30th January 2004

feeling: hungry
listening to: 'From Hell'

Nee hee hee, Johnny Depp is gorgeous enough to eat. :D~

Dishes next. After that some food (hopefully), a shower and then off to a rave with Minna. Boogie.

28th January 2004

feeling: barfy
listening to: 'Without A Trace' on TV

Not to sound vain, but god my bangs bother me. My whole mess of hair bothers me. It makes me look untidy and ugly, and I want to go chop-chop-chop on it like mad. Meh. Growing one's hair out sure is a tedious job.

I want to do something fun in the summer. Fun as in something similar to our trip to Ireland last July. Yes, I want to travel, preferably together with Chiko-Chiko. Any suggestions?
Inanna, you people wouldn't want to have us over as a nuisance again, would you? ;)

26th January 2004

feeling: bored
listening to: Fullmetal Alchemist - Kesenai Tsumi

I got the fifth volume of The Blue Planet sea documentary. I haven't watched a single one of them yet. Should take the time and sit through all five volums some day. I love National Geographic's nature documentaries. <3

Got nothing to do. I think I'll go read some more Chocolat.


feeling: amused
listening to: Fullmetal Alchemist - Kesenai Tsumi

I've read too much Chocolat. XP


feeling: woozy
listening to: Fullmetal Alchemist - Kesenai Tsumi

I can't communicate with my muses anymore. They simply refuse to have a decent dialogue with me. Or actually, make that any kind of dialogue while we're at it; it's really more of a monologue that they're doing. Otsune, for one, has been exceptionally loud lately. Especially in the nighttime. There's an endless flow of babble from her direction, drabble material mostly: her fooling around with Yuji (her little brother) until her knees buckle from fatique, drinking gallons of sake with Soichiro (her big brother) until he (yes, HE) passes out, sparring, battles, girl talk with friends...anything and everything. Lately she has even started going on about boys and (Lilith help me T_T) toying with the idea of a boyfriend. I've told her numerous times that I refuse to go there, to which she replies that she knows that perfectly well and that it's not even a serious idea, but yet it always ends with her telling me: "but imagine how much fun it would be to write." Girls...
Then there of course is the occasional agent Sands that just won't stop telling me that he knows how to dance flamenco (wtf?) but will not do it because it would make him look silly (this comes from a man who wears shorts with a suit jacket), along with Captain Jack and his use of Kain's silly "poor William"-joke.
They're all insane, I'm telling you. Stark raving mad.

24th January 2004

feeling: tired
listening to: nothing

It's 11pm, I've had a sauna and I feel way too listless to be ranting, but this makes me so angry that I have to dump it out of my head before I explode.

I called the job center yesterday to ask them how exactly I should go about getting my unemployment benefit, since my five-month waiting period is over tomorrow. It goes well enough. I'm assured that I will get paid during my traineeship, which was also a part why I called. Then they drop the bomb on me. I'm told that I do not have the right to receive any payment for being unemployed, other than what I'm getting for working as trainee. And why? Because I am under 25 and have no professional qualifications. Sounds a bit weird, but okay. But there's more. Get this: I don't have the right to get paid because I, with no valid reason to do so, did not apply to a new school in the fall. No. Valid. Reason. Bastards. So depression is not a valid reason to not go to school? Because I damn well was depressed. And not only was I depressed, but I was so far gone that I damn near took one too many sleeping pills and spent a week on a psychiatric ward for it. And that was only a few week prior to the time when I should've sent in the application. A friggin' psychiatric ward. If it wasn't so infuriating, I would laugh my ass off.

22nd January 2004

feeling: ARGH!
listening to: 'Everwood' on TV

Everyone's got their OUATIM dvd but me! UAAAAGH! DX


feeling: hungry
listening to: RIKKI - Pure Heart

Not much to talk about, really. Am currently downloading FMA and kicking Google over the head for making the job of finding the opening and ending themes so hard. Did finally find them, though, so HA! :P

I should actually be packing up my stuff for the move, but I just can't be bothered. It's such a tedious job, and I want to avoid it as long as I can. I know it's going to be twice as bitchy if I leave it to the last minute, so I guess I should get around to it sooner or later, seeing as I'm going to be working the week before the move and all and more than likely will not have much energy for packing. Ugh. Can't I just hire someone to do this for me? Anyone interested in being my housemaid for the first week of February? xP Thankfully I'm going to be able to slip out of the cleaning job that needs to be done on the new place, since I'll be working during that week and I can't very well take a few days off on my first week. So the cleaning job will be done by Mom and Chiko-Chiko while I'm at work. Go me. xP

And now a quiz because I'm bored:

Complete sincerity: You believe in being
straightforward with others, and you expect the
same from them. People would consider you a
good listener, and one who is calm and mostly

Which Characteristic From the Samurai Code Matches You Best? (You may find out your best trait)
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20th January 2004

feeling: D'OH! >.<
listening to: Vanessa-Mae - I Feel Love

Even though it was yesterday... ._.

I swear, I'd forget my head if it wasn't screwed on.

18th January 2004

feeling: silly
listening to: 'Princess Mononoke'

I hate forests. Forests suck. Boo at forests.

Yeah. Watch me start crying like a baby the minute the forests start growing back. I'm such a tree-hugger.

Kodama-tachi are the cutest ever. ^3^

17th January 2004

feeling: sleepy
listening to: 'The Faculty' on TV

Where will you be?

I have only one thing to say about that: Holy Shit.

