Disclaimer: Mine. Means hands off.

Our hotel room, already appropriately messy on the first night.

View from our window. The streets got horridly noisy at night.

Hyde Park scenery.

Peter Pan statue.


Princess Diana Memorial Fountain.

Riikka enjoys watching the kids. ;)

Birds, birds everywhere!


I made a friend.

London Zoo. Meet the meercat.

It's an ibis, I swear.

A bundle of African wild dogs or something of the like. Look like hyenas to me.

If you don't know what this is, you seriously need to go back to school.


Lazy tigers.


"Butterfly Paradise. Wild and flying free."

Penguins worshipping something from above, it seems.


At Madame Tussaud's. Me making fun of Tom Cruise for being taller than him.

The coolness of Samuel L Jackson and Riikka.

Professor X.

Angelina Jolie.

Riikka with Steven Spielberg.

Me with Sean Connery! \o/

Pierce Brosnan. There's a stupid inside joke behind this that is impossible to explain in English.

I seem to recall that Mom used to be a fan of his, so - John Wayne.

In the Chamber of Horror.

Me enjoying Yazoo. ;)

London Eye looking deceptively small.

Big Ben, hopefully obviously.

At the London Aquarium, a ray mugs for the camera.

Me petting the rays at the Touch Pool.

"Scratch my tummy!"

Insert Jaws theme here.

A very deadly fish whose name escapes me at the moment.

Going up on the London Eye.

Me at the top.