26th March 2004

feeling: hungry
listening to: 'Legacy Of Kain: Defiance' game sounds

Gaara, I love you!! <3
I just watched Naruto 76. Gaara was such a cute little thing as a small child. As if I didn't love him too much already as it is. Poor kid, he needs some serious loving. How can everyone hate something so beautiful? *hugs Gaara*
And Naruto, where the hell have you left your brains? "Who is that guy?" Dude, it's Gaara. And he wasn't even completely transformed yet. Dolt.

I want a laptop. Yyh. I wish I won the lottery or something, so I'd have the money to buy it for myself, since I don't think my parents can get me one at this point.
But what the hell kind of computer is one without a floppy drive?


feeling: chuckly
listening to: SMiLE.dk - Boys

Heh. I was stalking AnimeSuki so intensly that I got to Naruto 76 before it even had any seeds. Go me.
GAAAAARAAAA~! *tacklelickmolest*

Oh, can't believe I forgot to mention this! I finishes ZOE 2 again the other day and guess what? I got an S as my overall rating! Fear me. S for every mission, and a picture of Dingo and Ken in their underwear to top it off. Yeah baby, yeah! I rule! *struts*
Why couldn't I get a picture of Anubis and Jehuty in their underwear, though? No wait, they're already butt-naked as it is. My bad. *harasses the boys*

Yes, I'm stupid and have a sexual fixation on two pieces of Metatron. Oh the weirdness you can run into on the Internet. xD

25th March 2004

feeling: hungry
listening to: 'Legacy Of Kain: Defiance' game sounds

I have come down with a flu, for a change. I've been feeling a little stuffy for the past couple of days, but it wasn't until this morning that I couldn't drag myself to work because of it. So off to the doctor's I go, and earn two days of sickleave for my troubles. This means I don't have to work until Monday. Spiffy.

I was supposed to work on a layout today. I managed to get as far as finishing the design in PSP, but when it come to coding it I got too lazy. It was a frame layout and all, and I just couldn't be bothered. I'll finish it some other day.

Jehuty is still extremely gorgerous, though. :D

I have a craving for salted nuts. Go figure.

24th March 2004

feeling: grumpy
listening to: 'C.S.I' on TV

How hard can it be to get the smaller paperback copy of Fool's Fate in a Finnish bookstore?! Seriously.

20th March 2004

feeling: slightly ill
listening to: 'Legacy Of Kain: Defiance' game sounds

"Oh...it remembers that, does it?"
Turel is great. If I didn't like Kain so much, he'd be the best thing about Defiance. :D

I have actually been more or less productive lately, or at least it feels like it. I got off my behind and stopped being pouty at the Sims, and reinstalled it. Now it works fine again. It will be interesting to see for how long, though. Unfortunately I lost my Temari skin in the process of deleting the files, and I had no backup save for the body, only for the head. Now the whole thing has to be CG'ed and 3D-modelled from scratch, and Anubis only knows when I'll get to play again. Ehh.
I also went and got an appointment to a tattoo artist to have my second tattoo made. The pain will commence on Wednesday 31st March at 4:30pm, in the shape of the kanji for 'sabaku'. Meep!
Chiko-Chiko and I also did some shopping today, even though the weather has been absolutely awful all day and getting out of the house is the last thing I wanted to do. Anyway. In addition to buying shitloads of food (or at least it felt like that to me, since I had to be the one to carry it T_T), we also got 10 rewritable CDs and a new optical mouse. Now the computer will hopefully work a bit better, as the old mouse is broken and the wireless mouse for the tablet has a hopelessly small area of function. The 10 CDs, on the other hand, provided me with the means to clean up our harddrive in the shape of burning at least 20 episodes of Naruto on them. Hopefully our D:\ has a bit more space now.

Hee hee. Mom made some cinnamon rolls! That means I get to eat yummy things all weekend. ^_^

Sauna in 15 minutes. Boogie! Hopefully it will ease my hurting stomach a bit. "I said 'no more yoghurt, Elder God!'" Or ice cream, as it is in my case. Ouch.

12th March 2004

feeling: T_T
listening to: Final Fantasy 8 - Rain In Chicago OC ReMix

And I never even liked FF8's overworld theme! xP

Speaking of music, am v. peeved at Naruto OST II right now. The spiffy song that plays during the argument that Gaara has with Kankuro in Shi No Mori in episode 34 wasn't on the soundtrack. Jerks. It was supposed to be there so I could hear it again. And again. And again. But noooo. "Oh, I know! Let's leave this song off the OST so the stupid fangirls can't listen to it!" Yeah. Ha ha ha.
*tacklelickmolests Gaara*

Ninja seems to have an eye-infection of sorts in her left eye. Poor thing. Isn't growing up just the bitchest? :(