OUATIM is out on DVD on the 20th. Guess when it's out in Finland, or at least so that I can get my hands on it? You're not gonna believe this. March. Yeah. This is so unfair. ;_;
And while we're on the subject of mr Depp (sorta...), I should probably get myself the 2-dish collector's edition of Pirates Of The Caribbean. It has no Finnish subtitles, but who the heck cares. It's got the blooper reel, and at least it's out. The Finnish DVD release is in February, and damn me if I'm going to wait that long.

I want to get Gasaraki. 8 DVDs, 34 a piece at FilmiFriikki. Damn. And I still have a couple of volumes of Visions Of Escaflowne to buy, too. Man. At least I know where the money from my traineeship is going. XP And yes, Kata, I AM reading you. ;)

14th January 2004

feeling: tired
listening to: 'The Practice' on the TV

As of 2nd February I will be working as a trainee at a farmyard. The traineeship will last for 4 months. Once I run the papers through the employment agency tomorrow I will be all set to go. It will basically be 30 hours/week and includes all the ups and downs of taking care of animals such of cows, sheep and the like. YAY is all I have to say about that, even if it means I will have be at work by 8:30am. X3

Oh, and I've been meaning to ask:
anyone have any experience with RGB cables for, say, their PS2s? Is it really that much more superior compared to the cable that comes tagged along with the console? Is it very expensive, and if so, is it worth it?


feeling: blah
listening to: Anubis: Zone Of The Enders - Beyond The Bounds (Mitsuto Suzuki 020203 Mix feat Sana)

Job shop today. Ick ick ick. Should leave in ten minutes. This sucks.

I had the most kickass dream about Mystique last night. Must write it down before I forget it, so I can possibly use it as a base for a story later on. I still haven't written down that dream about Otsune I had way back when, so should do that as well.

Ick ick ick ICK.

12th January 2004

feeling: very tired
listening to: X-Men 1.5 extras

We went shopping today with Chiko-Chiko. We got 5 DVDs: From Hell, Sleepy Hollow, Don Juan DeMarco, X-Men 1.5 and Lethal Weapon 4. Am very happy now, and will be drooling all over Johnny Depp, Mel Gibson and Mystique when I'm less tired. Nee hee. ^_^

I dyed my hair black yesterday. Well, black with a red-ish tint. Takes a little getting used to, but damn, I look good. *struts* xP

Yes, feel free to shoot me. I'm going to bed now.

10th January 2004

feeling: amused
listening to: Anubis: Zone Of The Enders - Beyond The Bounds (Mitsuto Suzuki 020203 Mix feat Sana)

It's...it's...it's Sponge Bob! 0_0
Had me laughing 5 minutes straight. Yes, I'm stupid. xD

We should be going to view a couple of appartments today. Amusingly enough they're both virtually next door to the place where we used to live sometime before moving here. Not so amusingly, they're on the other side of the friggin' city. So we're going to have one helluva job moving when the day comes, should we take one of the places. Ack. I hate moving. Or rather, all the packing and lugging that goes with it.
All this is of course considering that Chiko-Chiko can get herself out of bed and ready to go sometime today. _

Ninth Gate is on the TV tonight! Johnny Depp, babeeeh! <3 <3 <3

8th January 2004

feeling: tired
listening to: Jonna Tervomaa - Rakkauden Haudalla

Battle Practice.

A result of a writing practice I did on Tuesday. I'm actually rather proud of it. The flow of things is still not completely to my liking, but I hope things get smoother with more practice. And damn I enjoy writing Otsune. :)

I was thinking about putting it up on FreeHand, but that would sort of require me to come up with a new layout as well, as currently there's no space for original stories in there. That, and "Battle Practice" is little more than a pratice drabble. Decisions, decisions...

While we're one the subject of Otsune, by the way, I had a dream about her the other night. She stabbed the uncle of her step-sister (wth, Otsune doesn't have a step-sister...) dead clean through a 3" wooden door - with three jabs. It was so cool. I'll see if can write it down as short story.

Listening to Into The West and thinking about Witchking makes me cry. I cheered during the end credits of RotK when they showed him. ;_;

6th January 2004

feeling: light-headed
listening to: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers extended edition

I got put on new meds yesterday. They are supposed to help me with my infernally low energy-levels and the lack of iniatiative that goes with the illness that is depression. Apparently I'm suffering from a defiency of noradrenaline in my brain or something weird like that, and the new meds are supposed to help me with that. Before I can change them, however, I'll have to gradually leave out my current meds, which means for two more days I'll be on 50mg of Zoloft instead of my usual 100mg, and after that I'll get to take only 25mg for a day. Only then do I get to take the new ones, that according to my shrink will more than likely make me feel really nasty for a couple of days. That means headaches, nausea, loss of appetite, irritation, insomnia and a whole lot of anxiety. So if I'm behaving like a fuckwit, it's probably nothing personal.

I just noticed that the Witch-King art print poster I got for x-mas is actually a rare thing to own. Apparently there were only 2000 ever made. My Witch-King is #32. :)

4rd January 2004

feeling: unwell
listening to: extras on FOTR extended edition

I said somewhere that I wouldn't make any resolutions for the New Year. It turns out to be not entirely true. There is one thing I promised myself I would do, though I'm not entirely sure how well I'm going to be able to stick to it. Anyway, I have resolved to do at least a little writing on regular basis. My skills have all but dried out and I have absolutely no bunnies whatsoever, and it's bugging the shit out of me.
That, and Chiko-Chiko will absolutely not get off my hair until I write her some Zaku/Dosu. T_T

So, off to writing then. I think I'll do a battle study for Otsune today. If she's willing, that is.