27th february 2003

feeling: cross-eyed
listening to: robert miles - pachelbel's canon

it's 5am and my stomach is turning cartwheels because i'm so hungry. i know i should be sleeping, since staying up this late (early?) will only make me waste a full day by sleeping. it's actually a small miracle i've managed to keep myself awake this long, seeing as i'm still feeling slightly airheaded from my previous hangover. i just remembered why it's been so long since i last got drunk beyond my wits - it's not a pleasant feeling at all not to be in complete control over your body and mind.

tiuku is being loud again. she had meowing fits around midnight, but thankfully settled down next to my feet after i ignored her long enough. now she suddenly decided that waking up the whole neighbourhood by screeching and running to and fro is one her favourite pastimes. cats.

i'm feeling positively numb all over from sitting in this same chair since 11am yesterday. another six hours, and i've been in this same chair for 24 hours. interesting. i actually thought i'd wait for episode 6 of "dolores,i" to load, but apparently that's a fool's errand. between 'more sources needed' and a 60-hour-ETA, i'm beginning to think i'll never get to see that ep.

feeling seriously sleep deprived now. i suppose i should get some sleep before my eyes fall out.

yevon, i need a sauna.

26th february 2003

feeling: headachy
listening to: bryan adams - 18 til i die

yes, okay, i am annoyed. it irks me that this keeps happening to me. figures from now on i'll just talk about school and other unprominent things. that should offend no one. and as i had some of my archieves still saved on our harddrive, there's no massive loss. so let's forget about this, shall we?

on to other matters.

got back from our "elders' cruise" yesterday. it was a fun trip. i bought loads of stuff (most of which were presents for other people), spending nearly 200 euros in two days. i'll give a more-or-less detailed summary of the trip here, though i'm sure not many people are interested. oh well.

after arrving onboard around 4pm, we unpacked some of our stuff and set out to explore the ship. the tax free shop didn't open until at 5pm, which was when the ship departed, so we just wandered around for awhile, getting to know our surroundings.
then when the bars opened slightly before the departure, we went to hang around in one of them. the bartender was a very pleasant lady, chatting away with us while we had our drinks. i had a caipiroska and a cosmopolitan (which by the way wasn't as good as i expected it to be) while my friend had a cider. then she started to complain that drinking with an empty stomach was making her feel queasy, so we moved to the japanese restaurant right next to the bar, as per my request.
i had some very delicious sushi and miso soup. my friend had teriyaki chicken, but didn't like it nearly as much as i liked my food. afterwards i ordered myself some sake, which was very delicious as well. but as sushi is hardly something i'd call filling, all the alcohol i had consumed quickly started to affect me, so we asked for out fortune cookies (mine said: "someone will put you in their will". intersting...) and took our leave (with my chopsticks safely tucked into my purse *^^*). we browsed around the ship, buying little things here and there. then we came across a show where they made sushi and sold it off for lower prizes. of course, having just discovered my love for sushi, i bought another plate of it, this time with soy sauce. happily munching away my sushi, the man who had run the show pointed out to me that i had left something that resembled a meringue leaf uneaten. so i dig out my chopsticks (which by then were already keeping company to the other chopsticks in my purse) and toss the little thing into my mouth whole. not a good idea. the thing is more spicy than anything i've ever tasted - there's practically steam rising from my ears as i desperately try to stop my tongue from bursting up in flames. noticing my slight discomfort, the man gives me a look and asks if i by any chance ate the thing whole. i'm like "yeah...why?". he then tells me that the little leaf thing was made of japanese ginger and that you're NOT, under any circumstances, supposed to eat it whole because it's so spicy. apparently you're supposed to take tiny bits of it with your sushi, for the taste. i give him a mock glare for not telling me sooner, which we both then laugh off. he then proceeds to tell about my mishap to one of his co-workers, who lurked near by. the man gives me a look and says something like "no way!". we all laugh, and then we leave.
we headed for the tax free shop and i bought some candy for myself, mom and chiko-chiko. we then made the reservation for breakfast the next morning, after which we headed to our cabin. we spent few hours there doing nothing but loitering around, eating candy and drinking cider. then we got bored and headed for the nightclub to watch karaoke. i didn't sing, if that's what you're wondering. we spent a few hours there and then left to browse around the ship again. we went back to the nightclub around midnight for the disco, but as the music was crappy we just sat there with few other people, drinking and chatting. then we got bored of the music and headed back to our cabin. we went sleep around 1am.

