22nd February 2004

feeling: hungry and tired
listening to: 'Legacy Of Kain: Defiance'

Heh. Turel is cool. You deranged Dumbo-ear, you. :D
...Oops. Wasn't supposed to talk about that, was I? Oh dear. xP

I got a new bed a few days ago. It's 90cm wide and full-length (unlike my previous bed, which wasn't 200cm long, I swear) and best of all, it doesn't squeak and creak all the time. That, and it's bouncy and soft. Spiffy! :D
Doesn't do me that much good, though, as I've ran out of sleeping pills, and I still can't sleep without them. I would estimate that I got a measly two hours of sleep last night at best, and even that was plagued my the weirdest dreams. The rest of the night I spent staring at the ceiling, pretty much. Am feeling rather nausiated at the moment. How I'm going to be able to get enough sleep to work tomorrow, I will never know.

Sims screencaps.
Currently I only have Jecht, Auron and Gaara living in one house, but that is going to change once I get my hands on Temari and Kankuro skins. I would also love to have Kain in one house, probably with Umah or something (nee hee... :D). And a Ringwraith or nine never hurt anyone. ;D I mean...err...well...you know what I mean. >_>;;
Oh, and feel free to ignore the puddles on the bathroom floor. It's not always like that. Often, but not always. xP

Raziel, you silly little creature, for getting possessed so easily. ;P

20th February 2004

feeling: *_*
listening to: 'Legacy Of Kain: Defiance

Just watched Naruto 71. Nice tree jutsu, First. Wanna be my friend? *nudge nudge nudge* ;D

Spoiler from LOKD:

Raziel, you little twit! Kain better not be dead for good! *pout*

End spoiler

Oh, and as a sidenote: The Sims is way too much fun for its own good. Making games that hilarious should be deemed illegal. xD Will post screencaps later. Now I'll go oogle at Defiance some more. Good day.

17th February 2004

feeling: ill
listening to: Naruto - Haruka Kanata


I'm not sick, what the hell are you talking about.

It's a cruel fate that I've had to spend my two free days feeling miserable. I should go back to work tomorrow. I have my doubts about that, especially if the rate by which I'm blowing my nose is anything to go by.

Why, oh why, does Pain Shop Pro save such crappy JPEG-files? They look like utter shit. T_T

Chiko-Chiko ordered Legacy Of Kain: Defiance through an online store yesterday. I can't wait! I will get to play as elder Kain! Kain! KAIN! :DDD

13th February 2004

feeling: okay
listening to: 'X-Men 2'

Oh yeah. And since I won't be around to say it tomorrow:

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!


feeling: blah
listening to: 'X-Men 2'

Finally got the computer back. Well, actually it's been back for a couple of days now, but since I'm always at work I've never had the chance to get on it before now. Work is evil, and I'm not getting paid fast enough. T_T
I had a day off today to compensate for having to work this weekend. I also get Monday and Tuesday off, which is rather spiffy. Still, I'm not really looking forward to work tomorrow. It's going to be three of us trainees and probably two other people running the whole place. Oh joy. I hope I don't end up cleaning the animal cages all on my own. x_x
Oh, and btw. The chinchilla at work is going to be having babies sometime soon-ish, and I've told the people there that if she pops out many enough, I'm going to be taking two of them. Isn't that lovely? ^_^ Chinchillas are insanely adorable, and I can't wait to have a pair of my own. They're going to be called Neith and Nephthys if they are girls, and Anubis and Thoth if they are boys. Yes, I'm a sucker for Egyptology. xP