Disclaimer: Mine. Means hands off.

Riikka as Dosu.

Kimblee's baby blue socks.

This is how Dosu gets nourishment. This was the source of infinite hilarity in our group.

A very nifty Gaara.

"Don't kill me, please?"

*pat pat*

Me as Kimblee the Crimson Alchemist.

Me strolling through the town as a very in-character Yazoo.

Rin from Blade of the Immortal.

Baralai and Paine from Final Fantasy X-2. Are they riggin' gorgeous or what? Baralai came 2nd in the cosplay contest.

Kyuzo from Samurai 7. Hot damn!

"Come and get some, babe."

Rosiel from Angel Sanctuary. This one came 3rd in the cosplay contest.

A small Kakashi.

Shiva from Final Fantasy IX.

Me and Riikka as Yazoo and Kadaj.

Some brotherly love.

Cloud compensates.

Baralai again.

Dante from Devil May Cry.

Oscar Fransois de Jarjeyes from Rose of Versailles.

The new sponsor of Coca-Cola.

Panda-Genma from Ranma .

Seth Nightlord from Trinity Blood. This one won the cosplay contest.

Same thing from behind.

Chun Hyang from The Legend of Chun Hyang.

Pretty pretty Xena.

Reno and Rude from Final Fantasy VII.

A tiny little and oh so cute Kaonashi.

The winners of the cosplay contest.

The honorary mentions.

The Brilliant Rangers! \o/


The winners of the group cosplay contest.