alarm goes off at 8am. i take a shower and we loiter in our cabin, just trying to stay awake. at 9am, we head downstairs for breakfast, where i again was reminded why i think people should never bring small children to such trips. they make managing a hot cup of tea in a crowd highly dangerous. i then listen to a 12-year-old go on about how it's always so cloudy in sweden while i finish my breakfast. we then leave for our cabin and get ready to venture into stockholm.
at 10am the ship arrives in stockholm and we take the shipping line's bus to the city. we walk around for a few hours, finding nothing worth buying. we then come across an oriental shop at drottninggatan, where i finally found something to take home to chiko-chiko. i bought her a japanese brush for writing kanji and a japanese lamp-thingy for myself. we then head back to the busstation, but find it's still too early to go back onboard. so we sit at a café for about an hour, and then head back onboard our ship.
we go back to our cabin and take a short nap before going to reserve a table for dinner at 5pm. then we go back to our cabin to get refreshed and ready for dinner. we then head back to the dining hall to have dinner, which turned out to be quite odd. we find our table and drink some white wine and then take on the buffet. i head straight for the fish table, gathering tasty-looking things onto my plate. i slightly wonder why other people next to me take so little of everything, but think nothing more of it. i pile my plate full of different kinds of fish and a few potatos and head back to our table. my friend observes that that's quite a pile on my plate. i respond by saying that i'm famished and dig into my potatos and curry-dipped herring. as i move on to the other stuff, i slowly start to realize something isn't quite right. everything except the potatos on my plate is cold. i comment on this to my friend. she gives me a look and tells me that everything on my plate is meant as appetizers. i'm like "no way...", but she insists that the table i got my food from is an appetizer table. i resist the urge to beat my head against the table and chomp on my food, mentally kicking myself for being such a baka. so i eat my plate full of appetizers and get ready to eat the warm main course, but then realize that i'm already absolutely stuffed and cannot eat another bite. i again resist the urge to beat my head against the table and silently mope as i wait my friend to finish her dinner. we then get us some dessert, after which we leave.
on our way to our cabin we stop at the tax free shop, where i buy a bottle white wine for mom, some cream- and blueberry liqueur for my friend for her to take home (as she isn't 18 yet and isn't able to buy those herself) and some lime vermouth for us to share in our cabin before hitting the bars in the evening. then we head back to our cabin and open the vermouth, which turns out to be not quite as tasty as i thought it would be. we drink about half the bottle and then leave our cabin. we go to the same bar as on the first night, mainly because of the nice bartender, and i buy us both caipiroskas. we sit there, chatting with other customers and the bartender. she then says to my friend and me that when we next come on a cruise, she'll make us both a long island ice tea, which is a 10cl mix of pretty much every spirit there is. we then ask if we could have those now, but as the prize is a bit too high for my budget, we decline. then a man, who we have been chatting with, offers to buy them for us. we happily accept and get our drinks. not very smart. while the drink tasted very good, it took effect all too quickly. we were both rather drunk soon after, but had so much fun that we accepted when the man offered to buy as second drinks. we order our second caipiroskas that evening, and by the time we're done with those we were a very drunk pair of guffawing girls. i tip the bartender for her very good service and we stumble off.
we go to our cabin and finish the bottle of vermouth, and then head to the nightclub. there's karaoke going on again, but as we're feeling slightly nauseous at this point, we head back to our cabin. a couple of our friends join us there, and we have some tea and hot chocolate to clear our heads - which we soon threw up. we then decide to go to bed at around 1am, trying hard to ignore the spinning of the room.

we wake up at 8am, feeling extremely hung-over. we didn't reserve a table for breakfast, which was good since i probably wouldn't have been able to hold anything down anyway. so instead we loiter in our beds, trying to keep our heads from exploding. slowly i get up and stumble into the bathroom to wash away my smudgy make-up, but am too queasy and tired to take a shower. so i brush my teeth and comb my hair, then get dressed. we are notified that our ship is 20 minutes behind schedule and we won't arrive to helsinki until 10am. i use the extra time gathering up my last things, then head to the tax free shop to buy some chocolate for grandma and a pack with 24 cans of beer for my dad. then i head back to our cabin, still feeling extremely nauseous. on the way, i get many remarks on my appearance from my friends, as i probably looked nearly as bad as i felt. in the cabin, i drink some panadol to fend off the nausea, only to almost immeadiately throw it up. fretting over the busride home, i gather the rest of my things, drink some water and head for the gangway.
the rest of the trip was painful. for the whole 2-hour drive to lahti i had to keep fighting the urge to throw up on my lap. i turned on the fan above me, hoping that the fresh air will keep my from getting sick. the fan soon starts to make me cold, but as freezing takes my mind off my nausea, i let the fan stay on. i bore my fingernails into my palms and try to concentrate on anything but the passing landscape. i even tried to get some sleep, but closing my eyes only made me feel worse. so i struggle now both to stay awake and not to throw up. like i said, painful.
things get better once we get to lahti and i got to breathe some fresh air while waiting for my dad to come and give me a ride home. at home i ate some toast and drank some juice, which thankfully didn't come up anymore, and then had a nap. felt much better afterwards. everyone seemed to like the things i brough them, so that also helps to make me happy. :)
moral of the story? don't drink long islands while on a cruise, at least not in conjunction with two caipiroskas and certainly not within an hour. it'll only turn things nasty.