*stalks animesuki*

11th March 2004

feeling: cheerful
listening to: Pirates Of The Caribbean - Skull and Crossbones


Must...resist...must wait...for...ANBU's version...must not...download...Baka-San's... T_T
Hurry up, ANBU! I need to get my Gaara-fix, and I seriously need to see my baby-boy hand that lamer Sasuke his not-so-hot ass on a platern. Because he's so going to do that, no matter anyone says (Man, sometimes I just feel so damned silly for not reading the manga). And you go, Kankuro! *boogie* Though Shino is probably going to kick Kitty-ears' ass in the long run, I can't wait for Kankuro to give that cocky bitch a run for his money. GO NINJA GO NINJA GO!
Ackackackack. *dies*

Speaking of which. Ninja, I mean. I think our Ninja's first heat is just around the corner. She's been meowing like mad for the past couple of days, and she is about 10 months old now after all. I would start worrying if she didn't start showing signs of heat sometime soon. Anyway, she has always been loud so it's kind of hard to tell whether something's up or if she's just screaming for the sheer fun of it. I would say something's up, though, since in addition to being awfully loud she has become rather restless as well. She doesn't demand to get out, but she does wander around the house a lot looking rather lost. I don't think she quite understands what's up with her. Thank goddess she doesn't know anything about boys, as she has never seen one aside from her own brother.
We'll more than likely get her sterilized once one of us gets paid. Poor thing, I hope she takes anesthesia better this time around. xP

Look what I made! Much hugs and kisses to Chiko-Chiko for drawing me the image. Isn't she just the greatest? ^^
And look at how sexy they look! Holy nosebleed, Batman!

6th March 2004

feeling: exhausted
listening to: nothing

Haha, yeah. Hay is for horses. And sheep. And cows. And goats. So they can run all over the place and people can have laugh while watching nee-chan chase them. Bleh. Well, actually only the sheep got away, so it wasn't such a big deal after all. And thankfully they love me (it might've been the food I was holding, but that's no good for my ego so let's not go there), so it was pretty easy to tow them back in. The mental image of me walking around with three hungry sheep galloping at my tail still makes me laugh. xD
Ulpuka almost ran me over (again) at the sight of new food, and Nestori head-butted me at least five times before I could get his food in place. As if I was going to eat his silly hay. Sissi was such a darling and almost didn't let me leave. She begged and begged me to scratch her and started abusing the gate when I was about to leave. I'm so going to take her home with me some day. She's my absolute favorite, along with the three sheepsters.

Only 1:30pm. Three more hours to go. This day is neverendinggg~~


feeling: BOOGIE!
listening to: the radio from the kitchen

What was it I said about my work the other day? Oh, right. I do believe it was something along the lines of "I'm the bestest you'll ever get". Oh, and how true it is. I have the whole week 11 off from work. After tomorrow I'm off until the 15th. Beat that, people! ;D

Ookay. Time to be putting out the hay. Hay is for horses. Yay.

5th March 2004

feeling: argh. >_<
listening to: a gameshow on TV

"Please wear...a helmet." xD
I seriously need to play some ZOE 2 again. I can't even remember where I last left off.

Load Naruto 73. Load, load, load!

No, I really don't have anything important to say. I've just been playing the Sims most of the day. I bought some really drool-worthy jammies for Jecht, Auron and Sniper Wolf, and man, do they all look hot or what! Gaara still has his old jammies, so I need to get around to getting him new ones ASAP. But most importantly, I got Jecht and Auron to fall in love. <333
If you're interested, you can look at some of the new pics (along with the older ones) here.

Work tomorrow (and on Sunday) from 8:30am to 6:30pm. Ack ack ack. It's not that I hate my job, because I don't - in fact I like it very much. It's just that I'm so darned lazy, and having spent the whole week at home I've really gotten used to having nothing intelligent to do, and most of all to not having to wake up early. Oh well. You reap as you sow, or whatever.

4th March 2004

feeling: sore
listening to: nothing

Menstruation is evil. It's during times like this that I really wish I was male. :/

Anyone want to do my shift this weekend?

3rd March 2004

feeling: relaxed
listening to: Bryan Adams - The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You

Don't you just hate it when your computer dies in the middle of a long-ass entry? *kicks* Anyway. I've gotten lazy. More than usual, I mean. I blogged, what, four times last month? Go me. I blame it on work and always being so tired, and hence never getting online. Let's see if I can do better this month.

And while we're on the subject of work:
I'm the bestest goddamn work you'll ever get, even if I do say so myself. I've been working for one month and already I have 20 extra hours done in. 20! And because I rule like that, I got two extra days off this week. It sure is good to be me. :D

The other plus-side to working is getting paid, which I did on Monday, even if it was only for 10 days and thus less that I expected. Even so it was enough for me to pay my bills, get a haircut and buy the DVD for Nick Of Time and the Sims Hot Date expansion pack, and still have some left. I was thinking of getting a new tatto done as well, I but guess that will have to wait until I get paid again sometime mid-month, as will getting FFX-2. But all in all, it's all good.

Oh, and in case someone has knotholes for eyes, like myself, I've got a new layout up. 'tis Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, the model/actor who plays Mystique in X-Men. She's prettyyyy~.

Now I'm off to try and get my sim-Jecht and sim-Auron to do some serious smooching. They were getting there last night, but then Auron decided that he was too decent for things like that and suddenly got shy. Tsk tsk tsk. I guess Jecht is trying too hard. xD