.

Swanky Yojimbo(/a) layout, sissy. :china:

2nd April 2003

feeling: like choking
listening to: myself cough my lungs out

I've gotten this nasty dry cough from out of nowhere. It feels like there's something spikey stuck down my throat and it won't come out, no matter how much I cough and hack. It didn't help that I was late for the bus I was initially supposed to take this morning and thus had to take the next one, which forced me to practically run from the busstop to school in order to be in time for my English exam. So, being out of breath and having a dry mouth, I kept coughing during the exam like I'd been smoking for 10 years. The teacher finally got bored of it, apparently, as she came over to my desk and grinned as gave me a Tick (a coughing pill of sorts, I'd imagine). I couldn't help but grin back at her, and feel slightly embarrassed. The Tick helped, though, as I could control my cough 'til I got out of the class. Now it's back again, though slightly milder. I'm having difficulties swallowing, also. Perhaps I'm coming down with something...

I should stop by at the postoffice on my way home today to pick up some packages, but I don't feel like it at all. I would have to take a different bus and walk about 3km from the postoffice in that god-awful weather. It's so hellishly cold and windy out there that I'm extremely reluctant to spend extra time there unless I'm absolutely forced to. Besides, I'm hungry.

I thought I had something else to blog about, but I can't remember it for the life of me. Ohh well...guess it wasn't that important.

Still hoping someone would explain to me what exactly is an "international money order" and how it works in practice. Inanna? *fingers itch for yaoi doujinshi*

1st April 2003

feeling: blaaargh
listening to: guys talking

I so screwed myself over with my Physics exam. Then again, I always knew that would happen, so it's not really such a big deal. I got to admit, I felt like Naruto in the exam. "Hmm... next question... nope, next question... next... next..." I did finally find one question that I could answer (well, partly anyway), so I'm hoping I will at least pass. Minna said I only need to get two points to get 5-. Not that it really matter if I pass or not. I'm just happy to be out of the exam. It was a three-hour exam, and I was done in 30 minutes. It was painful to sit still for the rest of the time. I was so sleepy that I almost fell asleep several times, but I was afraid I'd fall off the chair. Besides, there's no saying what kind of dreams I might've had. o_O

Geez, if I didn't love Final Fantasy 10 so much I would hate it. I finished on Sunday and cried like an idiot - again. How I managed to get through it without dying of dehydration, I will never know. Stupid yaoi-infected mind. Still, no matter how you look at it, that's one awesome game right there. Needless to say, I started a new game right after finishing the previous one. Go Jecht, you self-absorbed bastard! <3 <3

About those stories o' mine... As I'm currently in the middle of my exams, and thus my spare time is consumed by either studying (shyeah right) or playing FF10, I will possibly put up my stories on the weekend. That's probably when I have my next (and only! *glares at sissy* ¬_¬) chance to get on the comp, anyways. That is, if I can convince myself that there not as bad as I think they are and not everyone's going to hate them. Major self-confidence issue. x_X

Like Chiko-Chiko said, I will possibly (probably?) go work as a trainee for the homeless cats' shelter this summer. It's not set in stone yet, but as the lady I talked about the job said there so short on manpower and was really happy that I showed interest in the job, it does seem rather likely that I'll get it. I don't know if I'll get paid for it, and frankly, I don't even care. That's not why I wanted to work there. Apparently, the reason why they are so short on trainees is that people who aply for the job are under the impression that it's all about petting the cats all day and nothing else. Which it naturally is not - I knew that before I even asked what the job would include. And as I expected, it'd include cleaning the cages, airing the beddings, feeding the cats and things like that. Yes, even cleaning the litter boxes. And AFTER all that is done, THEN you get to pet the cats for few hours.
To tell the truth, I can't wait to work there. ^_^

English next. Prep lessons for tomorrow's exam. Blah.