thee, i'm sure i have bored everyone to death with my ramblings. i shall shut up now, and go get me something to eat. then i'll try to get some writing done. :)

10th february 2003

feeling: sore
listening to: silent hill 2 - stairs of fire

i need help. the finnish parliamentary election is next month and i have no idea who i'm going to vote for. it's the first time i am going to exercise my right to vote, so i'm feeling a little lost here. not that i really think this is such a big deal. i don't even think it's possible to influence anything through voting. it's always going to be the same people who make the (shitty) decisions, and one vote from me is not going to make any difference. i haven't decided whether i'm going to vote or not yet, but it strongly seems there's no one whose opinions are close enough to my own to have me vote for them.

like chiko-chiko asked, anyone in japan want to be my friend? *puppy dog eyes*

i can't think of anything intelligent to blog. it seems jecht isn't the only one affected by mondays. ;P

i want to write.

7th february 2003

feeling: XD XD XD
listening to: final fantasy 10 - jecht's theme


*laughs 'til she cries*


feeling: idiotic
listening to: bee gees - stayin' alive

*rolls on the floor laughing*

there are two squirrels prancing about in our back yard. at times they're acting civil and can actually stay within two meters of each other without looking too hostile, and at others they chase each other around the yard, sending flurries of snow flying about. they are actually making quite a mess out there. needless to say, tiuku is absolutely smitten by them. she's ready to charge through the window any second now. XD

finally got the "100 things about me" memo done. so here they are: 100 extremely random things about yours truly.

now i need to get some food.


feeling: ow ow ow!
listening to: bryan adams - i will always return (finale)

how old do you think i have to be to be able to get a hysterectomy done? >_<

hn. i just discovered that my books for the entrance exam to university next year just might be in english. joy.

"Imagine, right, imagine the part of you that was you when you're speaking to me, isn't you, but that the you that's you when that's happening, the real you is the you that ... Shit, what was I saying? It's all about society, isn't it? Morality's just ... What?"
What kind of drunk are you?

*falls off chair laughing*
oh yeah, that is SO me! XD

now i shall attempt to get some writing done.

6th february 2003

feeling: hungry and sleepy
listening to: final fantasy 7 - one-winged angel

i wish i were super-rich, so i could buy every damn thing i ever wanted. being poor s00ks big time.


feeling: blah
listening to: nothing

personally i fail to see the point in running back and forth to a dentist every couple of months for check-ups, only to leave after five minutes because there was nothing wrong with my teeth. one would think me capable of contacting them to make an appointment if something went wrong, ne? obviously not. my only comfort is that it should all be over in about six months or so.

i'm so tempted to go home right now. i have two free hours in my hands and a mind-numbing headache from being so tired. in my current state of mind, i really couldn't be bothered to stay in school for my maths and physics lessons, but i suppose i have no choice. it's not a good idea to start skipping school already on the second day of a new period, since i'm probably going to have my bouts of lazyness later on. and i'm also thinking it might be a good idea to be present on our first physics lesson, if for nothing else then to secure myself a sensible seat. wak. i simply don't feel like being in school at all today. i'd imagine it has something to do with me disliking physics so much. and though i know it's dangerous to go down this road of reasoning, i'm willing to bet that we won't do anything intelligent on our first physics lesson (when do we ever), seeing as the vast majority of people (including yours truly) probably haven't bought the required textbook yet.
yevon help me, i can't decide what to do. i know i shouldn't, but when did i ever care that much about what should/not be done. not that i can think of anything mind-blowingly cool to do at home, either, but it sure as heck would beat being in school.
blah blah blah.

5th february 2003

feeling: hungry
listening to: spirited away - ryuu no shounen, which is stuck in my head

hn, it seems like i was able to find the book of five rings and art of war in a finnish bookstore after all. i'm feeling rather dumbfound. i was so sure our crappy stores wouldn't stock such great books, but apparently they do. now i just need the money to buy them - 30€ for art of war and 20€ for five rings. mou. too bad i wasn't able to find all the goody-looking samurai nonfiction books, so i'll just have to settle for drooling at them on amazon. ahh well, at least i know what i'll be asking for b-day/x-mas presents. XP

our adp teacher went off early (read: an hour before our lesson was supposed to end), so we could just prance off for all he knows - or cares, from what i gathered. i just can't be bothered yet, as the fitting is at 4pm and i would have to wait until then somewhere either way. so why not do it here, in the computer lab, where i have access to the 'net?
it is rather boring here, though. i wish i could just go home and get something to eat (i always end up saying that, don't i? XD).

must remember to pick up the 'independent study" note from the office before leaving.


feeling: proud and somewhat amused
listening to: nothing

this samurai addiction of mine is starting to grow to an unhealthy - not to mention expensive - level. against my better judgement, i browsed through amazon and found a couple a books i could kill to own. too bad they're probably not available in finland as of yet.

my english teacher is brilliant. she gave my 10 on my exam even though there were mistakes in it and now she thinks i'm fit to study my 7th english course on my own. the thing is, she said it's one of the hardest english courses, along with the 8th course, and should not be studied on one's own. she'll let me do it, though, since she knows i'm perfectly capable of doing it. w00t! ^_^

today is the final fitting for my gown. mom will accompany me there this time, so she'll also get to see it. she hasn't seen it at all yet, so it'll be exciting to see the look on her face when she sees it. yes, the gown is THAT gorgeous. ^_^


4th february 2003

feeling: tired beyond belief
listening to: freshmen making noises

i second that, chiko-chiko! next time there's a horror movie on tv, remind me NOT to watch it - unless of course it's signs or sixth sense. i lost hours upon hours of decent sleep last night, because first i couldn't fall asleep and when i finally did, i kept having the weirdest dreams. about protein synthesis attacking me (¬_¬') and stuff like that. i was barely able to get up in the morning and now i'm so sleepy that i've developed a headache. joy. i can't wait to get home.

my exams have gone pretty well so far. except for my human biology exam, which went a lot worse than i thought it would. but then again, humans and things related to them have never been my biggest area of interest - nor my strongest point. though i would be lying if i said that i'm just happy that i passed it, because i actually wanted a good grade on it.
and today's surpriser: i got 10 on RE. ^_^

Short, terse, unfriendly,
Yet sometimes quite emotive;
I am the Haiku.
What Poetry Form Are You?

3rd february 2003

feeling: so very VERY hungry
listening to: nothing

c'mon mom, get out of work already, so we can go buy that twine for my gown! i want to get out of here. not that i find sitting in the theory lessons for two hours that appealing, but spending extra time at school is making me feel barfy. i'm in a desperate need of food, but by the looks of it, i'm not going to get any until around 6pm, when i get home after my theory lessons.
why is it always so hard to get things started? i'm sure i'll like the lessons once i'll put my mind into it, not to mention actually getting my licence and being able to drive, but at the moment i don't feel like doing this. and yevon knows, mom and dad couldn't really afford to put me through this at the moment. i think i'll have a talk with mom about this. besides, there's always next winter...
i'm insane, aren't i?

blog, j00! XP

hmm...my eye of sauron t-shirt has still not arrived. i think. it's been already about two weeks since i ordered it, and i was told they'd ship it out to me immediately. so why does it take weeks upon weeks for it to arrive to my local post office? i think i should e-mail kukunor about it, but i simply can't be bothered at the moment. it's not like i could really afford it now anyway, as i'm supposed to be saving my money for our trip to stockholm at the end of this month, and i still have to pay for the third visions of escaflowne-dvd that should arrive mid-month, as well. mou... how is it possible for a person to spend this much money in a mere month? i can't even think of anything expensive i've bought...

oh mom~~!


feeling: sore and sleepy
listening to: people talking

as of today, i am finished with my exams for this period. now i can relax and stop fussing over studying. phew. my head is so empty, so please excuse me if i sound somewhat retarded... ¬_¬
i do feel a bit bad about how my biology exam went. i didn't study as much as i should have, even though i did spend around four hours reading through the book on sunday. i was ssupposed to read already on saturday, but i couldn't be bothered before janni's b-day party, and we got back so late that i was too tired to concentrate on it. anyway, the exam itself wasn't difficult, i just wasn't prepared as well as i should've been. the breeding questions were a bit tricky, but i think overall i managed myself quite well. if it just hadn't been my last exam, i think i might've had the energy to prepare myself for it better.
my english exam was huge, but thankfully it consisted mostly of reading comprehension stuff, so it wasn't that timeconsuming. either way, i think i did just fine, and as the exam was so ridiculously easy, i don't need to worry about at all.
i'm just glad it's all over.

i'm starting theory lessons for my driver's licence today. while i am excited about finally getting it (well, i won't be getting the licence itsel until around may, but anyway), i'm feeling a little too airheaded for it today. blah.

now i shall stop babbling before i'll make an idiot of myself.